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I stand in awe of the voice that is rising from the Women’s March the world over, a voice that can no longer be silenced.  A collective voice is organizing and mobilizing to shift an old and outdated paradigm that is no longer serving the evolution of our times. This excerpt from the forthcoming, A Feminine Path to Enlightenment, speaks to finding the inner authority within each of us to guide our collective destiny to love.



There is an inner authority. It is not the voice of your mother. It is not the voice of your father. It is not the voice of your teacher or anyone who you believed at one time in your life held more power than you.

These authority figures have been given power over our soul. They have dominated the truth of who we are until we are too blind to see. We have been made deaf, dumb and blind by the authorities in our families, our cultures, our churches, our governments, for it keeps us from finding an inner authority.

There is fear that if each individual listened to the voice of their inner authority there would be chaos and a loss of control. It is this fear that has kept us dominated and suppressed by authority voices that at one time may have been outside of us but now live within our mind; directing and controlling our heart and soul. Yet our soul longs to be free from domination.

In 2005 I traveled with my daughters to Thailand. Elephants are a big part of the tourist industry. You can ride them, feed them and in certain places, watch them paint. It is not the true nature of an elephant to paint a picture or be a performer. A trainer, an outer authority, imposes this idea on the elephant for their own gain, not to benefit the elephant.

To train an elephant it must first be held captive. The baby elephant will run. Of course it will, that is its nature. So it must be chained for the elephant is strong. For a time the elephant will try and run but as it pulls on the heavy chain it cannot go anywhere.

Eventually the elephant resigns. It gives up the struggle. At that point it no longer needs a heavy chain to hold it back. All it takes is a small rope; a small rope around the foot of the elephant keeps it in place. It has been broken. Something inside the elephant has died. It has forgotten how powerful it is because others have imposed their ideas on the elephant about what it should do and who it should be.

And we are like that.


Held back.

In order to be held back and broken a part of us has to die. We die every time we listen to the outside voices of authority and accept them as our own. Our truth dies. Our gifts die. Our talents die. Our Soul voice dies.

When your voice is not heard, when your soul is not shared, we all suffer. It is not enough to heal our unresolved pain to prevent the harmful imprint on our planet and our loved ones. We must then find our voice, step into our gifts and share what we are meant to share in the world.

It is beauty.

It is love.

This is our destiny.


If you would like support to embody the vibration of love and deepen the connection to our Earth Mother A Vow To Love is an online video series that launches on the New Moon, January 27th for $25.00. Register now and get the early bird rate of $20.17. Find out more here.

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In February of 2015, grief irrevocably changed my life as only death can. Grief is necessary after a profound loss but I retreated into a spiral of stories I had attached to this passage; old and ancient tales that let me play it small, full of themes that assured me…

  • You are not enough.
  • Who do you think you are anyway?
  • You will never be happy.
  • You are nothing but an imposter.
  • All roads lead to disappointment.

Pretty limiting story lines to keep me safe, keep me small, while lowering my risk to pain since the bar was set pathetically low.

Then Trump was elected.

And I woke from a slumber.

There is no more hiding, no more playing it small. Each of us are being asked to step into our power, not in dominion over another, but as a full embodiment of our soul’s purpose, our Dharma.

“We are children of Spirit, born from a source of love that is our birthright. We have lost our identity with the aspect of our being that is Infinite.

We have a strong identification with our finite being as if we birth from lack and limitation. We build our life on belief systems that say I am not enough as if our wisdom arises from a finite source that only comes through life experiences that limit what we know.

We are also a source of infinite wisdom, beyond our fear and doubt. Once we wholeheartedly know that, yes, we are a daughter/son of Spirit, a child born of Oneness, then the vastness of that intelligence is our intelligence too for it is that from which we are born. This too is part of our DNA.

The wisdom of the stars resides in us. The wisdom of the Earth lives in us for we are born of that and to that we return.

What to do with this short time we are here?

What to do with the fleeting life we are given?

How do we spend our time for our very brief stay here on Earth?”

We launch our journey, A Vow To Love, on the first New Moon of 2017. Our world is currently dominated by an old paradigm of patriarchal doctrine that lacks vision for protecting our planet and reveres policies of exclusion.

This journey is not a political one but a personal one; one created with the intention of awakening a seed in each of us so we may be a catalyst for love in whatever way we are called to serve. As we anchor a vibration of love within us, we bring that love into the world around us.

full-moon_2_2-2“We each have a mythical mountain to climb in this lifetime. It is our spiritual journey. There are many struggles to overcome and challenges to rise above. In this way it is a climb.

The climb is not a race to the top nor is it a competition to see who can get there first. We do not climb to say we have conquered the mountain.

So why do we climb? Why begin the ascent at all?

Our spiritual journey allows us to see from the widest possible perspective. From the summit of a mountain we can see in all directions. We can see what is above and what is below. Our vantage point is elevated so our vision broadens. We climb in order to see, wide and clear.”

A Vow To Love opens us to new ways of seeing and sensing our bodies and its connection to the body of Earth. Practices are organized by the four elements and are offered via email through video and written word.

At the heart of this course is a series of 7 videos, each about 30 minutes in length, that guide you through meditations to align with love and deepen the connection to our Earth Mother using movement, sound, breath and music. They are like taking a private class from the comfort of home.

If you feel called to take the journey register early for the special rate of only $20.17. On January 27th the cost will be $25.00.

I hope you join me.

Sat Nam
Truth Is My Identity

Please Note: words in italics are excerpted from the forthcoming “A Feminine Path to Enlightenment”



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