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According to National Geographic, Savannah is one of the 100 Most Beautiful Places on Earth. Being an unfamiliar visitor here this was news to me.

As I prepare for a despacho ceremony on Saturday I am discovering why Savannah made the list. Driving Don Black Feather to work one morning, a little bridge over water caught my eye. A desire to be with Mama Cocha and become more intimate with the land here called from my soul.

I first took part in this water ceremony in Peru with master healer and shaman Don Hilario at Lago Huaypo (pronounced why-po) for visioning bigger than we ever had before. Working with water can also bring balance to our emotional body. Cleansing and purification are also properties of water. My intention was a bit of all three.

I share with you this water ritual not so much as a recipe to follow but as food for the soul should you feel called to the water.

Before returning to the river I found a pot of white daisies at the supermarket to hold prayers for purification. Colored sugar and candy confetti were in the baking aisle. A package of M&M’s at the register completed my purchase. As I searched for a spot along this little river the most perfect space for ceremony appeared.


Naked challah bread would hold the prayer offerings.


Praying with my mesa and drumming to the Earth Mother Prayer Song connected me more deeply to the land. (click on the song for an audio link) Prayers blown into white daisies were placed in challah. The rest were planted in the Earth as an offering.

May our hearts be washed clean of all sorrows.
May our thoughts and mind run pure so human mind aligns with divine mind.
May our will and thy will be one.
May all waters flow clean and clear, within us, around us and all the world over.
May all souls live in the divine flow of love and light.
May all hearts be free.
May we learn to honor and respect spiritual laws and the laws of Nature.
Teach us Pachamama to be your stewards and caretakers.
Help us remember we are your sons and daughters.
Help us to live in right relationship, peace and harmony
with you Beloved Mother and with all your relations.


Honey was drizzeled over the offering to add sweetness to our prayers.


Gold and silver sugars balance the sacred masculine and feminine energies and connect our luminous bodies to the divine threads of gold and silver light. Colored candies were added for celebration and chocolate to honor the lineage in Peru.


Offered to Mama Cocha.


Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you Blessed Mother for your waters so we do not die of thirst.
Thank you for sustaining all life with the sacred element of water.
Thank you Creator for giving us everything we need so we may live, love and serve.


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We started by sweeping the floor.

Our last day at Empowerment Camp was a day of ceremony. A morning Sweat Lodge followed by an afternoon Despacho. The Despacho ceremony comes to us from the shamans of the high Andes in Peru. A feast for Pachamama to bring our nature into right relationship with all of Nature. Julie Daley (one of my co-facilitators at the Empowerment Camp at Feathered Pipe) and I began preparing the space for ceremony…clearing the clutter, sweeping the floor. I laid down an altar cloth of recycled saris. A woven cloth from the Andes was placed on top to hold our Despacho.


We pulled from the pantry offerings…chocolate chips, rice, quinoa, almonds, raisins, oats and shredded coconut. We have all heard of the awakening of the Divine Feminine at this spiritual threshold on which we now stand. The Dalai Lama has said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

It is because we know this work.

How many women have prepared a Thanksgiving or holiday feast? You know what to do.

You clean the house. You pull your finest china and linens from the closet. Your favorite recipes are saved for these special times. Family and friends gather in celebration. Spirits are lifted. Hearts are nourished.

Women know this work. The work of ceremony. We nourish. We celebrate. We create sacred space full of love.

Ceremony uplifts our hearts. Ceremony carries our prayers and visions to Spirit. In ceremony we begin to see ourselves and each other through the eyes of love. Ceremony is what will carry us over the threshold.

Despacho Candle-8086

Our week to Awaken the Inner Teacher began with an altar. Sacred objects from home and heart were placed on top. Each day our altar blossomed in beauty with flowers, sticks and stones of the Earth. And it was there, on the altar, the intention of our Despacho laid bare.

Our ceremony reflected many different traditions. Saris from India. The Despacho from Peru. Tibetan prayer flags waiting for blessings to be blown in.

The borders erected based on gender, color, race, sexual preference, even the borders that exist between spiritual traditions are misguided and misdirected. Creations of our mind that reflect the collective wound of separation. An illusion. We are not separate. Whatever tradition we walk, whatever the color of our skin or ethnic background, we all originate from the same fire. It is a time of inclusivity. A time for healing from the illusion.

The heart of our Despacho was held in a conch shell. A shell received in ceremony swimming with wild dolphins. It sat in my mesa for a year but was now on the altar. It was not a perfectly polished conch shell that one finds in a gift shop but instead broken and worn, ancient and primordial. Washed through eons of time by the oceans of Mama Cocha holding the depths of wisdom from deep in the watery belly of Pachamama. Perfect in her imperfections.


Surrounding the shell were 15 pine cones from the altar, initially placed like a Christmas tree to hold the intention of Light. Throughout history pine cones have served as a symbolic representation of Human Enlightenment, the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland. Our pineal gland, shaped like and named after the pine cone, is at the geometric center of our brain and is intimately linked to our body’s perception of light. Its mathematical architecture is sacred geometry in its most divine expression. This was the sacred container to which all other elements were placed.

Each item on the altar had something to say. Why had it appeared? A prayer of thanks was blown into each offering and then it spoke. The message revealed.

Despacho Karen-8103

Sacred Union.

It is time for the divine marriage of the Feminine and Masculine, each holding within, all polarities. The conch shell expressing our deepest Feminine Nature. The Pine Cones expressing the Divine Masculine, the Enlightenment of Light. The number 15 adds up to 6. The number of union, harmony, marriage.

Both the Feminine and Masculine appeared in an unexpected way. The shell as light, the pine cone as dark. We cannot take our ideas of Feminine and Masculine and impose them on this union for this union is not what we expect it to look like. We are traveling through new frontiers guided by the divine order of the Natural world and the ethereal whispers of Spirit.


Appearing like ancient hieroglyphics scribbled on a stick.


Be comfortable in chaos for it is the divine order of the Universe. The seed of creation. How is it chaos and order sit side by side? When we elevate our awareness, our understanding rises to see the paradox in all of Nature.  To see the paradox in spiritual law. The spiritual laws we are governed by cannot be understood by our minds. Another level of understanding is needed to learn and respect our spiritual laws.


Who among us has not had a trust violated? Somewhere inside us that feels disconnected? A source of love we thought would always be there only to end in a broken heart, a painful betrayal? When we drop deeper than the wounds and heartaches, deep into the belly of Pachamama there is a source that is infinite. A love that is never betrayed. A well of promise that is ours to drink from…again and again and again. The mistrust we feel is ours. It does not come from our Mother Earth for her love is unconditional, her connection unwavering.


Sitting like a halo in the north of our despacho lay violet petals of iris. The gold light of the masculine and the silver light of the feminine alchemize to violet at the moment of conception, whether it be the conception of a child or the conception of a vision. Violet is the light of creation, the very source of that is breath. How important it is to remember our breath in our daily practice for it is with our breath we create our life.

Our inhale infuses our Self with life force. Our exhale combines with sound to create a vibration, a frequency we vibrate into the world. That frequency may be dull or sleepy, bright or clear. Our signal is creation. Through our signal we impact the world. What are we sending out? What are we giving voice to?


We begin to raise our vibration elevating what we are creating in our lives through sound. When we make a sound we are clearing dense energies, creating movement where energy may be stuck. Our sound rings clear as a bell. Imagine what you can create from that source? Breath and sound are building blocks in the process of creation.


Evolution is happening very quickly now. We have no choice but to move forward. Can you stand and stop a tsunami? As much as our fears and doubts want to resist there is an urgency that propels each and every one of us to step into our power. Holding a vision for humanity that is bigger than ever before will drive us forward and lift us from our demons.

We Are All Children.

A baby pine cone from the altar placed in the sacred container of the Feminine reminds us we  are always children. We come to prayer as sons and daughters. Children of the Earth. Children of the Stars. We bring the innocence of our heart to ceremony. To look at the world through the eyes of a child enlightens us, restoring wonder and delight in the natural world.

The Inner Teacher.

The message of the Despacho came from the altar. From the wisdom that called each one to place these elements there. This could not come through one voice. The relationship of guru to student is falling away. When we place a guru above us we establish a hierarchy in relationship believing the guru has more spiritual authority than we do. We give away our spiritual power. We lose sight of our spiritual wisdom.

Despacho Hands-8189

It is time to honor, discover and awaken the Inner Teacher. The wisdom that each one of us walks with. When that wisdom is woven within a collaborative tapestry it grows richer and deeper.

As wisdom comes through you it is a gift to be shared as we step into our deep knowing, our spiritual authority. This is what we are here to walk, to teach, to share. In our families, our communities, the circles in which we live.

The sacred womb of the Feminine can hold all of Creation. The depths from which the Feminine can hold Creation is met by the protection and trust that she is held and surrounded by in the Masculine. As this relationship is brought to balance, into ayni, each one of us can do the work we are here to do.

The work of Munay.

The work of Love.

Photos by Anne Jablonski
Board of Directors Feathered Pipe Foundation

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It was such a blessing to spend the first day of the new year in the temezcal of my dear lodge sister Cuauhtli Cihuatl. For those who do not know, the temezcal is a ceremonial steam bath from the indigenous medicine of Mexico. It is said we return to the womb of the Mother when we enter the temezcal.

Entrance to Temezcal

Entrance to Temezcal

“The Temazcal is a microcosm reproducing in itself the characteristics of the universe, the macrocosm. So we find in the Temazcal all elements of the different eras or cycles (known as suns) throughout which, according to Aztec mythology, the world has passed and continues to pass: earth, wind, fire and water and through whose constant movement and life is manifest. 

The Temazcal is oriented according to the cosmic directions: the fire which heats its stones is placed towards the east where our Father, the sun, the god called Tonatiuh, arises; he is the light or masculine element which comes and fertilizes the womb of the mother earth (the chamber of the Temazcal itself), and so life is conceived. The doorway through which the bathers enter and leave is oriented toward the south, “the pathway of the dead”, which begins with birth and ends in death. Just as there are mother and father, sun and earth, hot and cold, so we are born and, in being born, we begin our path towards death.

When we enter the Temazcal, according to this ancient doctrine, we return once again to our mother’s womb, presided over by the great goddess, Tonantzin or Temazcaltoci, the great mother of both gods and humans. She is our beloved mother, concerned with the health of the children and she receives us into her womb – of which our own mother’s womb is but a microcosmic manifestation – to cure us of physical and spiritual ills. The entrance way is low and small, and through it we enter a small, dark, warm and humid space, in this way recreating the uterus, cutting off the outside world and giving us a chance to look inside and find ourselves again. Our re-emergence through this narrow opening represents our rebirth from the darkness and silence of the womb.” Dr. Horacio Rojas Alba

As we entered the first door or round of the temezcal (similar in some ways to the Native American sweatlodge) we set our intentions. What arose in that moment was to see clearly, stripped of delusion, fantasy or falsehood. This resonates with my dedicated quest for truth since how we “see” will shape what we constitute as truth. As with any spiritual practice the effects continue even though the ceremony itself may be over. So it came as no surprise to receive these words in the very early morning before fully waking, an answer to the intention arising in the temezcal.

You must see yourself through the eyes of your Creator. See yourself through the Source by which your life has sprung.

What if you could gaze upon yourself as your Creator sees you? How do you sense this would feel?  What do you feel the truth is for you in this relationship between you and the one who has created you?

Above and below us everything we need we have been given. We are held to Pachamama by her unconditional love for us. Can you see yourself as Pachamama sees you? We are held  through the power and unwavering presence of IntiTiTi, the Sun, whose unconditional love sustains us from above. These are the eyes through which to see the truth of who you are.

You are a sacred manifestation of Heaven and Earth.

Seen through the divine eyes of truth.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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The winter solstice celebrates a return of light as days grow longer having passed through the shortest day of the year. The solstice this years coincides with the end of a 26,000 year cycle of the Mayan calendar prophesied as the awakening of human consciousness to our luminous nature.

It is a great privilege to travel and study with many master shamans from the Q’ero tradition in Peru with an ayllu (tribe) of women known as the Bouquet of Light, called to awaken the Divine Feminine. We have been given very specific instructions for a despahco at this time to honor the birth of the return to light from Dona Aleja who we study extensively with in Peru.

I extend the invitation for you to virtually join in this ceremony from wherever you are. Below is the first layer of the despacho, a white paper, into which you will blow in three breaths to join in ceremony and link with all others who are called.


You will also need to make two qintus. Qintus are prayer holders traditionally made from three cocoa leaves in Peru. I often use bay leaves since they are similar in size and shape. If you are using bay leaves make sure they are whole and intact rather than broken. You will need six to make two qintus, three for each. Place all leaves in the same direction, one on top of the other, so the stems are facing down and the front of the leaf is facing you (vein in back). If you are not able to use bay leaves, use small native leaves from your area.

The first qintu will hold prayers for the sun. Feel a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the life force of the Sun. You may use this prayer or one of your own. Prayers are both spoken and blown into the qintu with your breath.

Inti TITi, Father Sun,
We humbly bow before your omnipotent light,
as your sons and daughters,
in gratitude for your power and presence.
We thank you for informing us,
awakening us, illuminating within us
what needs to be seen.
We ask to be reinformed
by the wisdom of your light
so we may serve as beacons of light.
May our light shine the way to truth
from the deepest intentions of our soul.
As we learn to honor and respect
your light Inti TiTi
we learn to honor the light within
and see the light in each other
and all living things.
AHO! Hiyaya!

The second qintu is offered for the whole of humanity, for medicine people you may know, for your teachers, for specific people with health problems, for the people of your country, for the leaders of the country, of the world. Blow in prayers to any sacred sites you may feel connected to and for Mother Earth. Both of the qintus are then burned in a fire.

There are many more elements to this despacho which will be built in a circle. Each item is placed in circle formation. It is all about the Sun, the birth of the return to light. I will share more once the despacho is complete.

IMG_8238As we prepare to anchor in light for ourselves and the world, there are many practices to support us in our intentions. To clear our luminous fields so we may be a deeper vessel for light, white candles can be used for clearing. The white candle absorbs dense and heavy energy which is then burned, released and transformed.

I recently relocated from New York to New Mexico. Before entering Truth or Consequences I built an apuchetta (small mountain made of stones) alongside the highway to burn my candle with the intention of leaving any hucha behind as I crossed this new threshold. IMG_8180

Lighting yellow candles to honor the Sun is a simple way to bring this intention of awakening light to life. There is such an abundance of beautiful candles here in New Mexico. I have had a yellow one burning on my altar since I arrived just last week. IMG_8262

I do hope you are inspired to join in ceremony on the 21st. There is power in community be it virtual or otherwise. It is the power of our intention that meets on these sacred grounds.

Begin by creating sacred space in any way that feels true for you. Light a candle, preferably yellow. Blow three breaths into white paper above to join in ceremony. Create two qintus, one to honor the Sun, the other for humanity. Burn qintus in fire. Close with a prayer of thanks.

I honor the place in you that is of love,
truth, light and of peace.
When you are in that place in you
and I am in that place in me,
we are one.


Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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I was born in New York City. In 1960. And never lived more than 50 miles from its epicenter. That’s a long lineage of roots.

As I travel to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico the miles unravel all that is familiar. I am officially in the unknown.


A day of ceremony on the road. Joining my ayllu sisters from Peru at 12:12 pm in meditation on LOVE. To open our mesas, sing, chant, rattle, drum, pray and light candles from all parts of the globe. To shift into non-personal awareness and be love as we usher in light during this auspicious time of transformation.

My journey west rides on faith. Faith is my ever diligent GPS lady who I trust to navigate unknown terrain. She cannot however guide me to a site for ceremony in the wild landscapes of western Texas. For that I must listen to Spirit.

I pull off I-10 at about 11:45 CT. I make a left and keep on driving. My GPS companion persistently asks that I turn around whenever possible.

I feel a call to be near water. Ten minutes later I know this is it. It takes my breath away.


IMG_8162I build an apuchetta with stones found in the water.

When we trek in the Andes we build apuchettas along the way…little “apus” or mountains to hold our prayers and offerings of thanks for the safe passage of our journey, our gratitude to Pachamama and the Apus, blessings for our families.

The apuchetta protects the white candle I place inside to burn the hucha it holds from clearing. A gold candle is also placed in the apuchetta to honor the sun and usher in light. If you look in the apuchetta you can see the flame burning.

i drum in the wild. Its pulse beating with the heartbeat of Pachamama. My song growing stronger reaching the Apus.

Butterflies are everywhere. They land on my mesa. Messengers of transformation.Visitors in the water. A baby turtle and catfish. Hawks fly overhead. The portal to the divine is open. Qintu to Mama Cocha

The Sun is warm. The sky clear blue. Over an hour has passed since I arrived.

As the drumbeat slows ceremony closes with an offering to Mama Cocha…the waters. A qintu or prayer holder made of three bay leaves, a yellow rose petal and sprigs of sage give thanks to Creator for guiding me to this magical space. To drum and sing. To be in communion with Spirit. To weave luminous threads in a web of love.

As I drive a chant reverberates through me for hours. At times breath and sound carve out abysmal caverns in my heart where love cannot get in. A deeper well opens to beauty, to gratitude, to the bounty of blessings and the AWE of  the privilege to be on this journey. The vibration repairs the damage done in the absence of love. A lullaby soothing the hiding hurts of long ago.

Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.

I reach my hotel room in El Paso and am curious about this chant I have droned for hours.

Krishna Das, one of my favorite kirtan artists, and who may be the first one I heard sing this has this to say …”Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram is the song/mantra that Hanuman is always singing. Rama is the name that Maharaj-ji always had on his lips. It is the mantra that purifies the heart and bestows devotion to God. It is like the taste and the gratifying quality of nectar in the form of emancipation… It is like the bee for the beautiful lotus of the devotee’s mind… Install the luminous gem in the shape of the divine name of ‘Rama’ on the threshold of the tongue at the doorway of your mouth, if you will have light both inside and out.”

As the light of this day begins to set, my heart has been hollowed. Traveled to new terrain both inside and out. Purified, emancipated in a deeper dance of devotion.

Informed by light…all the way to dreamtime.

Ceremony on the road.


AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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“From the 12th of December to the 21st, we are in “Cosmic Countdown” mode! Within these 9 days, at a super-accelerated speed, we are releasing the last layer of insecurities holding us back from actualizing our true creative potential.”
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Tomorrow I head west to Truth or Consequences, the perfect metaphor for my life. I am surprised at the swift and rapid changes. Many I know are feeling an acceleration of life in some sorts as we are pushed further out of our comfort zones to places we have not yet been, both literally and mythically.

The winter solstice on December 21st of 2012 marks a galactic alignment that occurs every 26, 000 years coinciding with the end of a cycle of the Mayan calender.

I am not an astronomer but I have been fascinated by this for years. On December 21, 2012, our Earth and Sun will be closer to the center of our galaxy than they have been in 26,000 years! The black hole. The birth portal of our Universe.

As we are a microcosm to the macrocosm, this points the way to a birthing, both within us and beyond us. What is birthing in you? What is birthing in the collective?

Many traditions speak of a new era, a new pachakuti. It is we who are birthing in the awareness of our light. Just as we tend to our physical body with nutrition and exercise, attention is needed to maintain the vitality of our luminous or light body.

The awareness of our light happens through feeling and sensing, not by thinking our way through the mind. Our minds have become our primary way of orienting ourselves to reality. This realignment to our light body can create turmoil within and around as old operating systems and paradigms crumble.

In order to feel our light we must be receptive. Being receptive is the essence of our feminine nature, our BEING nature. The birthing of the feminine is upon us contributing to our awareness of light. The emerging sacred feminine is shifting power with the masculine dominated paradigm of DOING we have been living under for centuries. Not to have dominion over but to restore balance and right relationship between the masculine and feminine.

One of the things I have been doing to prepare and clear my energy body for December 21st is a candle clearing. As often as you can, from now until then, use this practice to prepare your luminous fields for the transmission of Light.

The Bouquet of Light ayllu that I travel to Peru with has received specific instructions for a despacho ceremony under the guidance of Dona Aleja who we study extensively with, for the birth of the return of light. I will let you know how you can participate virtually as the time draws near.

155905_550899481591467_1998411201_nFor now here is a white candle cleansing to prepare our luminous bodies for the transits of change that are upon us.

What you will need: small, white tapered candle, paper to wrap candle in after cleansing

Begin by dropping into a space of gratitude in your heart. Call upon Spirit to assist you in any way that feels true for you to create a sacred container to do the work.

Hold the intention of clearing any negativities, impurities, dense, heavy energies that block the full radiance of your light. You may have specific intentions you are working with as well.

Begin by rolling the candle over your body, starting at the top of your head and working your way down to your feet. (Please note the candle is not lit) Move as fast or slow as guided by your intuition. You may notice that you spend more time over certain areas.

Once that feels complete, wrap the candle in paper to keep the hucha (heavy energy) intact. Burn the candle somewhere away from your personal space or property as soon as possible after clearing.

You can perform this candle cleansing on yourself or with a partner where each does the ritual cleansing for the other.

This comes from Dona Aleja, Alto Mesayoc from Peru.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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I have been feeling a sensitivity to loss. A deeper sense of grief and letting go as many things have been washed clean from my life over the past year. Truth be told this cleansing started even before then.

This heightened loss is amplified by the ending of a 26,000 year cycle of evolution as prophesied by many traditions, including the Mayans. Heightened by the waves of devastation in the aftermath of the storm Sandy here in New York and along the East Coast.

Endings bring death. Necessary to birth anew. Yet the transition of not knowing what is to come is unsettling. Life loses its anchor.

This longing of heart and soul called me to ceremony. I open my mesa.

What message do you hold to offer guidance during these times of great transition?

At the very heart of this reading sits a kuya (stone) from Ausangate, the holy director of the Apus (mountains) of the Andes. These times call from us the heart of a warrior. The strength and fortitude to stand on our own two feet.

We must embrace both the darkness and the light, the totality of our beings in order to point the way to a new vision. A vision that directs us to our sacred purpose.

We must clear the channels to connect to Pachamama. Listen with our soft bellies to her wisdom. Let our breath feel its way to her rhythms, her cycles, her heartbeat. Learn to move in flow with her life force. In this way we discover our own rhythms and cycles for we are not separate from our Mother.

It is time to listen from the depths of stillness. As chaos swirls around us we must have a haven within to hear the truth of our inner authority rather than be propelled into the whirlwind of fear and anxiety that has fueled our consciousness for so long. It takes a conscious effort to disengage from the addictive patterns of drama and collective frenzy to discover the still silent beacon within.

It is time for an honoring and recognition of our ancestors. A remembering of our roots. Our minds could not possibly comprehend all those that have come before us to bring us to this moment in time. Every step we have taken holds the steps of every ancestor woven through time. We must walk with respect with those who have brought us to this great juncture in history.

The ethereal bridge of faith is needed to connect us in ways where our mind is not able. Our minds have served far too long as masters of our fate. Trust in our divinity, trust in our sacredness, trust in the knowing that we are right where we are meant to be is our salvation now.

We must develop the sensitivity to how every thought, every feeling is reverberating within us and effecting the world around us. Life in one way or another has left us scrambling for higher ground. Where is the lifeline to safety and security? That is not where our liberation lies. Letting go of everything we know about what is safe, letting go of everything we thought would make us feel secure is unraveling asking us to surrender old lifelines to the tidal waves of uncertainty that are purging through each and every one of us.

The mind has enslaved us to a fate of limitation, sacrificing our souls for the creature comforts of modern-day consumption. We are being asked to pay attention to what we are consuming. How are we using and expending our resources? The resources of our planet? It is the shifting foundations of power that are crumbling leaving us challenged to find ground until the rumblings subside and the shifts of the tectonic plates of our identity realign.

Drinking from the wells of stillness, honoring the teachings that have come before us create actions that bring beauty to the world. A sacredness for life rises from the depths of our being as the veils of separation fall away. We know, from the deepest recesses of our Soul, we are intimately woven with all of life. From the roots of the Earth to the illumination of the Stars we are not separate.

It is difficult still to know and live in this truth. The spiritual wound of separation runs deep. This is the truth we are being propelled towards. This is the rebirthing we are waiting for. To re-remember who we are. Not as the diminished wounded creatures we have been led to believe but as the majestic Beings of light beyond measure.

Death is coming to the limited ways of being, of seeing who we are. Fear arises in death. We do not know what lies ahead. Discovering the inner authority as guide without falling prey to the conditioned suppression of our true natures leading us to believe we are less than, bound and chained in fear is awakening.

Faith and trust are the steps to a new path. A path of liberation. A freedom of each Soul rising to the majesty they were born to be.

This is what the kuyas speak.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of  A Structure for Spirit

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This image may be used as a tool for meditation to energetically encode
the vibration of gratitude within your luminous body.

Gaze with soft eyes and a relaxed breath for 5 minutes.

Cultivating a heart of gratitude breeds humility. Gratitude begins to dismantle the internal fight and conflict we wage against life so we are no longer in battle against what is.

Our heart stretches wider in appreciation for both the darkness and the light. This naturally creates a softening of our posture, a softening of our mind, a softening of the way we walk through the world, a softening of how we relate to others. Our hearts begin to rise in a song that celebrates our existence just as the bird sings to greet the morning.

Gratitude literally changes the way our cells vibrate thereby changing the way they interact with each other. Our physical body restructures. Gratitude strengthens our immune system. Gratitude influences the chemical solution in which our brains bathe altering moods and mindsets while adjusting the frequencies it transmits enhancing our ability to create and manifest.

The hearts of our modern-day world are not accustomed to this vibration. Our apologies and smiles are often devoid of feeling, forced and conditional. The false pretenses of thank you clang together in a hollow heart.

There is an attention and training required to cultivate the vibration of gratitude through a moment by moment practice. When we notice denser vibrations of resentment, anger, bitterness consuming our heart we give pause. We find one thing, one small thing in any given moment that we are grateful for, even if it is for the feeling we are experiencing in that moment. No matter how small, we begin to plant seeds of gratitude within our heart. On a frequent and daily basis these seeds begin to take root in order for our heart to rewire in the vibration of gratitude. It is this vibration that not only entrains the heart but influences our entire body down to the cellular and chemical make up of who we are.

Gratitude connects us to Pachamama, our Mother Earth and begins to feed and cultivate our relationship with her. We are collectively disconnected in our consciousness to the planet we live on. Gratitude begins to weave our luminous bodies more deeply to Mother Earth which in turn feeds our gratitude from the unconditional love from Pachamama. It is a source of sustaining our vibratory levels of gratitude through a reciprocal exchange with our own Earth Mother.

Gratitude makes us more receptive to information from both below us and above us. Gratitude grounds us more deeply to the Earth as well as opens channels to a higher source of wisdom above.

Gratitude consolidates other vibrations within it. Dense or heavy vibrations held within the vibration of gratitude become transformed altering the way we are seeing, perceiving and being in reality.

Masks and hidden agendas fall away no longer held in place by the vibration of gratitude. Gratitude creates simple and direct ways of relating from our heart to the world around us. Gratitude bypasses other methods of communication. Two people may not speak the same verbal language but if those hearts are meeting in gratitude there is an understanding and language of the heart that happens simply through the vibration of gratitude.

Gratitude brings beauty and sacredness to the world. Gratitude does not operate from a place of looking to get anything. A heart in gratitude offers unconditionally without discrimination or condition.

This is what the kuyas speak.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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I wanted to catch the sunrise for you. The time when the sun begins to emerge over the horizon. The time to set our prayers and intentions for feeding our light in this quiet and silence. May we feel the rising of light in our own heart emerge within us as we share in this month’s New Moon Despacho.

The despacho is a prayer bundle in the tradition of the Q’ero shamans of Peru. Prayers and intentions are held in a qintu, traditionally made from three cocoa leaves but here three bay leaves are used. Qintus and offerings are placed in wrapping paper then tied up like a gift and returned to the elements to align our intentions in a co-creative dance with Spirit.

If you would like to add your prayers to this month’s despacho take a pause in your day. Create a sacred space where you will not be disturbed for 10 – 15 minutes. Sacred space can be as simple as lighting a candle to turn your attention towards ceremony.

Follow the video for simple instruction on how to participate. Prayers are offered into the qintu by blowing them in with your breath so when the qintu appears on the video simply exhale your intentions of feeding your light into the leaves.

This month I offer the qintu at sunrise so as you sit with the video feel yourself receive the blessings of light from the Sun. Imagine this light being absorbed into your physical body, into your energy body, feel it absorbed into your DNA. Imagine this light sending its wisdom and power into your very being. Feel it re-informing your luminous architecture.

Thank you my friends for bringing your light to ceremony.


Click on full screen using icon on bottom right corner and enjoy!

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Much in my life is in a process of dying. As I opened my mesa I asked to show me….

What do I need to see about Death?

Death holds the cycles of life. Death calls for the deepest letting go. It asks from us the deepest surrender to the unknown. Death is a paradox for death is the portal to rebirth.

There is a fluidity in death. Nothing about death is static. Death is a fluid movement from one cycle to the next. Each cycle holds a vision.

The intention or vision or lesson of each cycle sits in our heart. It sources from creation. It abides in stillness. It points to a higher authority, both within us and beyond us. All of these qualities are necessary to manifest the vision within each cycle. Within each cycle sits the wisdom carried from previous lineages and ancestors. Wisdom held in the steps that have taken us to this current visionary cycle. This is where death is necessary. This is where surrender is necessary. To move from one cycle to another.

Death is the transit from one cycle to the next.

Letting go of the notion of death as a permanent or fixed condition, and knowing death as fluid and transitory by its very nature can help liberate us from the fear that is often associated with death. A fear due to the perception that death is final. Recognize the eternal fluid nature of death as necessary to transition and evolve.

Learning to rides these waves of death, however they show up, in whatever cycle we may be transiting between will help liberate us from the grip of fear that can choke us of our own life force. Our life force rides with these waves of death as well.

As with every other duality, one cannot exist without the other. Learning to ride the depths and heights within every cycle enhances the experience of our life during each cycle. We each live in the individual cycles of our lives yet we also swim in the greater cycles of the cosmos.

Death asks us to surrender to a higher authority for these cycles are beyond our control.

This is what the kuya speaks.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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