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photo by Bill Brouard

photo by Bill Brouard

Within each Soul lies a seed that holds the potential for its becoming. Just as the acorn holds within all it needs to grow into the mighty oak we too are born with everything we need to awaken fully into our potential.

Having cut the lower vibrational cords that no longer serve us in our last ceremony, we journey to retrieve the seed of our Soul to plant them in our next New Moon Despacho.

This is a journey to the womb of Mother Earth where the seed of all life springs forth. The journey of every seed is an instinctual call to Light that emerges from darkness.

For this journey you will need:

  • 20 – 30 minutes of uninterrupted time
  • Dark or dimly lit space to lie on your back as close to the Earth as you can
  • Pillows if needed  for under your head or beneath your knees for support
  • A blindfold or bandana to cover your eyes to take your journey deeper into darkness (optional)
  • A blanket to keep warm (optional)
  • Object from Nature to hold the essence of your journey

Once you retrieve this seed from the womb of Mother Earth you will be guided on your journey to plant this in the darkness of your belly. This seed will begin to inform you, awakening the call of your Soul. Dreamtime is a potent portal for Soul wisdom to come through. You may want a journal to record what comes to you in your dreams.

Once your journey is complete you will transfer the essence of what you receive to an object in Nature such as a flower, leaf, petal, twig or stone. Notice what images, thoughts, felt senses, knowings, colors or impressions have come through this journey. With your intention, and your exhale, you energetically transfer this information from your journey to an object in Nature by blowing this in with your breath. You then return this to the elements by burning in a fire, burying in the Earth or offering to a natural body of water. This aligns the calling of your Soul with the Universe and feeds your conversation with Spirit.

I offer this journey so the seeds of your Soul may be brought to our New Moon Despacho on January 23rd (more will be posted closer to ceremony). This ceremonial planting will birth the awakening of our Soul supported by the collective intent of all who share this journey.

Your Seed of the Soul Journey starts here. 

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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After a beautiful and inspiring ceremonial space during our New Moon Despacho, I took a Shamanic Journey to ask for any messages from Spirit on our Awakening and Soul Evolution now. This is that conversation…

Appreciate Nature. Really take in the beauty and wonder of the Natural world. Don’t just look at a sunset and think “Oh look at the colors. They are so beautiful!”. Be in silence and drink this in to your Soul. Feel the beauty of this sunset in you. Become aware of the beauty of all forms in Nature, not as an intellectual pursuit but as a deep sense of appreciation that lands in the core of your Being.

Spend more time with trees, yes trees. Perhaps there is a tree on your property or a tree near where you live. Maybe you pass a certain tree every day. Begin to develop a relationship with this tree. How would you do that? Become a friend  to this tree.

Stop rushing to Enlightenment. There is nothing out there to rush to. Drop the striving, the clinging to some kind of truth just beyond the horizon. That is not where it is.

It is very simple.

In the majesty of a Tree. Really being with a tree. It is that simple.

That can’t possibly be it. Just being with a tree? Just looking at a tree? There has to be more!

But then we miss it. With all the clamoring of wanting more. We miss the experience of what is around us all the time, at every moment. We miss the majesty of the tree. We miss the beauty of the form. We miss the heart of another. We can’t possibly believe this is it. That it is here.

So we keep on missing.


Meditation will elevate Mind.

Meditation will elevate Consciousness.

Meditation will transcend into the Lightness of our Being.

The Light Being that we are.

I am meditating on the side of a mountain, siting on rock, sitting on stone. In another moment I am suspended in midair in the midst of these mountaintops. I can sit in this air because all I am is Light. This Light at the center of my being. This Light that is so light it does not need stone to sit on. This Light that I am needs no ground underneath.

This is what meditation can do for us. Transcend us to the Lightness of our Being.

We must know this Lightness of our Being.

We must know who we are as Spiritual Beings.

We must know the Divinity of our Soul.

This is what Spirit tells us.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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A place of uncertainty in my heart steers my shamanic journey this morning as I ask for what I need to see in this space of letting go.

Bats swoop over and around me. I am met by the steadfast stare of owl. I follow soft moss under my feet. It carries me over a log. I can go no further as the large upended roots of a tree stand before me. The log begins spinning. No longer can I keep my balance. I slip and free fall into a vast body of water. Most of this journey remains here, at the ocean floor following trails of clam shells and sea creatures. Everything flows and sways. Ahead I see a castle. As I come closer I see it is made of starfish. Orange and colorful. They seem to wave. I am met by a God of the Waters, King Neptune. He tells me to see. I am trying very hard to get a vision. I cannot see anything. He tells me I am looking in the wrong place. In the distance I see mountains, far away, very dark. I begin to spin. All I can see are these dark shadows of mountains in the distance. I spin faster until my form begins to dissolve. I ascend, traveling upwards, until I reach the heavens. It is here I receive this message:

You are a STAR.
It is time to occupy
Your rightful place among the heavens. 

All I can feel is the light of this star. I am the light of this star sitting in the infinite black sky. I am surrounded by other stars. Each of us occupying our unique and rightful place. Each of us illuminating this vast and infinite darkness.

This is a time of initiation.

We are rebirthing.

Remember my friends…


AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

(Shamanic journey available on iTunes)

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