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Shamanic journeying accesses other levels of consciousness and puts you in communication with Spirit. Receiving information from these realms offers a higher and wider perspective from which to see your life journey.

The easiest way to enter these other dimensions is through the breath. And the most rapid dimension altering breath I have found is a circular one. Mouth open. Jaw soft. A continuous loop of breath in and out of the mouth until the veils between the worlds become thin.

Lay on the belly of Mother Earth. Send her your sorrows, your heartaches, your falsehoods and beliefs. Surrender them from your heart. Surrender them from your belly. Let her take the weight of these from you and offer them to her graces. Return to our Mother for healing all that no longer serves you.

With a sincere heart ask for a gift for your healing. Begin with your breath. Breathe in the love of our Mother. Breathe out and empty. As you enter the portal to Spirit notice images, sensations, feelings. Ride the breath on the wings of Spirit until you are met with surprise.

Under the Full Moon of Aries I lay belly to belly on the Earth with a call from my heart to find its way.

A circular breath in and out of my mouth. The life force of Pachamama draws in with each inhale. Every exhale I empty into her belly.

I ride the breath to a Spirit journey. Skipping over stones down, down, down a spiral path. I reach a stream and begin to float in its current. I am taken to a waterfall under which I sit. Washed clean and purified.

I travel through woods until I come across a corpse. It is me lying dead in the woods. My neck torn open in a gaping hole. Vultures meticulously eat away at my exposed flesh.

It is dark. I am running. Running as a wolf through woods I do not know. Confused and lost.

The pain of being lost, not knowing where I am going brings me to tears. Painful to be so alone, on my own, lost in the woods. An ancient cry of a lone wolf.

Exhaustion keeps me from running any further. I begin to drink from a nearby stream my exhaustion soothed by its waters. A reflection of my wolf face appears in the water. I lap this up. A love of self feeds me as I drink in this reflection. An act of tenderness full of self nurturing.

The weight of an ancient wound is heavy on my back. Doing everything on my own, always on my own. An isolating pain of this lone wolf met with more tears. Dropping like rain to the sands of Pachamama.

Wolves begin to appear around me. One at my side devoutly begins to lick my body. Again I cry. Tears of gratitude wash through me as I receive this blessing. Tasting love as never before. Every wound in my heart stroked clean with love.

Through tears of  gratitude for this unforeseen devotion I return these caresses sweeping my tongue over this beloved wolf until our necks intertwine. Our throats meet in a posture of deep vulnerability, exposed and open full in an ecstatic union of trust. I abandon to a depth of feeling never before known.

Ancient wounds of pain and isolation, devoid of self-worth are met with a deep vulnerability and uncharted trust.

My eyes open. Before me lies a small seed cracked open in the shape of a heart. I blow my prayers of gratitude for this journey, gratitude for Pachamama, gratitude for the tender love and healing of the Spirit wolves into this seed, this cracked open heart. I set them free to the flow of the tides.

I return to the beach that evening with my drum.

Under the full moon I call to Great Spirit.

I call to the belly of our Mother.

I call to the sacred and holy breath.

I call to the stillness of the waters.

I call to the Lightening flashing in the night sky.

I call to the Song of the Wolf beating in my heart.

I call to Ancient ones sparkling as Stars overhead.

I call beyond time.

A call beyond space.

I call from my heart.

A heart held in grace.

Be humble for you are made of Earth.
Be noble for you are made of Stars.
Serbian Proverb

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Much in my life is in a process of dying. As I opened my mesa I asked to show me….

What do I need to see about Death?

Death holds the cycles of life. Death calls for the deepest letting go. It asks from us the deepest surrender to the unknown. Death is a paradox for death is the portal to rebirth.

There is a fluidity in death. Nothing about death is static. Death is a fluid movement from one cycle to the next. Each cycle holds a vision.

The intention or vision or lesson of each cycle sits in our heart. It sources from creation. It abides in stillness. It points to a higher authority, both within us and beyond us. All of these qualities are necessary to manifest the vision within each cycle. Within each cycle sits the wisdom carried from previous lineages and ancestors. Wisdom held in the steps that have taken us to this current visionary cycle. This is where death is necessary. This is where surrender is necessary. To move from one cycle to another.

Death is the transit from one cycle to the next.

Letting go of the notion of death as a permanent or fixed condition, and knowing death as fluid and transitory by its very nature can help liberate us from the fear that is often associated with death. A fear due to the perception that death is final. Recognize the eternal fluid nature of death as necessary to transition and evolve.

Learning to rides these waves of death, however they show up, in whatever cycle we may be transiting between will help liberate us from the grip of fear that can choke us of our own life force. Our life force rides with these waves of death as well.

As with every other duality, one cannot exist without the other. Learning to ride the depths and heights within every cycle enhances the experience of our life during each cycle. We each live in the individual cycles of our lives yet we also swim in the greater cycles of the cosmos.

Death asks us to surrender to a higher authority for these cycles are beyond our control.

This is what the kuya speaks.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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One of my favorite parts of creating a despacho is the gathering of elements that takes place first. For our Equinox despacho this gathering was from a tropical park on the Gulf coast of Florida. The gathering of elements can happen in your own garden, your kitchen cabinets or a local craft shop.

The gift of an acorn after visiting with lodge sister Sharon Shreeve days before ceremony held the intention of awakening the seeds of our becoming and was placed in the heart of our despacho. A beautiful feather was found in the park and was placed to link our intentions to Spirit. The starfish at the center symbolizes the manifestation of our intentions through Spirit on Earth, as above, so below.

The center of the despacho was filled with bee pollen to hold our prayers in sweetness. Surrounding the bee pollen were three rings representing the seeds of our intentions with small seeds found abundantly in the park, almonds and wild bird seed.

The outer layers of our despacho included flower petals also found in the park representing the blossoming of these seeds, therefore the blossoming of our becoming.

Four flowers were placed in the four directions to honor the different cycles of our blossoming. The flower sitting in the South is a bud. A flower in full bloom sits in the East with various stages of blooming to the West and North

Qintus and offerings of cocoa, tobacco, incense, sage, sweets, sparkles, sugar, confetti and gold and silver threads were laid atop before folding up our despacho and offering to the fire.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa

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At the heart of our despacho sits the tiny and humble acorn to hold the intention of awakening the seeds of our becoming. This month I had the great fortune to visit Isis Cove, an intentional community and retreat center on 45+ acres of unspoiled land in the magi­cal, beau­ti­ful, blue moun­tains of west­ern North Carolina.

If you would like to add your prayers and intentions to this month’s despacho follow the ceremonial video below from the early morning woods at Isis Cove. Find a time and space free from distraction. Create sacred space. The simple act of lighting a candle can transport us from our day-to-day routine to a moment of the sacred.

I am grateful to Linda Star Wolf and Brad Collins, the founders, co-directors and visionaries of Isis Cove and the warm welcome that embraced me from each and every Soul I encountered on my short stay there.

Click on full screen and enjoy!

AHO my friends! AHO!

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As I opened my mesa before practice this morning an intuitive arrangement of kuyas (stones) aligned in response to my question. What do I need to see about intention? What message did my mesa hold on intention?

Our intentions anchor our energy in a specific alignment. What are our intentions anchored in? Where do our intentions arise from? It is important to create an alignment of our heart when we create an intention.

Intentions that arise from the heart align with beauty within us and bring a sharing of beauty from our heart out into the world. We can ask ourselves do our intentions bring more beauty to the world to know whether they are in right relationship with our heart.

Are our intentions clear? Clarity is needed to create alignment of our intentions with the Divine.

Intentions that arise from the heart with clarity and beauty align us with the Divine, connect to a lineage, to Spirit, to ancestors, to time and space that is beyond this moment. A link from what starts in our heart and creates beauty, visions that hold clarity, connect us to the intelligent matrix, the oneness of existence.

Clear intentions born from our heart bring a sense of balance to our energy. A balance of feminine and masculine, yin and yang, being and doing, giving and receiving, dark and light. All aspects of duality come into balance through intentions of the heart. This is another way intention anchors our energy.

This is what the kuya speaks.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure of Spirit

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Last week I posted an excerpt from one of my daily practices in A Structure for Spirit on my Facebook page


How much of your life has become habit? Where do you feel like you are in a rut? Do you take the same route to work everyday? Do you sit in the same spot to watch TV, eat dinner or work on your laptop? Have you been having the same conversation with someone for years?

Repeating the same patterns over and over not only create ruts in your day, they create ruts in your mind, well-worn grooves that limit your ability to see anything in a new way. Today you will create a new path for yourself. Notice what happens when you change something in a monotonous routine. Change creates an opportunity to see something in a new way. Not only do you create new pathways in your life, you create new pathways in your mind. Neural pathways and connections in your brain are created that were never there before as you break free from habitual patterns and routines. Try turning yourself upside down to get a new perspective! Where can you create a change in your daily routine today and open to the possibilities that change offers?

Running is one of those places in my life where I tend to create well-worn pathways. I find a route that I like and will run that same path over and over again. I like to know where I am going and how long it is going to take for me to get there.

For years I ran through trails in a small nature preserve on Long Island where I used to live. I recently returned to these woods and went for a run. I ran into the woods from a place I had never entered before. A new pathway. I had a chance to take my own medicine.

This new point of entry left me disoriented. It had only been a few months since my last run here but since that time the foliage had changed completely. The recent rains and heavy winds left many trails covered and overgrown. It was as if I had never been there before that is how unfamiliar everything felt. Shit I thought. Will I find my way out? It was already getting late and with the summer nearly over the days light switch was going off much earlier. The last thing I wanted was to be lost in the woods in the dark.

Can you feel the fairies here?

Can you feel the fairies here?

I start running. The rhythmic motion of body and breath over Earth begins to fade away thoughts, as if Pachamama herself beckons them to her belly. I am alone. The silence of the woods is like no other. This silence infuses the space within me. The cadence of breath becomes a meditation. The rhythm of my body a drumbeat on the Earth.

With no spatial reference point time seemed to stretch as if I were passing through a tunnel. Although I am running on trails I have run hundreds of times before I am running not of this time, not of this space. My body is moving over Earth yet I have traveled through time to forests I have known from some other place. Magical forests where fairies live. Forests that feel Scottish or Irish, neither are places I have been to in this life.

Not locked into a specific orientation of space my reference points dismantle. I run over space but through time in a way that transports me to an experience of this land that is of a different dimension. Maybe this is how Alice felt as she fell through the rabbit hole? I am running over space but traveling through time.

So I read this recently in reference to 12-12-12 and the activation of the new grid for the Earth which may speak to this experience…

Our relationship to time and our understanding of time/space locators is being enhanced. I have been told repeatedly lately that the creation of convergence points are living energy fields that are perpetuated with focus–from the unseens and us–in order for us to grow and evolve, amplify and thrive. I see more and more that this explains why things which happen so long ago live on in our experience. I have always known that holographs or fields of energy are amplified and perpetuated by our attention which gives them energy. I just hadn’t applied this to both horizontal and vertical links, connections, counterpoints if you will between all of these experience. Meredith Murphy

A shift in perception that stretches through the fabric of time. All from taking a different path in the woods….and a little help from the cosmos.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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