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A dear friend held an art reception recently called “Love Letters” showing local artist’s interpretations on the theme of love and honoring the days when the hand-penned letter was a form for expressing love. I have been on a personal quest of the very same theme while I sit with the intention of integrating the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine within. These aspects meet in the heart and ultimately merge on the waves of love. Pieces of this discovery were expressed in my blog post “Love Ramblings”.

Collage of Love Ramblings

Collage of Love Ramblings

The day before the exhibit, while walking in the woods, the idea came to submit something to the show. Funny since I am not an artist. So for that reason I decided to take action. It was an edge, a limited way of thinking about myself. From the ramblings of my blog post I created a collage on a piece of cardstock, one side blank, the other covered in white glitter. Art can show us something in a new way and when the art is something we create ourself, the vision can be profound. What I got to see were two very different expressions of love. One, a Soul tortured in love, words serving as a bandaid to make sense of confusion. The other, a luminescent shimmer, transparent and clear.

As art reflects life, I see my attachments to both dimensions in love yet the truth resides in neither. So I offer this art to ceremony. To transcend my attachment to the tortured soul and my clinging to the luminous.

Collage in Ceremonial Despacho

Collage in Ceremonial Despacho

AHO my friends! AHO!

PS…Next New Moon Despacho opens February 20th. Stay tuned!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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As a young girl I was very bright. School subjects came easy to me. I excelled on standardized tests receiving straight A’s through every quarter of elementary school. Upon graduating from the 6th grade I received a medal for academic excellence. Why do I tell you this? Bear with me a moment.

I entered middle school at 12 years old. Everything changed. I remember deliberately marking test questions with the wrong answers. I did not want to be seen as smart. Coming of age in the ’70’s I somehow had an understanding that a boy would not want a girl who was smarter than he was. So I began dimming my light. Because getting a boy to like me began to rule my world.

Not only did I learn to dim my light, I also learned that my value was to be found in doing not feeling. In fact my feelings were often dismissed, denied, punished and ignored. This is how I came to hold the masculine and feminine within me, the force of the masculine held dominion over the feeling of my feminine. Feelings were something to be controlled since I came to identify them as the messy, ugly, weak and shameful parts of who I was.

This pattern continued into all my intimate relationships with men. I dimmed my own light, diminished my own power and dismissed my own needs in order to receive the love I so desperately longed for from a man. I know I could look to the relationship with my own father in all of this but I don’t see this as being solely related to my upbringing or childhood wounds. It reflects a larger paradigm of a relationship to the feminine, a relationship to power and the imbalance between these two forces that struggle not only in my heart but in the world around me.

Within my mesa (a shamanic medicine bundle) sit Pachamama and Pachapapa, two amulets representing the power of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine. If we strip the essence of these sacred aspects of who we are to their core, the masculine is our doingness, the feminine our beingness. Pachapapa has gone missing, along with most men from my life right now, yet in this falling away of the masculine in the world around me I am engulfed in an uprising of women, held and supported in ways as never before. As my relationships to men and women shapeshift around me, so too is the world within me transforming.

The action of our masculine essence is necessary, but when the mascculine takes action without regard for what the feminine may be feeling, sensing or needing, action becomes an empty clamoring of a distorted sense of power. As this pattern of operating continues, the disparity between action and feeling grows wider. Our energy is diverted to maintain the demands of a dominating masculine infrastructure suppressing the voice of a crippled feminine. Under extreme conditions, any sense of what the feminine may want, feel or need is so deeply buried, the cry has gone silent. Although the feminine may have been buried, she is far from dead. For the power of the feminine is in her endurance. Her time has come. And she is rising.

Gryphon Tarot

Gryphon Tarot

To bring peace to any relationship a dialogue is needed, for it is not dominion over the masculine that the feminine seeks. To create an internal harmony of our sacred duality, interdependence is needed. Our actions need to be informed by the feeling sense and intuitive power of the Divine Feminine. In order to bring balance back to our Earth, balance to our environment, we must bring balance back to the Sacred feminine within. How do we hold our own feelings in value? How deeply do we trust our intuition, the power of our felt sense of knowing? When the fundamental trust of our feminine is restored, we can allow our actions to be informed from our felt sense of rightness, or what shamans call ayni.

There are no easy answers or quick solutions to bring harmony to our world as old infrastructures of power quake in the rising reverence to the care and plight of our Earth Mother but in the words of Ghandi…We must be the change we want to see in the world. 

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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I am drawn to the frontiers of LOVE as an astronaut is drawn to the exploration of space. Discovering the edges of vulnerability, the cracks and heartbreak that carve the truth to the deepest expression of love is the longing of my Soul. Along the way comes discovering what love is not. This is no easy quest my friends. I wish I could tie everything up with a bright red bow to hold all the answers to what is love. Instead I offer my heart, with all its longing, for even in the midst of the darkest heart lies a spark of light, in the most luminous expression of love sits a seed of darkness.


 Our body is a manifestation of Divine Love
in its most exquisite rendering.

Every breath is a wave,
ebbing and flowing on the shores of Love.

The drumbeat of our heart pulses
A rhythm of Love with every throb.

photo by Don Myer

photo by Don Myer

How does something so simple
Become so complicated?

That which is so near
Become elusive?

Where has Love seized in glacial masses,
Frozen currents shaping muscle and tissue?

Where are walls built in protection,
Fortressed from the fear of hurt?

Where have dams been erected,
To hold back the floodgates of pain?

Where are wounds wrapped in twisted tourniquets,
To deaden and numb the ache of feeling?

Mother Earth by Burguerqueen

It is here we are blind to the brilliance of Love,
Shrouded in darkness behind shadows of demons.

What if Love was not doled out in careful measure?

What if Love did not hold some in greater favor?

What if Love were offered without expectation
of receiving something in return?

What if we were to remember,

We are that Love.

We are Love beyond measure.

We are Love without conditions.

We are Sacred dwellers in a Sea of Love.

The walls and dams we have built against it
Are all that stand in the way of this knowing.

Let the frozen waters melt within
So Love may flow freely
In an infinite dance
With the River
Of Life.

AHO my friends!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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