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Much in my life is in a process of dying. As I opened my mesa I asked to show me….

What do I need to see about Death?

Death holds the cycles of life. Death calls for the deepest letting go. It asks from us the deepest surrender to the unknown. Death is a paradox for death is the portal to rebirth.

There is a fluidity in death. Nothing about death is static. Death is a fluid movement from one cycle to the next. Each cycle holds a vision.

The intention or vision or lesson of each cycle sits in our heart. It sources from creation. It abides in stillness. It points to a higher authority, both within us and beyond us. All of these qualities are necessary to manifest the vision within each cycle. Within each cycle sits the wisdom carried from previous lineages and ancestors. Wisdom held in the steps that have taken us to this current visionary cycle. This is where death is necessary. This is where surrender is necessary. To move from one cycle to another.

Death is the transit from one cycle to the next.

Letting go of the notion of death as a permanent or fixed condition, and knowing death as fluid and transitory by its very nature can help liberate us from the fear that is often associated with death. A fear due to the perception that death is final. Recognize the eternal fluid nature of death as necessary to transition and evolve.

Learning to rides these waves of death, however they show up, in whatever cycle we may be transiting between will help liberate us from the grip of fear that can choke us of our own life force. Our life force rides with these waves of death as well.

As with every other duality, one cannot exist without the other. Learning to ride the depths and heights within every cycle enhances the experience of our life during each cycle. We each live in the individual cycles of our lives yet we also swim in the greater cycles of the cosmos.

Death asks us to surrender to a higher authority for these cycles are beyond our control.

This is what the kuya speaks.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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I was listening to Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, talk about how our wrong perceptions cause suffering. Our biggest sufferings come from death. If we get our perceptions straight even death will cease to cause suffering.

In self realized Truth there is no Death. Nothing comes. Nothing goes. Our existence is eternal with the incarnation of this form a mere blip on the infinite radar screen. As I have not yet achieved this level of self realization, death still brings with it pain.

I have learned much from the profound teacher of Death as darkness has descended on my heart. What I have been most afraid of losing is now gone. As the death of my most intimate relationship shatters my heart, I break open to deaths within the death within the death. It is as if this initial crack is but a portal to a torrent of deaths that have laid dormant, silently crying to be seen. This death of relationship with my most beloved is intertwined with the death of my father, his loss from my life not fully expressed since his death last year. How do we know when a grief is complete? This death of relationship brings death to visions of a future, dreams clinging on clouds of illusion.

An even bigger death lay below the surface as death to dogma comes crumbling down. A dogma that has laid a foundation of pain and suffering based on the belief if I love even more, then he will love me. This operating system seeks for a love that will never be met for it is always asking for more love in order to operate. As heartbreaking as it feels, more love does not get him to love me, more love does not make him want me and more love certainly does not get him to change. For to love with all I have, to love in the best way I know how will never be enough for this insatiable karmic loop. No amount of love will satisfy its quotient for then the loop would cease to exist. Even the loop is afraid to die.

In many ways, this is the most difficult death to wrestle with for it has provided a fundamental orientation to reality in its most intimate expression. It has steered me in the direction of what I thought was love. Death to the bedrock of this dogma shatters everything I thought I knew about what it means to love, what it means to be loving, what does love feel like to receive. My heart crashes in an avalanche of disbelief taking with it all the answers to what is love.

So what really dies here?

Misguided truths that were built to insure certainty. The death of these false prophets can only bring the clarity of Truth. When our fundamental beliefs dismantle, our internal compass loses all bearing. The ground beneath our feet dissolves into dust.

“The Shaman is one who has already died. He has overcome our greatest fear and is free from it. Death can no longer claim him.” Alberto Villoldo

But when all is uncertain, when we enter the mystery of what is not known, therein lies all that is possible. We have nothing to lose for our greatest fear, our fear of death, has come. Out of the ashes of that death we rise, reborn into a Truth for which our Soul yearns.

Where we are stuck, afraid to make a move or decision, we can strip its essence to this fear of death. For to make a decision means we must let go of something. A belief, a relationship, a false hope, a deceptive illusion, a distorted sense of security. We hold on to these false prophets, no matter how much they misalign our Soul, all in a vain attempt to avoid the pain of death. Death, in any way, shape or form, is letting go. Death does not let us cling to any shred of illusion that distorts our Truth. Death can seem a cruel teacher yet it is precisely this clean incision of Death that is its benevolence. How do we evolve into the fullness of our Truth while bound and chained to distorted dogma?

Death comes. This is certain. How we meet Death is our choice. And in my wrong perception, death still hurts. But only through death may I be reborn. And the rebirth that emerges is the integrity of my Soul. A respect for my Self that will not surrender to illusionary fantasies of a distorted truth. Death is the only way to bring an end to the dogma of pain and suffering. As I welcome Death, know it as the integral part of life that it is, maybe, just maybe, I will get my perception straight.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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