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As women, we have learned to condemn our bodies. The suppression of the Feminine must thwart her sexual nature. Although sexual energy cannot be obliterated it can be shackled. The chain that binds it is shame.

Shame cannot castrate the existence of the feminine but it can bind her to darkened caverns enslaved as bitch, castrator, nag; the frigid rage of the feminine repressed.

Historically we have seen expressions of feminine sexuality disgraced. The female body has been objectified. Why has so much of our collective consciousness been used to hold the female body in contempt, including those of us who are living in one?

It is because of the power it holds. The female body is the most sovereign manifestation of Divine Creation on our planet for she carries the womb, the vessel from which life springs forth. Even man emerges from the body of a woman yet her body has been damned so that even a woman herself loathes being in it.

When our sexuality is subjugated, our deepest power to create is made impotent. Because of the power of the Feminine, especially as expressed in the female form, it has been suppressed, oppressed and objectified in order to gain control over her mystery. A woman may not have been raped but every woman, somewhere in her cellular memory, knows what it means to be sexually violated, to give herself to a man to avoid conflict or to please him at the expense of her own needs and desires.

Do women have any idea of their sacredness? Do women have any idea what they have been gifted through their body? They are the carriers of life. Have women forgotten the sacred mystery of the Divine Feminine?

How do we internalize honor and respect for our body if the messages we receive are so contrary to that truth? In the natural course of human development our sense of who we are is created through a mirror that is always reflecting back to us some message. In the case of our feminine bodies that message is distorted.

The creative energy of the feminine is so powerful it has taken centuries of massive collective energy to suppress her wisdom but she is re-birthing and with that her story is changing. For the past two thousand years the story of Adam and Eve has informed our collective consciousness as perhaps no other story in history ever has. We as women seem to carry the original sin of Eve, cast out of the garden as a seductive temptress. At the heart of this Judeo-Christian creation story sits the misaligned myth of the feminine.

It is time to write a new story. Our power to create is inextricably linked to the orgasmic power of our most divine life force; our sexuality.

Read “Wet, Dark & Tangled: The Unthwarted Feminine” published on Elephant Journal in 2012

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We have walked on our Earth as if we have dominion over Nature. Humility is needed. To be humble with Nature is to be humble with all things.

We may think we are bigger than this mountain. We can conquer this mountain. We can climb this mountain. But this is not the way to come into right relationship with the mountain. Arrogance and superiority are not the right approach.

We must humble ourselves before the mountain for the mountain can crush. It can kill. It has the power to destroy. One wrong step, one wrong move and a mountain can end your life. To be arrogant and superior is not the way to approach the mountain. One must be humble.

Humility is at the core of every power. True power does not need to announce itself to be known. True power does not preach a long sermon to prove its worth. The mountain does not stand there to diminish or destroy you. Who among us can say we have lived as long as a mountain? To the face of a mountain we are but a blink, even less than a blink, so small is our time here.

The power of the mountains are here to guide the way to our individual peak of consciousness so each of us may create our life from the highest source of wisdom.

For this journey, the wisdom of the Apus is needed. A strong faith is needed on this journey. A strong connection to the source of power feeds and sustains us.

Every step on the mountain demands your full attention. Every breath stretches into new frontiers of the wild wilderness of your soul. Your old ways must crumble to make way for the life force that enters your body as you climb the wild hills and valleys of your own inner terrain.

You will feel like you cannot go on, that the mountain will take you. We climb the mountain with prayer. Every step is holy. Each breath is a prayer. Each breath is a thank you. Every breath weaves you deeply into the power of the Apus. Each breath is a remembering of our own power, the true nature of power that is the spirit of the Apus

Thank you is the way with any great mystery, with every great power. We come humbly. We thank you for every step, for every breath, for every grace you bestow upon us. It is only through the grace of this power that our fragile existence is sustained. We thank you for guiding us safely on this climb.

Our spiritual journey is no different. We all climb a mountain in this lifetime. There are peaks and valleys in every life.

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Let us imagine a world.

The shamans of the high Andes dedicate the first 12 days of August to honor Pachamama and dream the year ahead into being with the Despacho Ceremony.

With your intent or with your breath, send your vision to the rose petals in the singing bowl.


August 2nd is also the New Moon. The dark lunar landscape is fertile ground for setting intentions. Our collective prayer will be released by sounding the bowl on the Full Moon of August 18th.

I imagine a world where love is the prevailing force on our planet.

I imagine a world where every child knows they are worthy and loved.

I imagine a world with clear waters and clean air.

I imagine a world where the abundance of our planet feeds every belly and soul.

Our visions dream a new world into being for as we vision a new world we become the vision.

And the world changes.

The times we are living in are calling for our visions to be bigger than ever before. I bow in gratitude for adding your voice to a collective vision. May generations to come look back and say thank you for what we are creating today.






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