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For a moment, let your attention rest on your breath. Follow its flow. Feel its movement. Notice the quality of your exhale.

What happens in your body as you breathe out?

There is a natural desire to empty and release. This is inherent with every breath out, a desire to let go. When we add intention to our exhale, we enhance its power.

A shaman prays with intention, empowered by the breath.  

This prayer is then transferred to an object in nature and offered to Spirit by return to the elements. In the mountains of Peru, three cocoa leaves are traditionally used to create a prayer holder or qintu. The breath is the energetic conduit on which the prayer travels. Whatever we are looking to release, let go, or set in motion can be offered by exhaling into a qintu. If cocoa leaves are not available, bay leaves make a good substitute as they are similar in shape and size. Alternatively, small leaves from a native plant or flower petals can make a qintu or prayer holder.

As we meet in ceremony, we will pray using breath and intention. As the New Moon is approaching, I am gathering elements to create our despacho. Our intention is to release the victim so we may step fully into our power. The energetic impression, or pattern of the victim, is one of powerlessness. It can weigh heavy on our energy field leaving us tired, irritable, hopeless and heavy. To combust the density of this energetic pattern, a Cuti Despacho will hold our qintus. A Cuti Despacho includes things like sea salt and hot peppers to burn through the density of these energetic paradigms. I also received a magnificent Spirit gift for our despacho; a 5 1/2 snakeskin! The medicine of the serpent teaches us to shed what no longer serves us. 

The day before the New Moon (October 25th) I will post a picture of the Cuti Despacho here on my blog and also on my facebook page.  Your intention of releasing the victim, all places of powerlessness and limiting beliefs of not enough will be blown directly into the image. You will also create qintus of your own which will be released back to Nature. You can either burn your qintus outside your home, bury them in the Earth or release them to water.

Our Cuti Despacho will immediately be followed by an Ayni Despacho. When we ceremonially release these patterns of powerlessness and scarcity, an energetic vacuum is created in our field. As energy does not like a vacuum, this space will look to fill itself back up. Since we have such strong affinities, or magnetic attractions to these patterns, our tendency is to fill this void with what we just released.

In an Ayni Despacho we offer our gratitude. We install new information to this void so we are no longer informed by patterns that are old, outdated and no longer serve us. Just as with the Cuti Despacho, prayers of thanks will be blown into the image of the Ayni Despacho and qintus of your own will also be made. More on this will be posted prior to our ceremony but I offer this information here in preparation and to create an opportunity to ask questions should they arise.

I look forward to meeting in ceremony!

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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