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During an intense few weeks this October, my life changed dramatically through circumstances and events that broke down the life I was living and opened the doorway to a new reality orchestrated by the Divine hand of Spirit.

During this time the land in New Mexico spoke to me through stones found during an early morning hike in an arroyo in Abiquiu. These stones held information on teaching people how to build a personal mesa.

A mesa is a shaman’s altar or medicine bundle used for healing, ceremony, prayer and divination. It is a portal to Spirit and deepens our awareness to non-ordinary states of reality.


I have carried a mesa for the past 10 years, starting with the Four Winds Light Body School and the teachings of Alberto Villoldo. Since that time I have had the great privilege to deepen my practices with medicine men and women in the high Andes through the Bouquet of Light Women’s Journey to Peru to awaken the Divine Feminine.

My mesa has changed in so many ways over the years as kuyas or healing stones have been added and released. This journey now creates a whole new mesa for me.

For some, a mesa looks like a bag of stones or arrangement of rocks and on a literal level this is true. But at the mythic level a mesa deepens your connection to Spirit and anchors you to Mother Earth. A mesa teaches us to listen to the voice of Spirit as it moves through us. The only reason I have any sense of what the stones in the arroyo were speaking of was because of the connection to my own mesa.

Each stone, or kuya as they are called in one’s mesa, represents a particular location in Northern New Mexico to gather for ceremony. Each ceremony will be an opportunity to receive a kuya and begin to build a personal mesa. Although these kuyas represent locations in Northern New Mexico, you can participate from wherever you are and build a mesa with stones from your own native land.


Each kuya is received during one of the four seasons. The cycle of seasons become the reference point for building our mesa helping to deepen the connection to our own inner rhythms and cycles as each season becomes a mirror for our own reflection.

During each season we will hold an intention for our personal evolution and transformation as we learn to work with our kuyas or healing stones. Each season will also include information and teachings on:

  • Opening Sacred Space
  • Creating an Altar
  • Shamanic Journey to meet a Spirit Ally
  • Clearing and Purification Practices
  • Kundalini Kriyas and/or Meditation
  • Guided Breathwork Session
  • Journaling Assignments
  • Personal and Collective Despacho Ceremony

The Mesa Building Journey will be offered on land as well as online allowing you to participate from wherever you are at a pace that suits your lifestyle although establishing certain practices each day will be highly advisable. A forum for communication and group sharing will be created through a closed Facebook group.

I never had any thought about teaching others to build a mesa but it is clearly Divine intent. Although this journey is still shaping itself into being I am inspired to start sharing and spreading the news of this unique opportunity for spiritual transformation that is being guided and informed by the Santa Tierras, the ancient wisdom of the feminine land spirits.

Registration for this first time ever experience will begin in the season of Winter after the start of the New Year so stay tuned for more information.

I thank you for spreading the news!





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Our Offering to the River Honoring the Wild and Untamed Divine Feminine

Our Offering to the River Honoring the Wild and Untamed Divine Feminine

On the Summer Solstice, a smal group of women entered the mystical caves of Ra Paulette for our first ever women’s retreat in Northern New Mexico. Three days later I was ecstatic to receive this email.

With permission granted from the Red Fairy Queen herself, I share the power of our intimate gathering in sisterhood.

Dear sisters,

I wanted to give you an update on my experience since the retreat! Thanks Karen- it is really amazing how you held the space for us all to deeply feel and express our true, wild, succulent selves! I feel like the work we did cleared a lot for me. I feel more comfortable with myself than ever. During the retreat my gut asked me to do a three-day juice cleanse. Today is the last day! I’m detoxing a lot!

Another story.

Two days ago I made a new friend and we laughed and played music on a mountainside for hours upon end! During that time I had an idea that I really wanted to practice being my full, emotional, sensitive, vibrant, sexy self in public. So the next day I dressed up in my shiniest red spandex pants, stuck the raven feather in my red hat, wore a belly shirt with solar systems and galaxies all over it, tied a red table-cloth on as a cape, and walked around with a silly basket giving away free things all day. I was also experimenting with liberating myself not only of worrying about other people’s judgments, but also from being enslaved to money and the idea that giving has to be an exchange of material objects.

I gave away $10 dollar bills, fairy stamps and glitter, roses and other goodies. I called myself the Red Fairy Queen and told people what I was doing. People were really excited about it and I had some amazing exchanges!

What I learned:

Presence is the most valuable gift of all!

It meant more to people that I was there doing what I was doing, being present and connecting, than that I was giving them a physical object. I also realized that receiving can be a gift in and of itself.

Giving truly is receiving in a sense. 

By the end of the day I realized a lot about myself and also had been gifted many new friends, deep heartfelt connection and stories, and a beautiful crystal necklace and ring! I had a blast! My new friend and some old friends came out to join in the giving and receiving. I think I inspired some people and I definitely became more comfortable with the discomfort of being in a society that sometimes isn’t so accepting. Thanks for helping me on my journey sisters!

tata for now!








I utterly adore you dear Melissa Gail Klein! Now where did I leave my red spandex?

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How many words is a picture worth?
I do not know if we can truly measure that one
but I do believe the best way to share our Easter Pilgrimage
to the Cathedral Cave in Embudo
is with the images of that day.

Through the generosity of Spirit
and the owners of the caves,
we were gifted two caves to visit that day,
entering the first one in ceremony
to deepen our connection with the Mother.

We set to work.
Yoga and breath,
drumming and silence,
opening our hearts
and deepening our sacred feminine well of receptivity.

In silence I enter the pregnant void
Alone with myself
and yet truly not alone at all.
For here, I begin to realize
I am One with all Creation.

This is the home of the unmanifest
In all its fullness.
The plenum,
source of all that is,
was and shall be, too.

I come here on my own,
Unafraid, so that I may know myself better,
To learn the truth
Of who I really am
In my deepest being.

As the outside world falls away
I tremble in awe and fascination
At the hidden power which
So few take the time to go within
And explore.

Karey Pohn





Our intentions were offered in prayer
as we built a community despacho in the Earth.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 4


The second cave left us in AWE,
and ready to move in
with its soaring architechture,
hardwood floors,
running water,
mosaic tiles,

A thousand words would not do
so may you enjoy the magic through these pictures.






Some of the adventurous souls that made the first Easter Pilgrimage to Embudo! Not everyone is in the picture but the spirit of this one really captured the joy and magic of the day. A huge bow of thanks to Elizabeth Inman, Izabel Nazario and Don Myer for sharing their beautiful photos!

ps…I was not sure if this would be the one and only ceremony I would have the honor to hold here but it seems that Spirit has more in store. Inspired by the efforts of our Easter Pilgrimage a seed has been planted for a women’s retreat to Embody the Sacred Temple of Our Womb. What magnificent space to do this work…more to follow my friends!

If you would like to know more about Ra Paulette’s hand sculpted caves in Northern New Mexico watch Cavedigger.

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A dear friend was heading out of town. Before leaving he installed a state of the art alarm system to safeguard his home. Twenty four hours later we were digging a hole to call on protection from a higher order.

I do not have a recipe I conjure up if I need protection however once an intention for ceremony is set a co-creative dance with Spirit begins.

With little time to prepare I began gathering elements; a quartz crystal, red hot chili peppers, rose petals, sage, candles, beer. Sort of like Cooking Channel gone rogue.

The heart of ceremony is held in our intention. For this ceremony our intentions were to call on Spirit to hold this home, and all who dwell in it, in divine protection. As we hold this intention for ourselves we ask that all beings be safe and free from harm.

Our intention was then blown into the quartz crystal and planted in the center of our offering in the Earth.

Shadow of Crystal Pointing North

White candles were rolled over each other to strip clean our luminous fields of the roots of fear. Where do we not feel safe? Where do we feel threatened? Why do we need an alarm system anyway?

The candles too became part of our offering.

I love sage. What would ceremony be without sage? Especially in its native desert home. So a bed of sage was laid around the crystal to clear a path of good intent.

Can you see the crystal pointing up in the center?

You can smell the goodness!

If you are looking to keep harm away a red hot chili pepper will do the trick. Set like daggers, they built an energetic fortress that seemed to say…BACK OFF BUDDY! (or use any euphemism you may see fit)

All I know was nothing was invading this space.

A Chili A Day Keeps Fear Away

A Chili A Day Keeps Fear Away

The fire of our red hot intentions were soothed with herbs, sweets, dark chocolate and coconut yet the most important ingredient we bring to ceremony is our heart. And what better element to hold the intentions of our heart than the beauty of the rose.

Although there was no plan on how to use the rose petals this revealed itself as the ceremony unfolded. The white rose petals, holding the purity of intent, the blessings of the Apus and Divine Masculine energy, were laid in a clockwise direction around the outside of our offering.

White Rose Petals for Purity of Intent and the Blessings of the Apus, the Divine Masculine

White Rose Petals for Purity of Intent and the Blessings of the Apus, the Divine Masculine

The red rose petals, representing the blood of Pachamama and the Divine Feminine, centered themself at the very heart. As the colors fell into divine order the balance of Feminine and Masculine came into ayni, right relationship. As these dualities of energy come to balance it is the Masculine that protects the source of creation in the womb of the Feminine.

Masculine and Feminine in Ayni

Masculine and Feminine in Ayni

To send our intentions to the Upper Worlds of Spirit our offering was covered in cotton harvested from the Earth.


Four gold candles, the color of protection, were placed in each of the four directions to anchor our intentions.

Our offering then burned.

We fed the land with white rose petals and beer to weave ourselves more deeply to Pachamama and offer gratitude for our prayers.

The ashes lay under the full moon and night sky of stars until buried the next morning.


Ceremony is the language through which our soul speaks. As a call for protection rang from the heart a ceremony manifested as never before. When we set out with good intention, ideas, inspiration and guidance will come through Spirit. We need only listen.

We are at the frontier of shifting paradigms both personally and collectively. It is a time to follow your own heart into ceremony to meet the birth of a new world order.

The only recipe to follow is the one within.

“This is what rituals are for. We do spiritual ceremonies as human beings in order to create a safe resting place for our most complicated feelings of joy or trauma, so that we don’t have to haul those feelings around with us forever, weighing us down. We all need such places of ritual safekeeping. And I do believe that if your culture or tradition doesn’t have the specific ritual you are craving, then you are absolutely permitted to make up a ceremony of your own devising, fixing your own broken-down emotional systems with all the do-it-yourself resourcefulness of a generous plumber/poet.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

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I am preparing to return to Peru this May. This is the journey I have been on. Let this invitation sit with you. Do you feel the call of the Divine Feminine?


MAY 13-25, 2012

This is a call to women to explore and reawaken the divine ancient wisdom of the feminine that lies within. A very unique opportunity has been extended to women by the Santa Tierras, the almost extinct feminine spirits of Peru. We have the opportunity to access the fierce wisdom, power and knowledge of these spirits through direct conversation. In addition to sitting with the Santa Tierras we work with the most powerful medicine women and men of Peru. We visit many sacred sites including the majestic Machu Picchu. We sit in ceremony beside glacial lagoons with the spirits of the mountains and the medicine people of the High Andes.

Cultures of the world are undergoing great changes in consciousness and we have a great opportunity to embrace a new cosmology. Women are visionaries and leaders within communities. We carry the potential of being midwives of change through leadership and walking in balanced power of the masculine and feminine. We are the keepers of the sacred fire, tenders of council, leaders and mothers of many creations. This wisdom needs remembering and tending.

There exists a core group of women who began a journey to Peru two years ago in answer to the call. This group continues the passage to Peru each May. We are dedicated to holding the vision of balance on Earth and supporting one another in the process. We have created a service project with women in the small community of Maras. This is an endeavor into animal husbandry to supply food for families and work toward bringing a needed water supply to the village. We have become an ayllu (sacred group in the Q’echua language). This ayllu gathers in May in Peru, in November in North America and participates in monthly conference and teaching conference calls.

This journey and this ayllu of women will support you and challenge your belief system and deepen your relationship to yourself, to others, to the land and to spirit. There are many trips to Peru but there is no other journey like this. This year the opportunity has arisen for a few more women to answer the call.

For more information on this incredible journey please contact Judy Bath or Karen Duncan.

JudyBath• jbath2@mac.com! • 705-349-1110
Karen Duncan • querokaren@yahoo.com • 417-209-2460

AHO my friends! AHO!

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As a young girl I was very bright. School subjects came easy to me. I excelled on standardized tests receiving straight A’s through every quarter of elementary school. Upon graduating from the 6th grade I received a medal for academic excellence. Why do I tell you this? Bear with me a moment.

I entered middle school at 12 years old. Everything changed. I remember deliberately marking test questions with the wrong answers. I did not want to be seen as smart. Coming of age in the ’70’s I somehow had an understanding that a boy would not want a girl who was smarter than he was. So I began dimming my light. Because getting a boy to like me began to rule my world.

Not only did I learn to dim my light, I also learned that my value was to be found in doing not feeling. In fact my feelings were often dismissed, denied, punished and ignored. This is how I came to hold the masculine and feminine within me, the force of the masculine held dominion over the feeling of my feminine. Feelings were something to be controlled since I came to identify them as the messy, ugly, weak and shameful parts of who I was.

This pattern continued into all my intimate relationships with men. I dimmed my own light, diminished my own power and dismissed my own needs in order to receive the love I so desperately longed for from a man. I know I could look to the relationship with my own father in all of this but I don’t see this as being solely related to my upbringing or childhood wounds. It reflects a larger paradigm of a relationship to the feminine, a relationship to power and the imbalance between these two forces that struggle not only in my heart but in the world around me.

Within my mesa (a shamanic medicine bundle) sit Pachamama and Pachapapa, two amulets representing the power of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine. If we strip the essence of these sacred aspects of who we are to their core, the masculine is our doingness, the feminine our beingness. Pachapapa has gone missing, along with most men from my life right now, yet in this falling away of the masculine in the world around me I am engulfed in an uprising of women, held and supported in ways as never before. As my relationships to men and women shapeshift around me, so too is the world within me transforming.

The action of our masculine essence is necessary, but when the mascculine takes action without regard for what the feminine may be feeling, sensing or needing, action becomes an empty clamoring of a distorted sense of power. As this pattern of operating continues, the disparity between action and feeling grows wider. Our energy is diverted to maintain the demands of a dominating masculine infrastructure suppressing the voice of a crippled feminine. Under extreme conditions, any sense of what the feminine may want, feel or need is so deeply buried, the cry has gone silent. Although the feminine may have been buried, she is far from dead. For the power of the feminine is in her endurance. Her time has come. And she is rising.

Gryphon Tarot

Gryphon Tarot

To bring peace to any relationship a dialogue is needed, for it is not dominion over the masculine that the feminine seeks. To create an internal harmony of our sacred duality, interdependence is needed. Our actions need to be informed by the feeling sense and intuitive power of the Divine Feminine. In order to bring balance back to our Earth, balance to our environment, we must bring balance back to the Sacred feminine within. How do we hold our own feelings in value? How deeply do we trust our intuition, the power of our felt sense of knowing? When the fundamental trust of our feminine is restored, we can allow our actions to be informed from our felt sense of rightness, or what shamans call ayni.

There are no easy answers or quick solutions to bring harmony to our world as old infrastructures of power quake in the rising reverence to the care and plight of our Earth Mother but in the words of Ghandi…We must be the change we want to see in the world. 

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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