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Jethro ran away during one of the darkest periods of my life. After three nights in the desert wilderness his return was a miracle that sparked the idea to write a story for children. The idea seemed absurd at the time. What did I know about writing a children’s story? Yet that spark was the light that guided me through.

I am now thrilled to announce the arrival of
Jethro The Runaway Puppy.


A triumphant tale of finding home
filled with a colorful cast of desert animals
set in the wild Southwest.

Any writer who sets out to self-publish a book is not driven by profit. Relentless conviction is needed to move a dream into reality. The task to bring an idea to print is daunting. The litany of publishing details is too tedious to mention. The odds that your book will offer any return on the inexhaustible resources you invest are slim. A devotion to offer something of meaning to the world is the fuel that drives the commitment.

Now that the story has been edited, illustrated, designed and laid out, I patiently wait for the book to arrive as if ready to give birth.

Simply put, self-publishing is a labor of love.

If you would like to support the spirit of independent publishing and the force of love that drives it, you can pre-order the book below. The official launch date is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day on April 30th. Until then you can save $5.00 off the regular retail price by ordering early.

If you are an educator or librarian I would love to see Jethro’s story available in schools. If you know how to make that happen let me know.

Maybe you have a business that would be interested in selling the book. I would love to hear from you. The cover would stand out in any retail shop.

Keep your fires burning my friends. You never know where one spark may lead!

Pre-Order Here

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