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I am inspired by the many souls that gathered through the synchronicity of heart to meet for our most recent New Moon Despacho. Profound shifts in awareness and healing were shared in these virtual realms of ceremony. Creation is evolving more rapidly than ever. The Despacho accelerates our intentions even more. Shifts from ceremony can be quick and severe in order for us to awaken in our own consciousness. Allow everything to happen and trust in Divine Order. To be reborn, we must also die.

Meditation is essential in these times of great change.

As we step from the fire of ceremony, with the moon waxing into fullness, we walk straight to our heart. As I sat with our Despachos through the dark of three nights, messages came through to show us the way. Restoring the right relationship of our heart, or what shamans call ayni, is what is being asked now. Purification, nourishment, gratitude and stillness will shape our practices until the next New Moon.

  • How can we ground gratitude in our bodies so it does not exist simply as a concept?
  • How can the embodiment of gratitude guide our walk so we may be of service in the world?
  • What do we need to align with stillness to receive what we need?
  • How do we stretch our hearts wider to find the softness of our vulnerability?
  • How do we manifest our heart in the world?

These questions spoke through our despachos. The divination of ash concurred as well. On the fourth night, our Despachos were offered to the fire. Here, in the ashes, Spirit showed us the way. At the level of the heart chakra, a black hole sits. To the right, where we manifest, lies a long dark log. The reading of the ashes reveal this relationship between what sits in our heart and what we create in our life. What fills this black hole, this black hole in our heart? Here we are still clearing.

Ashes after Fire Ceremony

These questions will guide us as we prepare for our next New Moon Despacho. Our practices will emphasize the feeding of our hearts. Reflect on what nourishes you, mind, body, soul.

Pay attention to the foods you eat, the thoughts you tell yourself. Where are you in alignment with your heart? Where are you not? Look to what you are creating in your life to show you the way. Honor what is dying in order to be reborn. Let us come into deeper conversation with our most tender and vulnerable heart so we may fill the black hole with the blessings of gratitude.

Continue clearing all attachments to the victim. Clear from your system anything that gets in the way of being in right relationship with your own heart. Here is a simple purification ritual to make part of your daily practice:

“Using sea salt during your shower is a powerful purification and energy cleansing practice. Start by stepping under the shower to wet your body. As you step out from under the water, scrub your entire body with fine sea salt with the strong intention of clearing anything from your system that no longer serves you. Scrub vigorously while you hold the intention of clearing the energetic patterns that have created the old stories, belief systems and ways of being that you want to release. You can work with a specific and personal intention such as clearing anger or resentment towards someone. Spend a few minutes with this process so that every part of your body feels clear. Follow your sea salt scrub by standing under the shower as you feel the water wash these patterns from your very essence. Thank the waters for their cleansing and purification with your prayers.” (excerpt from “A Structure for Spirit”)

This time of ceremony was powerful for me. In my next post I will share my own experiences of death and rebirth. Stay tuned for practices to nourish the right relationship of heart so we may embody gratitude to guide our path of service in the world.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Look in the heart
of the fire my friends.

What do you see?

Never underestimate
the power of ceremony.

Be humbled
in the face of Spirit,


and again

and again.

AHO my friends!


Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Our despachos sat through the night,
with the flame of a purple candle,
held by Celestial Spirits in the dark of the New Moon,
cleansed by gentle rains.

Our Cuti Despacho held intentions on broken leaves
laid haphazardly on a bed of sea salt and hot peppers.
Tobacco and sage, rosebuds, cinnamon and incense laid for healing.
Sealed again in hot peppers and salt.

Our Ayni Despacho stretched wider in gratitude,
aligning our hearts to the blessings of Pachamama.

Tied and wrapped to gift to Spirit.

One more night under the dark of night.
A day of basking in the light of Inti Ti Ti, Father Sun.

Offered to a strong and powerful fire,
our intentions rising on flames sending smoke signals to the Stars.

Can you see a winged serpent rising?

(more to come on Spirit messages that came through in ceremony
to support us in these times of great change)

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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In the midst of intense ceremonial space, I am fortunate to walk along the majestic Atlantic today. Here in New York the beach season has come to a close. It is my favorite time to visit; long stretches of empty sand sprinkled with nothing but feathers, clam shells, seagulls and sandpipers. I run with smooth sand under bare feet. I am grateful for this time to be so alone and so at one. One of the very first things I see as I head towards the shore is a horseshoe crab. Immediately I smile. Spirit is with us my friends! Spirit is with us! (Not sure why a horseshoe crab would make me smile? See previous blog post Open for Ceremony)

Horseshoe crabs are littered everywhere along the shoreline. In my next few steps a strong and beautiful feather lies waiting. I know this will hold our forgotten prayers for our Cuti Despacho. We are gifted with not one, but dozens of feathers along the beach. I collect them all. Pure white ones to include in our Ayni Despacho. Some for a later time. For me, feathers are always a gift from Spirit. Spirit is with us my friends!

Chanting a ceremonial song I am cleansed by winds offshore. Sun peaks through clouds reminding me of my own light, always there, even when hidden behind clouds of darkness. We bring these dark clouds to our Cuti Despacho. Our dark clouds of not enough and poor me that get in the way of our own light. Our power is our light. Just as dark clouds of sky do not annihilate the sun, our own dark clouds are simply masks that obstruct the knowing of our own light. Recovery of our light is often a path through darkness.

Ceremony is a way through that darkness. Through ceremony we enter a portal. Through this portal we step into a space of timelessness and synchronisity. The veils that separate our Self from Spirit become thinner. It is easier for us to see with our Soul rather than our mind. This is why a horseshoe crab can bring a smile to my face. My Soul knows the presence of Spirit by the synchronistic appearance of a horseshoe crab on the beach as a horseshoe crab sits in our despacho.

As I ready to leave the beach a seagull flies overhead. This winged one is joined by another and another. As I look around, the sky is full of flocks of seagulls. At first they seem to fly alone but somehow they join together through an intuitive knowing of where to go. In a lifetime of coming to the beach I have never seen the sky full of so many birds. Hundreds of them fearlessly flying south west. My heart cracks open in AWE . This is exactly how I envisioned the Virtual Visionaries when we first me at the start of this journey. I had no idea if this thought of meeting at each New Moon had any merit or validity. Could ancient ceremony possibly happen through modern day modes of communicating?

The answer to me is a resounding YES! Each of us does fly alone. We each have our own path to discover, our own journeys to make. Yet we are woven together through an intuitive knowing of the call of our Soul. Through this call we somehow know where to go. It is the journey to our light we travel.

Spirit is with us my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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~Welcome to the New Moon Despacho Ceremony for October 26th~

(Click on Image for More Detail)

~Create Sacred  Space~

~Perform Purification Ritual~

~Offer One Qintu (prayer holder) for Mother Earth with Prayers of Thanks~

~Offer Seven Qintus into which Prayers of Intent to Release the Victim, Powerlessness, Limited Belief are blown in~

~Blow Intent of Qintus into Image of Cuti Despacho~

~Prepare for Ayni Despacho Below~


(Refer to previous blog post GET READY FOR CEREMONY for further instruction if needed)


(Click on Image for More Detail) 

~Offer One Qintu (prayer holder) for Ayni Despacho with Prayers of Gratitude blown in~

~Blow Prayers of Gratitude into Image of Ayni Despacho~


~Bury or Burn All Qintus from CUTI DESPACHO and AYNI DESPACHO~
(Please note: Make sure to burn qintus from Cuti Despacho outside of your home, not in indoor fireplace) 

~Close Ceremony with a Prayer of Thanks~

(Both Despachos are held and anchored with the kuyas of my mesa)


Elements of Cuti (Kooti) Despacho: Our prayers are laying in a bed of salt and hot peppers to combust the heavy energy that gives shape and form to the victim, to places of powerlessness and limited belief. The intent of our despacho is held in the horseshoe crabs who to me represent the ancient roots of these paradigms in our systems. Black feathers take our prayers into the darkness of the unseen to transform. The gift of the snakeskin holds all within, offering the medicine of shedding that which no longer serves us.

Elements of Ayni Despacho: A winged maiden holding a cornucopia of Mother Earth’s bounty sits at the center of our Ayni Despacho. She is surrounded by a corn husk frame representing the lineage of this tradition. An abundance of flowers overflow representing beauty. Our intent of gratitude is held in a small heart stone in the center so our hearts may open to receive the blessings of gratitude. The base of our despacho is held in red rose petals to honor Mother Earth, or Pachamama, and also contains seeds for the blossoming of our prayers. Sugar and corn were laid around the center to feed our intentions with fruitful sweetness.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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We cannot stand in our power
and at the same time
believe we are a victim.

The New Moon is fast approaching so it is time to get ready for ceremony! Here are a few things you will need as we gather as a virtual community and align our intention of releasing the victim, places we have lost or given away our power and all self-limiting beliefs in order to fully manifest our dreams.

Preparations for Ceremony:

  • 27 bay leaves, small native leaves or flower petals to make 8 qintus for Cuti (Kooti) Despacho plus 3 more to make 1 qintu for Ayni Despacho
  • Sacred Space
  • Quiet mind
  • Sea Salt (fine, not coarse) for Purification
  • Intention
The upcoming ceremony will have 2 Despachos; a Cuti (Kooti) Despacho to hold our intention of releasing the victim, places of powerlessness and all limited beliefs of not enough, and an Ayni Despacho to hold our gratitude.

Before coming to ceremony, you want to create time and space that feels sacred for you. This is a personal experience so whatever prayers or rituals you have will work. If you have not created sacred space or come to ceremony before, offer a prayer of thanks to the Earth. Reflect on all the blessings the Earth provides in your life.

If the only prayer we ever said was thank you, that would be enough.

Another practice that helps prepare us for ceremony is purification. A simple purification ritual can be created by rubbing your hands while they are dry with sea salt (use fine, not coarse) holding the intention of clearing any negativity from your heart. Continue until you feel your hands are clean and clear. As our hands are energetic extensions of our heart, cleansing in this way helps clear our heart. Purification practices are believed to make the heart more pure, empowering the strength of our prayers and intentions. Smudging, floral waters and incense can also be part of a purification ritual.

Once you have created sacred space and performed a purification ritual, take a moment to reflect on the victim, places within where you give up or give away your power. Notice self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. Where does this live in your body? This is what you will offer in ceremony. You are now ready to blow your intentions into your qintu. Take a moment to sit quietly and still your mind. Let your first qintu hold a prayer of thanks to Mother Earth, or Pachamama as she is called by the Shamans of Peru. Thank her for everything she provides for you in your life. Recognize that everything comes from her, and it is to her everything returns. Honor her with your first qintu.

You now have 7 more qintus (21 leaves or petals in groups of 3) for the Cuti (Kooti) Despacho. Hold the intention of clearing the energetic impressions and patterns of the victim from your system. Clear any places of powerlessness. Clear all limited beliefs of not enough. As you hold this intention you are blowing into your qintu. As you spend time with this process you may notice things start to come up in your body or mind. You may notice sensations or tensions arise. Blow that in. You may notice thoughts or emotions. Blow that in. You may have memories. Blow them in. Keep blowing into a qintu until it feels complete for you and then start with the next one until you have completed all 7. Once you are done, imagine blowing everything from all your qintus into the image of the Cuti (Kooti) Despacho online. As your intentions join with others in this ceremony, we empower each other through our shared intent in community.

This process will take some time so try and set 20 to 30 minutes for this in your day. This may be more time than you are accustomed to spending with intention or prayer but notice what it is like for you to be at an edge in prayer. Does the skeptic show up? Blow that in. Is there anger or resentment arising? Blow that in. Keep emptying into your qintu and trust the process. Don’t trust? Guess what…blow that in.

Once you have completed all of your qintus and blown your intentions into the Virtual Cuti (Kooti) Despacho, you will either burn your qintus or bury them in the Earth. As these qintus are holding our heavy and dense energetic patterns, you do not want to burn them in your home as in a fireplace. If you cannot release them until the next day, leave them outside of your home secured under a rock or somewhere you know you will find them the following day.

We are creating a vacuum in our field by releasing these heavy energetic paradigms. We need to fill this space with new information in order to re-inform our energetic bodies. For this we blow in our prayers of gratitude to the Ayni Despacho. Do this when you are done with the Cuti (Kooti) Despacho in the same way. This time you only have 1 qintu. Hold the intention of gratitude, as big and as wide as you can imagine, and then think bigger. Hold this intention and blow that into your last qintu and offer that into the Ayni Despacho with your exhale.

The Despachos will be available and open for ceremony for 3 days starting October 25th, the day before the New Moon, October 26th and October 27th. You can participate on any one of these days. The Cuti (Kooti) Despacho will be secured in a place outside of my home to herd and hold your intentions, anchored by the kuyas (stones) of my mesa, many of which I received during rites and initiations in the mountains of Peru. The Despachos will then be burned in a fire ceremony.

Please share comments or questions as we step into ceremony like never before!

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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For a moment, let your attention rest on your breath. Follow its flow. Feel its movement. Notice the quality of your exhale.

What happens in your body as you breathe out?

There is a natural desire to empty and release. This is inherent with every breath out, a desire to let go. When we add intention to our exhale, we enhance its power.

A shaman prays with intention, empowered by the breath.  

This prayer is then transferred to an object in nature and offered to Spirit by return to the elements. In the mountains of Peru, three cocoa leaves are traditionally used to create a prayer holder or qintu. The breath is the energetic conduit on which the prayer travels. Whatever we are looking to release, let go, or set in motion can be offered by exhaling into a qintu. If cocoa leaves are not available, bay leaves make a good substitute as they are similar in shape and size. Alternatively, small leaves from a native plant or flower petals can make a qintu or prayer holder.

As we meet in ceremony, we will pray using breath and intention. As the New Moon is approaching, I am gathering elements to create our despacho. Our intention is to release the victim so we may step fully into our power. The energetic impression, or pattern of the victim, is one of powerlessness. It can weigh heavy on our energy field leaving us tired, irritable, hopeless and heavy. To combust the density of this energetic pattern, a Cuti Despacho will hold our qintus. A Cuti Despacho includes things like sea salt and hot peppers to burn through the density of these energetic paradigms. I also received a magnificent Spirit gift for our despacho; a 5 1/2 snakeskin! The medicine of the serpent teaches us to shed what no longer serves us. 

The day before the New Moon (October 25th) I will post a picture of the Cuti Despacho here on my blog and also on my facebook page.  Your intention of releasing the victim, all places of powerlessness and limiting beliefs of not enough will be blown directly into the image. You will also create qintus of your own which will be released back to Nature. You can either burn your qintus outside your home, bury them in the Earth or release them to water.

Our Cuti Despacho will immediately be followed by an Ayni Despacho. When we ceremonially release these patterns of powerlessness and scarcity, an energetic vacuum is created in our field. As energy does not like a vacuum, this space will look to fill itself back up. Since we have such strong affinities, or magnetic attractions to these patterns, our tendency is to fill this void with what we just released.

In an Ayni Despacho we offer our gratitude. We install new information to this void so we are no longer informed by patterns that are old, outdated and no longer serve us. Just as with the Cuti Despacho, prayers of thanks will be blown into the image of the Ayni Despacho and qintus of your own will also be made. More on this will be posted prior to our ceremony but I offer this information here in preparation and to create an opportunity to ask questions should they arise.

I look forward to meeting in ceremony!

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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