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A year ago I held the hand of the father of my daughters as he took his last breath. Grief IMG_5544seeped into every facet of my life placing projects, dreams, hopes and aspirations into little black boxes that felt shut tight forever.

But Death is only one part of the human cycle of evolution.

There is also Life.

And there is Rebirth.

I return to a project I abandoned. Words written years ago feel like a huge does of medicine for me now.

What is the purpose of a spiritual journey, be it steeped in religion or not? Our purpose is to make a difference, to know that our life matters. We do this india%20karen%20068through our heart for it is our heart that touches another.

It is our heart that fills us with a feeling of light. The spiritual journey asks us to let the light of our heart be our guide. It asks us to trust that the light knows where it needs to go. The journey asks us to bring more and more to light within our self.

To be in light is to be enlightened. The way of light is the way of all seekers. We are seeking light yet it is not found by seeking.

We must search until the search becomes exhausted, until darkness descends. Darkness is where light can be found. We are always looking for light but look to darkness. Surrender into all that you are afraid to feel. For it is in your darkest moment light will appear.

Enlightenment is like that.

excerpt from the forthcoming “A Feminine Path to Enlightenment”¬†

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