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Preparing for Despacho

Preparing for Despacho

Most people think I take vacation when I travel to Peru but this pilgrammage is a journey. And there is a difference. A journey stretches me in all directions. I am physically stretched due to the adjustments to high altitudes. And that physical stretch unlocks edges of emotion, thought and old beliefs stored in my tissues. It is being at an edge of prayer through an intensity of rites, ceremony and initiations. It is vigorous spiritual work that I must surrender my heart to completely. It is a journey of joy. It is a journey of love. It is a journey home to my heart.

Since I will be in Peru at the time of the New Moon this month I will not be holding the despacho ceremony online. Instead I extend an invitation for you to journey with me. To offer your prayers to ceremony in Peru.

What are you looking to create in your life? What are the highest visions and dreams you hold? What are you stepping into? Who are you becoming? It is a time of dreaming bigger than ever before. Align your heart with your highest calling. Align your heart with love. Align your heart with joy. Open the portal to your destiny. This is an opportunity for your prayers to travel to heart of Peru.

I will be creating a medicine pouch to carry your prayers with me. I do not know where they will end up once I am there. They may be called to Machu Picchu. Perhaps there will be a ceremony along glacial waters. Or under the peaks of Ausangate, the director of the holy mountains of the Andes where we are traveling to. I will share that with you on my return.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to align your intention of traveling to Peru if it is a desire of your heart. So settle in. Take a moment. Drop into your heart. And breathe.

The video below will guide you through anything you need to know. And please know this is open so that anytime you may come to offer your prayers is perfect. Your intentions are held in the energetic matrix beyond time, space and form.

AHO my friends! AHO!

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