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“I remember being told by a medicine woman in the Amazon,
Do you know why they are really cutting down the rain forest?
Because it is wet and dark and tangled and feminine.”
Alberto Villoldo

The voice of the Sacred Feminine has shaped her way through each one of us by our culture, conditioning, belief systems, religion, ancestors and wounds in an attempt to thwart her power. Our fear of her force has driven us to keep a lid on our feelings while we cut down rain forests.

As a child truth was clear yet my voice was manipulated by a masculine determined to keep dominion over a home ruled by alcohol. The light of truth was unable to stare in the blind eye of booze.

This pattern internalized itself twisting my voice in self-doubt. Is what I see real? What I feel true? My body armored itself against her sovereign flow of feeling. The dark, tangled mess of emotions were deemed worthless, abandoned to deep recesses of heart and soul. Mind, control and all that is rational served as the hallmark to success.

In her diminished expression my feminine could only encounter the diminished masculine. Intimate relationships danced in a painful tango with men who could not show up, refused to be seen, wavered in committment.

In the ’70’s Helen Reddy roared the feminine anthem “I Am Woman”. With equality on the table the expression of the feminine seemed to shape itself into a masculine form still unable to see the breadth of her dark and tangled power. Equal pay for equal work constricted the essence of the feminine in a box way too small for her majesty.

The feminine voice arising now is distinctly differentiated from the masculine. The voice is birthing as if for the first time yet emerging from primordial roots through eons of time and space. Her voice holds fierce truth that cannot keep quiet. She has seen too much. Suffered too long.

Dark. Messy. Tangled. Wet. Wildly and ecstatically feminine.

Her worth is the depth of her feeling. The force of her presence. The radiance of her Love in all its expressions. Her fierce truth can make you squirm. Her blinding light unveils shadows.

The prophecies call now for the ending of an era, a passage into a new pachakuti marked by an evolution of consciousness. Primal powers that have lain dormant are awakening within. Our feminine voice is rising.

In our delusion spirituality consists only of Light. For our ascension to Light, our ascension in Love is met by the depths we traverse in darkness. Our perception heightens in darkness. Through darkness every seed takes pilgrimage. It is the dark and tangled feminine matrix that is restructuring within.

How does the masculine now shape itself to meet this emerging feminine both within us and around us? Old strategies of control and domination are no longer viable, in personal relationship nor in the world. A new world order is upon us.

This is the evolutionary work we have come to do. How we hold the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine through a dance of partnership will blaze the trail of our dawning. A dawning where each is empowered by the other in order to rise to the most divine aspects of our becoming.

The birthing of the feminine in all her glorious forms and expressions is upon us.

She does not seek domination over the masculine.

Nor does she wish to be masculine.

She is ready to take her seat.

Upon her rightful throne.

Of worship.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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“It is a time for birthing new ceremonies and rituals.”

We received this message during one of our Apu sessions in Peru last month. During an Apu session we are in dialogue with the spirits of the mountains and the Santa Tierras, the feminine land spirits as called forth by the shamans we work with.

Personal rituals and ceremonies are most powerful as they are offerings of our heart. They give voice to our Soul for ceremony and ritual are the language through which our Soul speaks. Our Soul is animated through the actions we take when we step into ceremony and ritual.

Birthing new ceremonies does not mean we need to reinvent the wheel each and every time yet this Spirit message reveals ceremonies no longer have to be held to hard and fast rules. I share here are a few simple rituals from my last trip to Peru, starting with a healing herbal remedy from Don Sebastian to inspire the birth of new ceremony and ritual.

Don Sebastian

Don Sebastian

It was very cold at Segrena Cocha, the lagoon where we set up camp under the peak of Apu Colca Cruz. Our trek involved plenty of rain and hailstorms to mark our passage. We never really seemed to dry out. After a long day of trekking and ceremony we huddled in our kitchen tent and Don Sebastian shared with us his medicine and healing.

Healing herbs of the Andes had been gathered and dried. Rubbing alcohol was added to make a loose paste. An egg white was added to the mix for binding. Infused with prayer, one of the most important ingredients added was munay or unconditional love. This healing remedy was vigorously massaged into sore muscles and aching spines as each one of us was willing to bare our skin in the cold to receive a healing from this humble master high in the mountains.

Another simple and profound ceremony anchored us to Earth and Light. After purification and prayers, red mud was applied to our left leg, the feminine. A red thread was tied at the ankle to anchor us to Earth. White mud was applied to our right leg, the masculine with a black thread at the ankle to anchor us to Light. These threads are left in place until they fall off on their own. The connections are strong as mine are still in place a month now after ceremony and don’t feel like they will fall off anytime soon.

Since returning home the herbal recipe has transformed my abundance of medicinal healing herbs from Thailand from their cotton muslin pouches previously used for steaming. As a rub I have used them now for purification ceremonies to clear the entire body. This can be done in a shower or if weather and privacy permits, is most profound done outdoors.

The herbal rub has also been used on specific areas of pain applied in a thick layer and wrapped with cotton gauze as a poultice. The herbal rub was also used in ceremony for anchoring Earth and Light instead of mud.

Above all, the most important ingredient we bring to any ceremony is munay. Whatever ceremony you create bring all the love you can muster.

May this serve to inspire, to heal and to birth new ceremonies.

In munay.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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The journey of our prayers to Peru…

As our journeys to Peru are guided by Spirit
we were to be at Machu Picchu for ceremony
to receive a direct transmission of Light.
On this day the Inka return to Machu Picchu
to consume Light for planting the seeds of vision.

Morning Stillness at Machu Picchu

Morning Stillness at Machu Picchu

As we were among the first to arrive the stillness was palpable that morning.
Can you feel it?

Walking to Ceremonial Site

Walking to Ceremonial Site

Entrance to Ceremony

Entrance to Ceremony

Site for Ceremony

Site for Ceremony

At this Temple we stepped into ceremony
through a spiral dance to gather energy from Pachamama.
We held our formation until Inti TiTi, Father Sun,
gifted us with a direct transmission of Light.
Initiates were woven into our ayllu.

Meditation on Light

Meditation on Light

We spent hours in meditation.
Our ayllu anchoring points of Light throughout the main plaza.

Prayers Buried Here

Prayers Buried Here

At days end crystals were buried as offerings.
Medicine bundle of prayers buried here
protected by rock overlooking plaza.

View From Medcine Bundle Site

View From Medcine Bundle Site

Our prayers overlook Machu Picchu.
Through time
and through space
our prayers are forever held.

AHO my friends!

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Although I am not an astrologer, there is much attention being given now to the planetary transits that are happening overhead. As Venus moves between the Sun and the Earth an interruption in the flow of light between two celestial bodies occurs for a period of time. This was described to me by someone who is an astrologer as having a similar effect of shutting down our computer in order to streamline information and save energy.

We have been undergoing a period of shedding for some time. A shedding of relationships, careers, homes, identities, limited beliefs, or in my case all of the above. As Venus symbolizes all matters of the heart, this transit creates an opportunity to integrate all the changes we have been undergoing so our hearts may emerge fortified in Light.

Morning Light at Machu Picchu

Morning Light at Machu Picchu

This work with Light is also the work of my journeys to Peru. On May 15th the Inka return to Machu Picchu to consume Light to plant the seeds of vision. We spent that day in ceremony and contemplation to anchor a direct experience with Light.

In Light we see. In Light we are gifted vision. It is Light that manifests form.

In order to receive the celestial information that is being transmitted now from the planets, the Moon and the Sun, we must be a receptive vessel. In order to receive we must be still. In order to receive we must BE. The deeper we are able to BE and the less we actually DO, the greater is our capacity to be a receptive vessel.

Our evolutionay work now is to step into our BEINGNESS and value the receptive quality of our nature.

Old paradigms have given much value to what we DO. The end result, by any means necessary, is what has mattered and has been the marker of our success.

Our value is shifting to include the depths of our being. The communication of Light from the heavens asks us to value our BEING for it is through being we recevive Light and with it, the information it carries. There is nothing to DO.

So what gets in the way of receiving Light? The dense vibrations of thoughts that say I am not enough. I cannot. I am not create blocks to Light. As we open into the denser frequencies they begin to disintegrate. Internal space is created to allow more Light in.

As long as we are occupied by things that do not serve us we block our transendence to Light. There is no room.

As we expand our capacity to hold more Light what now do we do with that Light?

We ask that our Light be of service.

We ask that our Light heal.

We ask for our Light to see.

How is what we DO affected by Light? What difference do we see in a result guided by Light?

This is our work now.

This is our evolution.

To be the Light.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Artist Alice Popkorn

Artist Alice Popkorn

The human heart holds the wisdom of the ages. There is no affliction, no suffering, no ailment that the heart does not already know. Our wounded heart believes it must hide in darkness. We fear further rejection, a pain our heart fears it could not bear.

Yet we are also a divine heart, possessed with a wisdom that has already seen and already knows that which is hiding. The divine wisdom of the heart has the capacity to hold everything.

To integrate our personal heart with that of the collective asks us to embrace everything our heart is holding on to. Our task is to generate the capacity for our heart to hold it all.

So even when our heart meets a disappointment we say yes. When our heart meets a betrayal we say yes. When hope is lost and we are blinded by tears our heart resounds in yes.

It is this yes to our personal heart that opens it and stretches it beyond our wounds. We expand in order to merge with the divine heart. The heart of unconditional love.

The heart of unity.

The generous heart.

The compassionate heart.

These qualities land first in our own heart as a pathway beyond the illusion that we are separate.

Separate from our heart.

Separate from our soul.

Separate from the world in which we live.

To suppress or oppose the pain of our heart only serves to intensify what we are feeling. To deny that which is a part of us creates an internal conflict and perpetuates the pain of separation.

Yes nurtures the seeds of our divine heart.

Yes offers a way through.

The work of our heart requires courage. It asks us to take a leap of faith. We must trust in order to stretch our heart open even wider.

Let our hearts open wide to meet the collective call of the Divine. Let our hearts rise into all that is. All that we are.

Hear the yes in your heart.

The time is now.

To say yes.


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