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I love the tarot, any cards for that matter. As I hold an intent and pull forth a card I bypass the mental chatter of mind and reach straight to my Soul for it is to my Soul that the images speak. I read them, like most things, intuitively.

Our recent New Moon Despacho held the deep longing of liberation from hundreds of Souls to be free of the cords that bind us to fear, lack and limitation.

I pulled a tarot card for our community of virtual visionaries to ask what we need to see in the aftermath of ceremony. An awe inspired grin swells in my heart as the Two of Swords is revealed. The crossing of two swords marks the X that set this ceremony forth. (The Power of X) A woman sits, blindfolded, at a crossroads, a red cloth draped down her back, a mark of the bloodletting to the cords we have cut and their return to Earth.

Some part of our Soul sits right here, blindfolded, at a crossroads. Shrouded in darkness, uncertain of what lay ahead or which direction to take.

And it is here, in this mystery of darkness, that all potential awaits.

Every seed starts in darkness. Every thought, dream or vision is first imagined in darkness. Human life itself is birthed through the dark of mother’s womb. What are our Souls longing to birth forth?

We are at a crossroads, the threshold to a new year. A year that has been prophesied through ancient maps of many traditions and points the way to an awakening of our Light. How do we know a path if we have not traveled it before?

We must rely on darkness. Darkness calls forth other dimensions of our knowing. Our eyes do not serve us here. Our outer seeking will not guide us now. Darkness requires us to slow down. We cannot rush through darkness. Our steps must be slow and deliberate to navigate this void. Darkness calls forth our intuition, our felt sense of things, our knowing without reason. It fortifies our trust and connection to Spirit. For these are our guideposts through darkness. These are our guideposts to Light.

What guides a seed as it breaks through its shell to move from deep darkness to its blossoming? This is our journey. We have done the work of breaking the shell, cutting the cords that obstruct our Light. Now we journey through darkness, fortifying our trust, relying on the guidance of Spirit as it speaks through our intuition.

Continue to settle into the darkness of Pachamama. Send the darkness within to her belly with your intent. Exhale and empty into her darkness. I look forward to meeting at the next New Moon so our first despacho of 2012 may light the seeds for the dreams of our Soul.

2012 is the gateway to Light!

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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When the time comes for a tree to shed its leaves, a chemical message is sent to let every leaf know it is time to let go. Little “abscission cells” appear where the leaf meets the branch. With “scissor” like action these cells begin to cut the attachment of the leaf to the tree. Once this cord is broken, the leaf falls away.

As we step into ceremony to cut the cords and attachments to what no longer serves, we too send a message it is time to let go. The despacho accelerates our intentions and aligns with Spirit who, like scissor cells, works diligently on our behalf to cut the cords of what needs to die.

As a leaf is falling away, it does not wrestle with the tree. It does not become angry at the tree for letting it go. It does not struggle with all its might to hold on for dear life. The leaf simply withers and when the time comes, it falls away. Let us be like the leaf. Let what is ready to fall away drop without struggle, drop without effort, drop without excessively clinging to that which is ready to die.

For cutting cords is a death, a process of dying. Dying so we may be reborn. Dying of the old so what is new may birth forth.

As we emerge from the darkness of the New Moon, we illuminate into the fullness of her light. During this time be gentle with yourself as cords and attachments fall away. Remember the leaf. Drop the struggle, drop the effort. Make a conscious effort to be still. Meditate if you do not already. Meditate more if you already do. As you sit, feel yourself settle into the Earth. Feel your darkness empty into the dark belly of Pachamama. We need to deepen this connection as revealed by the ash after burning our despacho. The white ash in center is recognition of our intention to release our lower vibrational cords from their root. Most of the darkness sits with our connection to Mother Earth at the base. A prayer that arose frequently through the offering of our qintus under the dark of the New Moon was a call from Pachamama to shed the residual darkness to the darkness of her belly where it will seed the blossoming of our becoming. Bring this conscious connection to the dark belly of Pachamama to your practice of meditation.

Continue with the vigorous sea salt scrub for purification as these cords wither and die. “A more elaborate purification ritual is a spiritual bath. Create a healing sanctuary by filling your bathroom with candlelight. Fill your tub with water as hot as you can tolerate. Add 1 cup of sea salt and 1 cup baking soda for an energetic detox. You can also add flowers or herbs to enhance the healing properties of your bath and re-inform your body with the energetic properties of the plants you are using. Lavender is soothing for the mental and emotional body, rosemary is a strong detoxer, roses enhance healing issues of the heart, marigolds are good general spiritual cleansers. Notice if any herbs or flowers call to you for this process. Blow your prayers of gratitude into any flowers or herbs that you add to your bath, thanking them for their healing. Send your prayers of gratitude, of healing, of cleansing and purification into the waters with good, strong intention.” (excerpt from A Structure for Spirit)

Continue to work with the ritual of fire for cleansing. Use a stick or toothpick to release to the fire any discomfort as these cords wither and die. You do not need to call for a sword and continue to cut cords at this time. Journaling is always of benefit if you find difficult emotions or struggle rising. Spend time in Nature if you can. Consciously breathe in fresh air. Feel your inhalation deep in your belly. Let your body be re-informed by the freshness of a new breath. Empty and exhale what needs to let go. Take 5-10 deep, full conscious breaths at a time. Remember this breath throughout your day.

As cords wither and die, our physical bodies rebuild themselves with new energetic information. During this time of repair be mindful of what you are feeding yourself with. Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your system flushed and flowing. Avoid processed foods and eat as many high vibrational sources of nutrition such as fruits, vegetables and juices.

I offer deep gratitude for the collective cries of our Souls as they rise in a chorus of liberation to be free of the cords that bind us as we clear our inner landscape and lay fertile soil for the re-birthing that lies ahead. May we step fearlessly into our visions and dreams as we plant the seeds for our becoming in our next New Moon despacho with the coming of 2012!

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Two straight lines cross over each other
and make the seemingly simple shape of an X.
I noticed this X when leaving the beach after ceremony last month.
This first X was made by clouds,
their pattern catching my attention.
Two straight lines in an X
symbolically stamps out what lies beneath.
An X obliterates what is under.
This X was showing me what was to come.

With the intention to cut cords for this New Moon despacho,
an X became woven throughout our prayers.

The first X appeared as an image of two arrows.
It sat on a bed of tobacco
at the heart and center
of our New Moon despacho.

Once our prayers had been offered
with the qintus in place,
the next X appeared before it was sealed.
The very last X sat on top of our prayers
symbolically cutting all that lies underneath.
What lay below this X marked with peppers
were the longings of our hearts to be free.
Liberated from all the low vibrational cords
that keep us stuck, limited, somehow thinking
we are not enough.

Our despacho was folded and the next X appeared
as two feathers crossed over each other.
These held all prayers
that may have been forgotten inside our despacho.
Black feathers X‘ing out
everything within.

Our despacho was tucked in a woven cloth of the Andes
with two swords for protection
in the mark of an X.

The very last X sat on top of my mesa
made from two smaller swords
as it sat on top of our despacho.

Two straight lines crossed over each other.
Two straight lines make the power of X.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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~Welcome to the New Moon Despacho Ceremony for December~

“We call upon the Flames of the Eternal Fire
to melt the chains that bind us.
Heal the the cracks that surround us.
Transform that energy into a golden light
that will join our heartbeats in harmony and love;
purifying the imprints left by cords removed.
Great Spirit breathe new life into our being
as we enter this New Year.”
Shaman Medicine Woman Carla Goddard

(Click on Image Below to Enlarge)

~Create Sacred  Space~

~Perform Purification Ritual~

~Blow Intent of Cord Cutting into Image of Despacho~

~Blow Intent of Cord Cutting into 12 Qintus~

~Fire Ritual~

~Heart of Peace Meditation~

~Close Ceremony with a Prayer of Thanks~


Clouds Mark An X

Elements of Despacho: At the heart of our despacho sits a bed of tobacco surrounded by black beans representing the darkness we enter in the New Moon, the root that we look to reach as we cut the toxic cords that bind us. Through placing the black beans, may we rely on the sustenance of our Earth Mother through this ceremony to clear these imprints through to our physical body as we release them to her belly. An image of 2 arrows crossing each other sits atop the tobacco inspired by clouds foretelling this despacho. This obliterates and is our intention in cutting our cords. On top of the crossed arrows is a black scallop shell that holds our intention to cut and release the toxic cords and attachments that diminish our Light and distort our Truth. Inside the shell sits black sugar as an offering for a swift and gentle release. A himalayan salt crystal was placed to absorb toxicity from the dense and heavy energy of these cords. A small bronze statue of Ganesh, an elephant headed Hindu deity called on to remove obstacles, was placed in the shell to clear the path. Two small male/female figures were placed alongside Ganesh to symbolize a balancing of feminine/masculine and polarity of energies.

Red peppers surround the center to break up the heavy energy and show up again in the outer layer of our despacho. This pattern of concentric circles of black beans and red peppers repeats itself representing the ripple effect of these cords through our life as well as the energetic shape they assume. The outer ring was intentionally left open to release these energies rather than contain them. The circle that sits between the 2 layers of beans and peppers is red pepper flakes and sea salt, again to absorb and break down energies.


Two cards were pulled once the form of the despacho was complete: Jaguar from the Medicine Card deck and


Grail from the Goddesses of the New Light offering points of reflection. Jaguar is a powerful Spirit Ally in the Q’ero Shamanic tradition from where this ceremony originates. Jaguar sits in the West, the direction of transformation, helping us to move beyond our fear, see through darkness. Jaguar teaches us the ways of integrity and impeccability. A very auspicious ally for transforming and transmuting the dense and heavy energies of the lower vibrations of our toxic cords.

The Grail is a Vessel of Spirit. As we empty ourselves of outdated and limited beliefs, toxic emotional patterns, belief systems that no longer serve us and relationships that deplete us, we empty our divine temple so as to fill it with what nourishes and sustains us. It is the emptiness of the vessel that makes it of use.

As we step into ceremony
we thank Jaguar for helping us to see through the darkness.
Teaching us to walk a path of integrity.
We call on our Earth Mother,
to hold us in her wisdom and benevolence
as we empty our Divine Vessels
of all that is toxic
to ourselves
and others.
We call on Spirit
to illuminate our way
as we replenish our holy grail
with the light and love of our Truth.
Thank you for the gathering
of these Souls Great Spirit,
for your divine orchestration.
We come to you with good intention.
We come to you with a humble heart.
May we empty ourselves before you
so our Light may radiate
on a path of service to this World. 

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa

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Here are a few things to prepare for our New Moon Despacho as we gather as a virtual community to cut the cords that drain us of our life force energy. This will aid in preparing a fertile soil from which to birth our intentions in the coming year. There are a number of ways to participate depending on your time and what calls to you.

Here are some things you may need depending on your level of participation:

Before coming to ceremony, you want to create time and space that feels sacred for you. This is a personal experience so whatever prayers or rituals you have will work. If you have not created sacred space or come to ceremony before, offer a prayer of thanks to the Earth. Reflect on all the blessings the Earth provides in your life.

If the only prayer we ever said was thank you, that would be enough.

Another practice that helps prepare us for ceremony is purification. A simple purification ritual can be created by rubbing your hands while they are dry with fine sea salt holding the intention of clearing any negativity from your heart. Continue until you feel your hands are clean and clear. As our hands are energetic extensions of our heart, cleansing in this way helps clear our heart. Purification practices are believed to make the heart more pure, empowering the strength of our prayers and intentions. Smudging, floral waters and incense can also be part of a purification ritual.

Once you have created sacred space and performed a purification ritual, take a moment to reflect on what cords are ready to be cut. Hold these places with a sense of love and gratitude for the lessons and wisdom they hold.  You can cut cords and attachments to relationships, habits, addictive substances, disease or illness. This is what you will offer in ceremony with the intention of releasing these cords and attachments from their roots.

There are a number of ways to participate so notice what calls to you:

  • A qintu with your name will be offered to the despacho with the intention for a swift and gentle release of any cords you are releasing
  • A picture of the despacho will be posted into which you can blow in your intentions for cord cutting directly into the image
  • You may blow your intentions of what is ready to be released into 12 qintus
  • You may print a copy of the despacho to hold your qintus and make one of your own. Arrange your qintus in an artful display and add offerings such as incense, sage, tobacco, herbs, flower petals, grains, sweets or dried fruits to energetically feed your prayers. Fold your despacho into a square and tie closed with ribbon, twine or string. Do not turn your despacho over or shake in order to keep your intentions undisturbed.
  • If you have qintus or made a despacho they need to be burned, buried in the Earth or released to a moving body of water.
Once you have placed your intentions in the image of the despacho or qintus or a despacho of your own you will follow with a Fire Ritual

Complete the ceremony with Heart of Peace Meditation. This is a seated meditation that will take about 10 minutes.

The Despacho will be available and open for ceremony for 3 days starting on December 23rd, the day before the New Moon at 7:30 pm, until December 25th at 10 pm when it will be offered in a fire ceremony. You can participate on any one of these days. The Despacho will be anchored by the kuyas (stones) of my mesa, many of which I received during rites and initiations in the mountains of Peru.

Please share any comments or questions that arise as we create a collective intent to energize and empower each other as we step into ceremony.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Fire has the power to cleanse from our luminous field what no longer serves us. Fire feeds the seeds of intention of what we seek to call forth. Fire accelerates the release of heavy energies transforming it into light. We will use a simple fire ritual during our cord cutting ceremony for healing and transformation.

What you will need:

  • Tea Light Candle
  • Toothpick

In a traditional Peruvian fire ceremony we bring to the fire what we are ready to release by blowing the intention into a stick. (Read How A Shaman Prays for more). If you have a fireplace or other means of creating a fire, by all means use a stick to offer your intentions to the fire. If not, we will use a candle and a toothpick with the same intention working in the sacred space of ceremony.

With your exhale, blow the intention of releasing the roots of any toxic cords that deplete your system of its life force energy. Blow in the intention to clear the energetic impressions that diminish the brilliance of your Light. Blow in the intention of releasing the energetic impressions that have laid a foundation of lack and limitation. Personalize your intention in any way that feels authentic to you. Your breath is the energetic conduit on which your intention travels. As your intention is held in the stick, the dense energy of your intention transforms in the fire into light.

Once your intention is held in the toothpick, place it in the fire holding it as long as you can before setting it in the flame so it burns completely. Once your toothpick has been placed in the fire leave it until the flame has died out. Anything that may be left from your fire ritual; wax, burnt offerings, wick, may be buried in the Earth.

The other part of the fire ritual will clear the three energetic centers at your belly, heart and forehead and release any cords to the fire. Starting just below your navel, move your hand in a counterclockwise direction with the intention of releasing any dense or blocked energy from this center and direct it into the fire. Continue until this feels complete. Repeat this unwinding at the heart and forehead.

Once these 3 centers have been unwound, place your hands in front of you, palms facing up and ask Spirit for a ceremonial sword with which to cut any toxic cords. Trust you will receive what you need. If you have a ceremonial sword use it here. With deliberate intent, clear the space around your physical body with your sword. As you cut, direct what is being released into the fire. Trust your intuitive wisdom. Spend as much time as you need. Continue until this feels complete. Offer the sword back to Spirit with gratitude.

Once your luminous body has been cleared with the sword, draw the light of the flame into your field to heal, re-inform and psychically cauterize any cords. This often feels like I am bathing myself with fire. Let the fire feed any intentions of what you would like to call into your life at this time.

Bring this ritual to a close by drawing the flame into each of the three energy centers (belly, heart, forehead) and seal them in a clockwise direction.

This will be part of our cord cutting ceremony with further instruction once ceremony opens but it is also a practice you can use at any time for clearing, healing and transformation.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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As the moon wanes into darkness, we prepare for our last Despacho Ceremony of the year by turning to the darkness within as we cut our attachments to what no longer serves.

We connect to others through energetic cords of varying degrees and intensity, our intimate sexual partners having some of the strongest cords. These cords are woven through our belief systems, entangled with guilt, blame, anger, fear and a whole gamut of toxic emotional patterns based on our notions of love, authority, power, survival and self worth. These cords live on long after someone has left our life continuing to deplete our life force energy. They keep us attached to our past, our ancestors, lost lovers and old relationships in ways that drain, rather than sustain us. They keep us entwined in current relationships through an exhaustive waste of our health and vitality.

The intention behind cutting cords is essential. Cutting cords is an act of love rooted in forgiveness. To cut cords from anger, hatred or revenge continues to feed  the toxicity that created the attachment in the first place. Our relationships have the potential to connect through cords of Love and Light, holding the power to nourish, heal and sustain.

It may be obvious where the toxic cords are that need cutting. What may not be clear are the underlying patterns that have created these toxic connections. What outdated belief systems are still running that have laid the foundation for toxic connections? This is our intent for ceremony. To clear these patterns from their root. (Read more at Life Deconstructing).

As we prepare for our New Moon Despacho, reflect on where these toxic connections exist. Notice cords that attach you to old identities, addictive substances, disease and illness. Feel and sense in your own body areas of tension, tightness, stress and fatigue. Notice where energy is leaking through obsessive and habitual thought patterns. Where do these storylines take you? What thoughts, fears and worries arise? This is one way to find where your energy drains are.

You may begin to release these cords before our ceremony opens on December 23rd with a purification practice. Using fine sea salt, give yourself a vigorous scrub during your morning shower holding the intention of clearing the roots of any toxic energetic cords from your system. Spend a few minutes with this before letting the water cleanse these energetic impressions from you. Thank the healing waters for washing your system clean of any toxicity that gets in the way of the fullness of your Light.

To cut these cords with forgiveness, give yourself permission to express whatever hurt, sorrow, rage and wrongs you have suffered with another by writing them a letter. Write as many letters as you need. Burn them once you are done to release the emotional charge of these toxic connections and clear a pathway to forgiveness. Withholding forgiveness keeps us attatched through toxic cords that poison our heart, not the heart of the other. Without forgiveness we continue to create from our wounds and hurts.

I look forward to meeting in ceremony, cutting these toxic cords from our luminous architecture so the brilliance of our Light may serve as a guidepost to our Destiny.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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