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We have let the necessities of life and the very basic need for survival shape the nature of power. There is a have and have not consciousness that has segregated humanity in nearly every culture in our world. Those that have the resources are the ones that have power. Those without, do not.

The two have become equal; money and power.

There is truth in this in so far as those that have the resources can wield their power through fear. If there is fear you will lose your job, fear you will lose your income, fear you will not be able to provide for your family, then someone else has power over you. You have given your power to an authority outside of yourself. This is true to the extent that you are human but to the extent that you are divine, creative and omnipotent, then this is not truth.

0qcLhFdJT9O4yq+8u2HOfw_thumb_5739.jpgPower has become distorted, corrupted and misunderstood. We are so misaligned in our relationship to power that we cannot see our misconceptions. We have been made blind through conditioning. There is nothing in this unequal equation that those holding power in a corrupted way would like to change.

Of course there is resistance to a threat in power. There is a lack of collective will to make fundamental change. When did we become sheep? How have we, the most powerful species on our good Earth, been corralled and led so far astray from the true nature of our own power?

Global poverty, human torture, tyrannical governments and war ravage our planet. Many people lack the most basic freedoms. The crisis of our human condition can overwhelm us. I am one little person. What difference can I make? What can I possibly do to restore power on our planet?

The way to cope has been to collapse under the oppressive weight of responsibility. Apathy sets in. Why should I bother? Hopelessness takes hold. There is nothing I can do that will change anything. It is another way our powerlessness is perpetuated. It is an epidemic. We have spiraled into this lost cavern of despair so nothing changes in the imbalance of power. Apathy is the root cause of global suffering due to powerlessness.

We hold the truth that nothing I do will really matter or make a difference. We cannot see how anything will help bring equality to the masses or end world hunger or stop the destruction of our planet. If this is what you believe then this way of thinking becomes self-fulfilling but recognize that this belief system is corrupted.

This ideology has been laid down by false prophets that have held power by driving their own agendas to the fore at the expense of others. The system must then be manipulated to guard and protect the power that has been measured by the amount of material goods. They too are in denial of what is the truth of power. The belief that accumulating wealth is the path to freedom and salvation is the lie that lay upon their soul.

from the forthcoming A Feminine Path to Enlightenment

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