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Through one of the darkest nights of my Soul walking barefoot through the woods seemed the only thing to do. A cry from depths of isolating loneliness longed to connect, to belong, to heal. I later came to learn there is a great body of research on the healing benefits of walking barefoot. I did not need science to tell me this. A primordial wisdom knew.

Most of my day is spent barefoot. My work involves using my whole body as a tool. I need ready access to my feet. Walking barefoot is a practice for me. To be barefoot on the Earth changes my usual way of walking. Walking barefoot on the Earth forces me to slow down. A slow and mindful step is necessary to keep my feet from hurting. One cannot hurry over sticks and stones.

I listen through my feet. It is as if the deep magnetic pull of Pachamama draws the busyness of thoughts out of my head and into her belly in an intimate unity of body on Earth. How often am I rushing? What is it I habitually run from? Walking barefoot in the woods shows me. Maybe there are tears to be shed. Maybe there is silence to relish. Maybe there is communion in the woods. Maybe there is nothing at all. But I miss all this when thoughts are leading the way. The discovery comes by slowing down. Listening. Closely. Connected. To the heartbeat of our Mother.

Most of the life I thought I was going to live has swept away. I do not know what my next step is. Where I am going is uncertain? Who will be with me I do not know? My bare feet a prayer as I walk on our Mother. What is my next step now Pachamama?

I listen with bare feet.

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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