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As the moon wanes into darkness, we prepare for our last Despacho Ceremony of the year by turning to the darkness within as we cut our attachments to what no longer serves.

We connect to others through energetic cords of varying degrees and intensity, our intimate sexual partners having some of the strongest cords. These cords are woven through our belief systems, entangled with guilt, blame, anger, fear and a whole gamut of toxic emotional patterns based on our notions of love, authority, power, survival and self worth. These cords live on long after someone has left our life continuing to deplete our life force energy. They keep us attached to our past, our ancestors, lost lovers and old relationships in ways that drain, rather than sustain us. They keep us entwined in current relationships through an exhaustive waste of our health and vitality.

The intention behind cutting cords is essential. Cutting cords is an act of love rooted in forgiveness. To cut cords from anger, hatred or revenge continues to feed  the toxicity that created the attachment in the first place. Our relationships have the potential to connect through cords of Love and Light, holding the power to nourish, heal and sustain.

It may be obvious where the toxic cords are that need cutting. What may not be clear are the underlying patterns that have created these toxic connections. What outdated belief systems are still running that have laid the foundation for toxic connections? This is our intent for ceremony. To clear these patterns from their root. (Read more at Life Deconstructing).

As we prepare for our New Moon Despacho, reflect on where these toxic connections exist. Notice cords that attach you to old identities, addictive substances, disease and illness. Feel and sense in your own body areas of tension, tightness, stress and fatigue. Notice where energy is leaking through obsessive and habitual thought patterns. Where do these storylines take you? What thoughts, fears and worries arise? This is one way to find where your energy drains are.

You may begin to release these cords before our ceremony opens on December 23rd with a purification practice. Using fine sea salt, give yourself a vigorous scrub during your morning shower holding the intention of clearing the roots of any toxic energetic cords from your system. Spend a few minutes with this before letting the water cleanse these energetic impressions from you. Thank the healing waters for washing your system clean of any toxicity that gets in the way of the fullness of your Light.

To cut these cords with forgiveness, give yourself permission to express whatever hurt, sorrow, rage and wrongs you have suffered with another by writing them a letter. Write as many letters as you need. Burn them once you are done to release the emotional charge of these toxic connections and clear a pathway to forgiveness. Withholding forgiveness keeps us attatched through toxic cords that poison our heart, not the heart of the other. Without forgiveness we continue to create from our wounds and hurts.

I look forward to meeting in ceremony, cutting these toxic cords from our luminous architecture so the brilliance of our Light may serve as a guidepost to our Destiny.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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