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Many paths lead to the mountain.

Your vision arises from your journey, unique to each of us. Many have not yet made it to the mountain. Many wander in the valley. Yet for those that have begun the climb know that your vision is needed.

The climb requires a heart of courage. It is a fearless trek. As we near the summit, our highest vision, the path becomes very narrow. One must stay dedicated to reach the top. The terrain may be rugged yet the path remains clear. Divine guidance is always reaching towards us to illuminate the way.

Offer gratitude for how far you have come. Live with intention. Let your vision be the guiding force in your life. It does not matter whether you see your vision to completion in this very short span of time that you have here. If you do, vision bigger.

Your vision is your legacy. It is your imprint. This is what you leave behind long after you are gone. Your vision lives on through time and space through your intent. Even when you no longer exist in human form, your intent lives beyond the finite existence of your body. There is no need to know how to create a new world order or when it will happen but rather know that it is time.

This is what is so desperately needed now on our planet.

excerpt from the forthcoming “A Feminine Path to Enlightenment”

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This is a glimpse along the road to the Monastery in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Thirteen miles off the highway is Christ in the Desert where an order of Benedictine Monks have lived and worked for over fifty years.

It is in the midst of this wild landscape that I, along with my dog Jethro, were lost last November, only to be found by Search and Rescue 36 hours later. Without food, water or adequate clothing, we were ill prepared for our fate yet never did a moment of fear or worry descend. A deep sense of protection from the Spirits of the Holy Mountains kept us safe, as day turned to night and back again.

I continue to return here, called by wide open trails as ravens caw in circles over my head. Wild birds sing melodies I have never heard before. I barely see a soul on this early morning run. My dog Jethro sits at home, spared from the dry desert heat.


I am alone in this untamed wilderness. How have I been graced to be deep in communion with a place of such profound beauty on Earth? A reverence for this land that kept us free from harm seeps into my bones.

I know my time here, like everything else, will come to an end. Everything and everyone that is a part of my life will eventually be lost to me. Just as the morning has already passed as I sit here writing, all that I know will perish from my life with time.

Each breath reminds me I am alone. As I imagine my life without anyone I know to cling to, I am left with nothing other than an inward eye to rely on.

In this solo reverie with the undomesticated force of Nature, I am alone, yet also a part of, this untamed wildness.

I am the holy mountain.

I am the sacred land.

I am the bird song.

It is here, in my aloneness,

in a place once lost,

I come home to be found.


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IMG_0698.jpgLove your fear.

Thank your fear.

Be patient with your fear.

Hold your fear as a beloved for it is sacred. No less sacred than your love. Do not diminish or condemn your fear like it is some lower aspect of your self. Do not treat your fear as if it were unworthy for it is not. It is worthy. It is of you and as such your fear deserves your love and attention.

It is the abandonment of all aspects that you deem unworthy that cause suffering and blocks the joy, happiness and abundance you seek for this is what wants to flow to you.

This is the truth of the Universe.

excerpt from the forthcoming A Feminine Path to Enlightenment

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