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On Thanksgiving morning I hiked through Plaza Blanca with a despacho, two dogs and a drum. I once followed a trail of trickling water through precipitous passages in this mystical landscape. With no map for guidance, the trust and support of another was all there was to rely on to traverse the unknown, rugged terrain.
Our uncharted trek led to an impasse from which water fell between white and black mountains, a sacred union of all that is dark and all that is light. I vowed to return for ceremony to this sacred womb of Mother Earth.

As I carried my despacho full of prayers, with two of my favorite hiking companions at my side, my mind could not escape the corruption of the holiday.

We stand at the precipice of a critical planetary evolution and the First Americans are under siege at Standing Rock for protecting our water. Decisions made now will have a devastating impact on our climate, our Earth and her resources leaving a shameful legacy of destruction for future generations to come.

The First Americans are teaching us how to be in right relationship with our Mother, the Earth. The First Americans are showing us how to walk in prayer. The First Americans are personifying the way of peace. The First Americans are living and breathing what it means to Love.

The way of Love is extremely courageous. Love must stand and face life not as we want it to be but as it is. Love requires us to hold a position with honor and respect. Love does not allow us to select who to love and who not to love. Love encompasses all. img_1778

As I hike through Plaza Blanca, a sacred land owned by Muslims, I carry prayers in a despacho from a Peruvian tradition in the Andes. I beat a drum and sing chants to our Earth Mother.

I have walked many paths and traditions in my life, a freedom granted by the very foundation of what it is to be American yet we are turning those freedoms against the First Americans with rubber bullets, water cannons, tear gas and pepper spray.

And still they stand.

Our country is clinging to an old paradigm of patriarchal power that believes it has dominion over our Earth and others.

We have been gifted a planet of great beauty with everything we need to not only survive but thrive. Who are the caretakers and stewards of the land upon which we live?

It is us.

It is you.

It is me.

We can be overwhelmed thinking we cannot change the world so we give up hope.

But we can change ourself and this is where we have influence.

The First Americans are showing us the way.

And the way is Love.



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Throughout our latest presidential campaign I was particularly quiet with any political postings. Once Bernie left I found little inspiration in a campaign reduced to mean-spirited bullying driving our country to deeper divide.

Election Day felt dismal right up to the moment I voted yet once I circled the little bubble on my ballot for Hilary my angst turned to pride. My humble vote was being propelled in history by electing the first woman for president.

And then the results hit. We are now lambasted with news that dissects every what if as we grapple with the question, how did this happen?

As power is shifting into the hands of a conservative, anti-almost anything I stand for government, my concern is for my daughters who face losing a freedom of choice that I have been granted along with a legacy of planet destruction that may not be safe for any grandchildren to inhabit. It is easy to succumb to despair and lose any sense of hope yet we are all granted the power to make a difference. As shock recedes and reality glares, I find myself catalyzed.

The recovery of the Feminine is my personal path of healing and the message I carry as dharma yet I have been hiding behind excuses for the past year and a half using fear and doubt to justify my inactions. Rather than create fear, the election of Trump has helped me remember why I am here. There is no more time for hiding. There is no more room for excuses.

This past weekend a simple offering to restore right relationship, or ayni, was made to Pachamama to honor the Masculine and Feminine. Feathers and flowers, a tarantula and snakeskin held intentions and prayers.

May we honor and respect each other and our differences.
May we shed the borders that divide us based on color, gender, race and creed.
May patience and fortitude guide us through these turbulent times.
May our new leaders see through the eyes of compassion and kindness to be of service to humanity for the greatest good of all.

Join me as a catalyst for Love. It is time to embody the deep Feminine within us in order to bring balance to the world around us. To meet that need I have begun to create an offering compiled from thirty years in the healing arts, both personally and professionally. Through video, audio and written word we will gather online to strengthen the Feminine with Kundalini kriyas, clearing and detoxification rituals, automatic writing and ceremony to connect us more deeply to the wisdom of our body and the body of our Mother Earth, Pachamama.

The collective intention is to anchor love more deeply and empower our Feminine Wisdom. Our personal healing is what ripples into the world we inhabit with our families and communities. That is where our true power resides. My intention is to make this offering available by the first lunar cycle of 2017 starting on the New Moon.

naked-rockBe an Anchor In Love.

It is time.

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