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~Welcome to the New Moon Despacho Ceremony for April~

Artist Stephanie Gagne

Artist Stephanie Gagne

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you,
Great Spirit.
We bow before you with good intention
as your sons and daughters
under the dark of Mama Killa,
Grandmother Moon,
to lay bare before you
the knots of our heart.
We bow to Great Jaguar Spirit
who walks with us in ceremony
to devour these knots
so they may unravel
and wash clean from our systems.
We thank Mama Cocha
for the cleansing of her waters,
the healing of her waters.
As our hearts are purified
they right themselves in Munay.
The waters of unconditional love
flow freely through us and to us.
We thank Great Hummingbird Spirit
for flying with us in ceremony,
for uplifting our hearts in joy
so we may align our hearts
with our truest calling,
the call of our Destiny
May our hearts be nourished
with the sweet nectar
that flows through the sacredness of all life.  


Before watching this video for prayer and ceremony you may want to light a candle to transition from your day to sacred space. You may use sea salt, floral waters, incense or smudging to create a purification ritual. Set aside 20 minutes where you will not be interrupted to unravel the knots of your heart and align with unconditional love and munay. Include family, friends and loved ones if you wish. Blessings my friends at this most auspicious time of prayer!


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You may wish to create a ceremony for yourself
by offering your intentions into seeds or qintus

~Blow Personal Intentions of Forgiveness
and Healing into Your Own Qintus~

~Burn, Bury or Offer Your Qintus to a Natural Body of Water or
Create a Despacho of Your Own to Hold Qintus~ 

It is a wonderful time to literally plant your seeds of intention in the Earth

~Blow Personal Intentions of Forgiveness and Healing into Seeds~ 

~Plant Seeds of Intention in Garden or Potted Soil~

Listen to the Guided Meditation below
once you have offered your intentions

~Heart of Peace~

~Close Ceremony with a Prayer of Thanks~


Elements of Despacho: Our despacho is surrounded in a circle of shells, honoring Mama Cocha, the waters. Each is turned upward in a posture of receiving and filled with pink sugar so our cleansing may be gentle and full of sweetness. At the very heart sits hummingbird, the spirit of Joy, resting on a bed of flower petals to uplift our hearts and restore the rightful place of unconditional love and lightness of our Being.

The black beans create a circle of darkness along with the outer circle of tobacco to honor the darkness of the New Moon, the void of potential and the darkness of birthing. Another circle of candies and sweets asks that our hearts be full of the sweetness of divine nectar. The tulip buds sit in eight directions to balance and stabilize our heart in the center, where munay sits. These elements lay a bed for our qintus to be held as we cleanse the darkness of our hearts and align with the lightness of munay and unconditional love.

Offerings and qintus will be placed in the despacho during the time it is open. Ceremony will close Sunday morning, April 22nd EST at 7:30 am when our despacho, full of prayers and offerings, will be folded and tied like a gift. A forgotten prayer holder will be tied to the outside. Our ceremonial gift will then be burned in a fire at the same time that fires are burning around the world with Shamans and Fire Keepers in a Global Vigil Fire. The sisters of the Sacred Lodge of We the Women are gathering in ceremony and prayer from wherever they may be to join with our hearts in unity.

Deep appreciation and gratitude for bringing your prayers to this ceremony, for your prayers empower the prayers of us all.

More will be posted after ceremony.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Daughter of Pachamama
Sister of the Sacred Lodge of We the Women
Sunflower of Bouquet of Light Ayllu 

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