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“From the 12th of December to the 21st, we are in “Cosmic Countdown” mode! Within these 9 days, at a super-accelerated speed, we are releasing the last layer of insecurities holding us back from actualizing our true creative potential.”
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Tomorrow I head west to Truth or Consequences, the perfect metaphor for my life. I am surprised at the swift and rapid changes. Many I know are feeling an acceleration of life in some sorts as we are pushed further out of our comfort zones to places we have not yet been, both literally and mythically.

The winter solstice on December 21st of 2012 marks a galactic alignment that occurs every 26, 000 years coinciding with the end of a cycle of the Mayan calender.

I am not an astronomer but I have been fascinated by this for years. On December 21, 2012, our Earth and Sun will be closer to the center of our galaxy than they have been in 26,000 years! The black hole. The birth portal of our Universe.

As we are a microcosm to the macrocosm, this points the way to a birthing, both within us and beyond us. What is birthing in you? What is birthing in the collective?

Many traditions speak of a new era, a new pachakuti. It is we who are birthing in the awareness of our light. Just as we tend to our physical body with nutrition and exercise, attention is needed to maintain the vitality of our luminous or light body.

The awareness of our light happens through feeling and sensing, not by thinking our way through the mind. Our minds have become our primary way of orienting ourselves to reality. This realignment to our light body can create turmoil within and around as old operating systems and paradigms crumble.

In order to feel our light we must be receptive. Being receptive is the essence of our feminine nature, our BEING nature. The birthing of the feminine is upon us contributing to our awareness of light. The emerging sacred feminine is shifting power with the masculine dominated paradigm of DOING we have been living under for centuries. Not to have dominion over but to restore balance and right relationship between the masculine and feminine.

One of the things I have been doing to prepare and clear my energy body for December 21st is a candle clearing. As often as you can, from now until then, use this practice to prepare your luminous fields for the transmission of Light.

The Bouquet of Light ayllu that I travel to Peru with has received specific instructions for a despacho ceremony under the guidance of Dona Aleja who we study extensively with, for the birth of the return of light. I will let you know how you can participate virtually as the time draws near.

155905_550899481591467_1998411201_nFor now here is a white candle cleansing to prepare our luminous bodies for the transits of change that are upon us.

What you will need: small, white tapered candle, paper to wrap candle in after cleansing

Begin by dropping into a space of gratitude in your heart. Call upon Spirit to assist you in any way that feels true for you to create a sacred container to do the work.

Hold the intention of clearing any negativities, impurities, dense, heavy energies that block the full radiance of your light. You may have specific intentions you are working with as well.

Begin by rolling the candle over your body, starting at the top of your head and working your way down to your feet. (Please note the candle is not lit) Move as fast or slow as guided by your intuition. You may notice that you spend more time over certain areas.

Once that feels complete, wrap the candle in paper to keep the hucha (heavy energy) intact. Burn the candle somewhere away from your personal space or property as soon as possible after clearing.

You can perform this candle cleansing on yourself or with a partner where each does the ritual cleansing for the other.

This comes from Dona Aleja, Alto Mesayoc from Peru.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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I love the tarot, any cards for that matter. As I hold an intent and pull forth a card I bypass the mental chatter of mind and reach straight to my Soul for it is to my Soul that the images speak. I read them, like most things, intuitively.

Our recent New Moon Despacho held the deep longing of liberation from hundreds of Souls to be free of the cords that bind us to fear, lack and limitation.

I pulled a tarot card for our community of virtual visionaries to ask what we need to see in the aftermath of ceremony. An awe inspired grin swells in my heart as the Two of Swords is revealed. The crossing of two swords marks the X that set this ceremony forth. (The Power of X) A woman sits, blindfolded, at a crossroads, a red cloth draped down her back, a mark of the bloodletting to the cords we have cut and their return to Earth.

Some part of our Soul sits right here, blindfolded, at a crossroads. Shrouded in darkness, uncertain of what lay ahead or which direction to take.

And it is here, in this mystery of darkness, that all potential awaits.

Every seed starts in darkness. Every thought, dream or vision is first imagined in darkness. Human life itself is birthed through the dark of mother’s womb. What are our Souls longing to birth forth?

We are at a crossroads, the threshold to a new year. A year that has been prophesied through ancient maps of many traditions and points the way to an awakening of our Light. How do we know a path if we have not traveled it before?

We must rely on darkness. Darkness calls forth other dimensions of our knowing. Our eyes do not serve us here. Our outer seeking will not guide us now. Darkness requires us to slow down. We cannot rush through darkness. Our steps must be slow and deliberate to navigate this void. Darkness calls forth our intuition, our felt sense of things, our knowing without reason. It fortifies our trust and connection to Spirit. For these are our guideposts through darkness. These are our guideposts to Light.

What guides a seed as it breaks through its shell to move from deep darkness to its blossoming? This is our journey. We have done the work of breaking the shell, cutting the cords that obstruct our Light. Now we journey through darkness, fortifying our trust, relying on the guidance of Spirit as it speaks through our intuition.

Continue to settle into the darkness of Pachamama. Send the darkness within to her belly with your intent. Exhale and empty into her darkness. I look forward to meeting at the next New Moon so our first despacho of 2012 may light the seeds for the dreams of our Soul.

2012 is the gateway to Light!

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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