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As I opened my mesa before practice this morning an intuitive arrangement of kuyas (stones) aligned in response to my question. What do I need to see about intention? What message did my mesa hold on intention?

Our intentions anchor our energy in a specific alignment. What are our intentions anchored in? Where do our intentions arise from? It is important to create an alignment of our heart when we create an intention.

Intentions that arise from the heart align with beauty within us and bring a sharing of beauty from our heart out into the world. We can ask ourselves do our intentions bring more beauty to the world to know whether they are in right relationship with our heart.

Are our intentions clear? Clarity is needed to create alignment of our intentions with the Divine.

Intentions that arise from the heart with clarity and beauty align us with the Divine, connect to a lineage, to Spirit, to ancestors, to time and space that is beyond this moment. A link from what starts in our heart and creates beauty, visions that hold clarity, connect us to the intelligent matrix, the oneness of existence.

Clear intentions born from our heart bring a sense of balance to our energy. A balance of feminine and masculine, yin and yang, being and doing, giving and receiving, dark and light. All aspects of duality come into balance through intentions of the heart. This is another way intention anchors our energy.

This is what the kuya speaks.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure of Spirit

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