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It is such an honor to offer this reading at the request of my dear lodge sister Carla Goddard, Shaman Medicine Woman, for her virtual Full Moon Healing Ceremony on Wednesday, November 28th.

I held a fire on Friday night, the 23rd, as I opened my mesa with the intention of asking what do those who are called to this fire need to see? My mesa lay open on Pachamama, under the night sky, one that brought rain and fierce winds by morning. All elements were present and accounted for!

There is a beauty and a mystery that burns within every soul that calls us to this fire. One that cannot be known through intellect. A calling that spans through time and space, through any perceived borders or boundaries. A call from all directions on our globe. There is no differentiation of race, creed or belief that determines the arrival of each soul to this sacred destination.

We have come for we are doing the work of the collective. Burning ancient roots embedded in both our personal and collective psyches. Burning mistaken identities of who we are. Burning ideas and beliefs of what does it mean to be spiritual. Burning masks of what we think our spiritual personas are supposed to be.

False and mistaken identities we have come to believe as truth. The limited versions of ourself. The overly nice parts of who we are. We have come to burn the shadows of our soul. Our demons are a part of our humanity that cannot be ignored, suppressed or denied for it is the demons of our darkness that are clamoring to the light. Hidden in fear for centuries, through eons of time.

This is what is deconstructing. This is what is called to the fire now. The longing of the lies to die. Our souls can no longer tolerate the lies we have told ourself, the lies imprinted upon us. We have lived with these lies for so long we are uncertain of who we are. Without these false cloaks of spiritual identity there is chaos. A deconstruction of what we think we know. And this is part of what calls us to this sacred flame.

Yet the fire also feeds our luminous body. It feeds our passions. It fuels the spiritual seeds of awakening just as water nourishes seeds planted in the belly of the Earth. Our spiritual seeds are awakened by fire. We are called to deconstruct. And we are called to rebirth. To become more intimate with the sacred fire that burns within each one of us. To learn the ways of tending our own sacred fire so our fires are not raging out of control. So we have enough resources to sustain and feed our fires. So we keep the eternal flame of our sacred fires burning in our hearts and bellies to feed our sacred purpose and our walk in the world. To feed and tend our relationships both with ourself and with those we are most intimate with. So that the fires within us do not consume the fires of another but rather feed and sustain the fires within every soul.

The shell at the bottom is off my mestana (textile). It speaks to the depths that are necessary. The depths of listening, the depths of vulnerability that we are being asked to surrender to in order to source from the deepest waters of mystery. The strategies we have used to control and manipulate the outcome are no longer sustainable to navigate the course of our life. We may believe we have given up all control. We are being asked to go deeper than ever before. Deeper into the unknown. We must be surprised, allow something new to arise and awaken from our depths or we are holding on to the safety of certainty.

Our vulnerability is the source of our truest power. Any place not in alignment will not be sustainable. This may appear as a crisis and create fear around a loss of control. But the crisis is an agitation of a state of being whose energetic vibration can no longer be sustained.

Our roots have anchored us to our past. Our roots have hidden in shadows. We may be blind to how our demons are informing our actions. We cannot change what has come before but if our roots are tangled in resentment, bitterness or anger we need to clear these channels so our roots are anchored in our power to create. Our channels to source are clear. We consolidate our creative power and channel that life force energy so we may align with our sacred purpose. We cultivate a sacred expression of our life in action.

Our source arises in stillness. Our inner authority is our guide. The direction we travel is one of depth. The depths we reach in silence and stillness are the depths to which we ride the rivers of our destiny.

This is what the kuyas speak.

Karen Chrappa

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It began with a journey.

Swimming away from the shore. From all that I know. Finding respite. A small island of sand to sit and rest. Swimming around me a circle of dolphins. Held in unwavering joy.

A spirit journey manifested in form. Beyond the realms of what I could have imagined for myself.

A ceremony arose. Ascension to JOY.

I left New York, my home since birth, swimming away from the shore and all that I know. I met Carla Goddard for the first time in Florida. The place I landed, a respite of sand. A sacred lodge of women arose in the ethers. What existed online has began to take form.

From our first meeting over lunch a ceremony was born. She carrying a prayer stick to the Pacific. I carrying a finger sponge to Bimini.

We were on opposite coasts at the same time. Monday afternoon we would join in ceremony. She at the Pacific. I at the Atlantic.

On Monday I headed out to the deep waters of the Atlantic with my two sisters, our six kids (ranging in age from 5 to 20), Joe Noonan the dolphin whisperer, his son Mark and our captain Kevin and first mate and wife Candy. Our intent was to find dolphins.

Four hours later still no sign on one of the calmest days ever on the ocean. We had all let go of the expectation of finding dolphins that day. We headed back in. I had a despacho to create to join with Carla in ceremony on the Pacific.

And then we heard the word.


A few hundred feet out a fin above the water. Now?

In moments, the energy that had waned as our boat trip seemed to near its end surged.

We were surrounded by dolphins. Held in unwavering joy.

This was the ceremony.

We were blessed that day to swim with two pods of dolphins, often swimming with as many as 15 to 20 at a time. They stayed with us for an hour. Time eternal in underwater bliss.

We were graced to enter this world for a moment in time. It is difficult to capture in words the power, the beauty and the awe of this experience. I offer this video so you may share in the divine grace for these magnificent beings joined us at this time of ceremony. To ascend in JOY. We could hear their sounds, their echolocations. Downloading frequencies of mystery.

Thank you to the hundreds of souls who joined us in ceremony this past week. Your prayers were heard.

This is your ceremony too.

I invite you to view on full screen by clicking the icon in the lower right hand corner of the video.

AHO my friends! AHO!

To find out more about wild dolphin retreats visit Joe Noonan.

And a final note…more to come on despacho so stay tuned!

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Carla Goddard, Shaman Medicine Woman and myself are collaborating this month by weaving different traditions in a unique, bi-coastal ceremony between the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. As Carla travels to the West coast she will carry with her a sacred prayer stick inscribed with the names of all who have joined ceremony. She will offer this gift to the Pacific Ocean in a ceremony she will hold there. You may join and add your name on our event page on Facebook at ASCENSION TO JOY.

At the same time I will be traveling to Bimini for a wild dolphin retreat where I will create a despacho in sand that will be returned to the Atlantic Ocean through her ebbing tides. Prayers and intentions for calling in more joy to your life, as well as releasing what blocks the flow of joy will be held in a natural finger sponge I will carry with me to Bimini.

To add your prayers and intentions to the sponge and send them to the Atlantic follow the video here. You will need about 20 minutes of uninterrupted time, free from distraction. We open sacred space and create a sacred container for our hearts. You are guided on how to offer your prayers and intentions to carry them to Bimini where the medicine of dolphins awaits to hold us in unwavering JOY.

(Click on the arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the video to watch on full screen.)

Follow What Happens When Two Medicine Woman Meet for Lunch? to learn more about the evolution of this ceremony.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Temple at Machu Picchu

Temple at Machu Picchu

A ceremony is born!

Ceremonies that were taught by our grandparents are not the same ceremonies we hold today. With each experience, each reflection, ceremonies transform to become the sacred offerings of the present day. As boundaries and preconceived notions are left behind ceremonies evolve. It is a time for birthing new ceremonies. And so it is how this ceremony came into being. A meeting of two medicine women with the heartfelt desire to share the joy of sacred ritual and ceremony from their own lives with the world around them.

Through evolution we must walk in honor and deep respect of the traditions that have come before us. When any evolution happens, we are cautious to reflect to ensure our approach is deeply respectful and in integrity with each step. A teacher once explained, very long ago, whenever we cling absolutely to something, whether it be tradition, ritual, ceremony, or emotion, we are stepping into the ego. Ego is only one way – my way.

When we evolve and create from the old, we are breathing our own life force into the ceremony. There is no greater honoring than to give life. It is about walking in balance with integrity and honor in all things – including creation.

As we evolve to co-create ceremony, it is also important to understand that the intention of any ceremony is to create a bridge between the world of Spirit both within us and surrounding us. The intention of this ceremony is to balance the water and fire elements with the new beginnings of the new moon. To co-create a prayer stick with a despacho. To use the power of water to carry the fire of passionate joy.

We will be weaving different tradtitons through the waters of both the Atlantic and Pacific in this ceremony. Carla Goddard was gifted a prayer stick during a tropical storm as the rains, winds, and the fire of lightning fused in one moment. During the next week she will take your prayer requests while adding your name to the prayer stick through a daily ceremony. At any time you may blow your intention into the prayer stick picture. As she travels to the West Coast, she will carry this sacred object and release the prayer stick into the Pacific Ocean to be carried by the waters in another ceremony.

Photographer Clark Little

Photographer Clark Little

At the same time, Karen Chrappa will be in Bimini where she will create a despacho on the shores of the Atlantic. A despacho is a prayer bundle from the shamans of Peru that traditionally is made by blowing prayers into cocoa leaves, placing them with offerings in wrapping paper to tie up like a gift before burning in a fire. For this ceremony, prayers will be held in a natural finger sponge into which your prayers and intentions will be blown in with your breath through a short ceremony on video. The sponge will be carried to Bimini and become part of a mandala of natural elements created in sand. Our despacho in sand will return to the waters through the tides of the Atlantic.

Through this unique, bi-coastal ceremony, we call to the waters to cleanse us of all that blocks that flow of JOY in our lives. We call to Pachamama and all her elements to balance our beings to the vibration of JOY. We call to Inti Ti Ti, Father Sun, Mama Killa, Grandmother Moon and all celestial beings above to shine the light of JOY in our hearts. We call to the medicine of dolphins to teach us the ways of unwavering JOY.

Ascension to JOY allows laughter and play into our life. So many times life seems to wear us down into a seriousness that does not allow joy to flow. Ascending to the joy inherent in our Soul brings smiles, laughter and play into our daily life. Doorways open so our moments of joy grow simply by being able to enjoy whatever your journey brings to you.

May you join us in JOY!


To find the event on facebook click here.

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