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This past summer I had the honor to offer a despacho ceremony with an inspiring community of elevated souls in the beauty of Savannah. Before the event I had a chance to chat with Stacy Hill of New Light Video Magazine. Check out our conversation!

New Light offers a monthly video magazine online. You can view the entire video magazine here. 

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“Gratitude is a spiritual practice that is bound to a belief in human interconnectedness and a power greater than us.”
Brene Brown

Brene Brown first gained notoriety with her TED talk on vulnerability that garnered over 10 million hits. Oprah got hold of her and created an online class based on her book The Gifts of Imperfection. This is where my six degrees of separation begins with Oprah.

I take the class.

At week 5 our intention was to practice gratitude as a way to access joy; to stop and take notice of those small things that make our life better, the things that are easy to overlook until they are gone. Our assignment was to take pictures of the ordinary moments or everyday rituals that bring us joy.

Taking pause to stop and capture the little things that often go unnoticed has re-energized my relationship to gratitude. Any practice can lose its luster from time to time. Taking these snapshots helped open my eyes to a deeper appreciation of those moments I often walk right on by.

Here are a few snapshots of my ordinary moments of gratitude.

IMG_1616$5.00 Second Hand Heater Bought for $50.00

Where is the gratitude in that one?

Last year I worked with a man suffering from debilitating hip pain due to degenerative joint disease. Over the course of treatment his pain diminished allowing him to travel from New Mexico back to his native home of Minnesota.

It was not just a return to say hello to his family or celebrate a holiday but a return to an eternal home. He was preparing for his mortality and wanted to put things in order.

Before he left he had a yard sale to raise money for his travels. I stopped by wanting to support his journey. He lived in a small trailer and the few possessions he was selling I could find no use for other than this little heater. He asked for $5.00. I added a zero. He was incredulous with emotion.

I am grateful for the warmth this little heater offers on a cold morning but also for the reminder of the big impact something so small can have on someone’s life.

IMG_1603My Copper Pyramid

I am deeply grateful for the sanctuary of my daily practice. This pyramid is my space for morning practice, meditation and restoration of any kind. My yoga practice has delved deeper into body and soul by practicing under the pyramid. My practice of gratitude begins each morning as I bow my head to surrender to the humble servant of my heart.

IMG_1613A Real Man

A year ago I met a stranger. A man who has been steadfast through times of doubt. A man fearless enough to hold my heart when it felt broken. A man able to see a divine and sexy Goddess when I felt little worth as a woman. A man sent straight from the heavens to help mend a heart back to wholeness.

This card he sent sits on my nightstand in gratitude for the mysterious journey of how strangers become beloveds.

IMG_1655My Daughters

My snapshots are far from complete but any expression of gratitude would feel empty without my daughters. I trust as I look back on my life becoming a mother will be the most important thing that ever happened to me. My oldest daughter was adopted from Korea twenty years ago. My heart opened to love in ways I never knew were possible.

Three months after her arrival I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Danielle who can make me laugh harder than anyone I know. They are the greatest gifts life could ever bestow upon me. I light a candle every morning with a prayer in my heart for each of them.

Many moments missing.
Many moments yet to come.
May I remember
to hold all in gratitude.

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IMG_0223 - Version 2

“You are the sky.
Everything else –
it’s just the weather.”
Pema Chodron


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We are opening up
in sweet surrender
to the Luminous Love Light of the ONE.


Laying in a bed of healing dirt from Chimayo,
our intentions are held by our Divine Mother, Pachamama,
who manifests in form as our Earth Mother.
Our form returns to her.
We are ONE with our Mother.
Help us Creator to understand the Laws of Nature
so we may come to know our true Nature.

Lizard holds what is ready to die so we break free from what binds us.
A sunflower at the end of its life cycle found while running in Santa Fe
reminds us of the cycles of birth, death and rebirth.

Help us Creator to surrender to these cycles within us,
to trust and honor Death
so we may be reborn.

A shell holds seeds of a sunflower,
the symbolic seeds of our own awakening.


Prayers are blown inot kintus placed
in the four directions for balance.

White rose petals hold the purity of our prayers
and honors the wisdom of the Apus and the Light above.

Red rose petals honor Pachamama
and weaves our bellies more deeply
to the belly of Pachamama.
May our heartbeat be one with our Mother.

Yellow rose petals opens the channels of communication with Spirit
so we may deepen the trust in our intuition
and see through the eyes of our heart.

Sweet offerings feed our prayers.


So excited was I to see cotton growing alongside the road
in Garfield, NM last week that
I stopped to take a picture
(this city girl is new to rural living!)
Thank you Pachamama
for the abundance of your gifts in ceremony.

As above, so below
as cotton grows from the ground
and appears in the sky above
in the Land of Enchantment.


This cotton covers our prayers and intentions
and represents the Upper World where dreams and visions are born.
A sunflower sits in the center as our
also sitting as seeds below in the heart of our despacho.


Flower blesssings of red, white and yellow rose petals along with
sparkles, sprinkles, gold and silver sugars feed our dreams in the Upper World.


Our despacho is folded and tied up like a gift.
It is never too late to add a prayer or intention for
a forgotten prayer holder is tied outside to
hold our prayers through time and space.

It sits on my altar with my mesa
as it waits for the fire.

PicMonkey Collage

We are stardust,
We are golden,
We are billion year old carbon
And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.
Joni Mitchell


Sat Nam

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This little lizard was lying dead in the desert. I found him while running last weekend and carried him home. He has been sitting on my apuchetta waiting for a despacho.

The focus of my practice has been in allowing, accepting, surrendering into the void of what is not known, for this is where creation happens, including the creation of our own life. Death is a part of Creation. A letting go rather than a holding on. What is ready to die so that a new vision, a new consciousness may be born?

As I prepare for a despacho on the New Moon Solar Eclipse this Sunday, this little lizard will sit in its heart to hold this intention.


It is quite timely that lizard appears now. This is the way of Spirit.

“It is time to take an internal audit. Are you being ruled by your ego or are you coming from your heart? Be aware because the ego is the master of deception and you will often have to peel back many layers to get at the truth and discover what your heart is really telling you. Take the time to really focus on your personal dreams.

Lizard can also teach you to become more detached in life. Sometimes it is necessary to separate yourself from others to accomplish what is necessary. Lizard helps you awaken the ability for objective detachment. It can show you how to break from the past.”


Our dreams can show us what lies in shadows and hides from us in the light of day. Use your dreams to show you what is ready to die so you may break free.

Last night I dreamed of walking through a neighborhood lined with rows of trees and repeating townhouses. The landscape appeared very linear, arranged in patterns of repetitious grids. A man was following me. I climbed up a stairwell and began screaming for help. No one heard me as the man turned up the stairs. I was scared to death.

As I come to ceremony I offer this fear, a sense of feeling unprotected. A piece of my psyche grips to a belief that the world is not safe. Part of my energy is drained by seeking to find this sense of security somewhere outside of myself. Whether it is a committed relationship or an amount of money in the bank, none of this will satisfy this search to feel safe. In order to feel safe the search must die. Once this pattern is put to rest the energy that was consumed with seeking can begin to settle within to restore my being to a state of wholeness, a healed state, a holy state, for the sense of safety I seek is within me.

This is my offering in ceremony. This is my prayer to Creator. As I pray for myself, I pray for all beings to be uplifted.

Add a prayer if you like or release what s ready to die by blowing that in to the image above and let that be carried by the medicine of lizard.


Great Spirit,
You of a thousand names,
And you who are the nameless one,
We call to you as your sons and daughters
To walk with us in ceremony.
We call to you with gratitude
To thank you for your benevolent presence in our life.

We thank you, thank you, thank you
Mama Killa, Grandmother Moon,
For this time of darkness.
Help us to look within
At our shadows, our fears.
Show us in this time of darkness
What is ready to die.
We call to our omnipotent teacher, Death,
To help us cross the great river of transformation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Inti TiTi, Father Sun,
For guiding our way through the darkness.
For informing us from above.
May we dream from our healed state,
Our whole state,
Our holy state,
A new vision,
A new consciousness,
A new world into being.

May our hearts be elevated in peace,
May the divine dance of our sacred feminine and masculine play freely
So harmony dwells within us
And around us.

We thank you, thank you, thank you
For hearing our prayers
For uplifting our hearts.
For aligning our human mind with Divine mind
So our will
And thy will
Is one.


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