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A few weeks ago I received a message. Melissa McNair, Co-Executive Director for the Feathered Pipe Foundation had called. She wondered if I would be interested in being part of a week long retreat led by Christian de la Huerta and Joe Weston on living from an open heart at Feathered Pipe. Feathered Pipe is a well respected retreat center located in a pristine mountain setting in Montana. She wanted me to weave ceremony, hold space and offer healing bodywork sessions during the Empowerment Camp.

I have been holding an intention of bringing my work into the world more deeply. An intention creates a reorganization of our energetic alignment with the infinite matrix of the Universe. We are setting in motion our desires. I like to call this a “conversation with Spirit”. In response, an arrangement of circumstances and opportunities begin to line up as part of that conversation. We engage that conversation with gratitude, prayer, action and ceremony.

The magic is that what shows up when I surrender my intent to Spirit is way more than what I could have achieved through will and manipulation, another method of creating what we want. If I decide I want to bring my work to the world I could contact retreat centers, send out resumes or whatever one does if they are looking to be on a teaching circuit. It is possible that something would have come up that way, albeit with a whole lot of effort.

However a process of creating through a conversation with Spirit allows things to come to us. That is not to say that effort or action is not required. We must act on the opportunities that come our way. But opportunities that arise from Spirit have a flow and synchronicity. Spirit opens a doorway. It is up to us to walk through. Spirit never demands a decision. We are always given a choice.

Another indication that an intention is manifesting through Spirit is AWE. I had never met Melissa and our first conversation lasted an hour. Independent rhythms of heart cells will begin to beat in unison when placed near each other. This is what our conversation felt like, two hearts beating in unison. People that show up in your life begin to resonate with your heart. Your conversations are deep and meaningful pretty much from the start because of this vibrational sync. I hung up the phone in the most amazing space of gratitude and AWE at the gift that Spirit had bestowed upon me.

And I love the intention of this retreat. Many retreats are prolonged workshops chock full of information. Those are wonderful and enriching for many reasons. But what the heart longs for, what the heart truly needs to be heard is SPACE. So the mornings of the retreat are structured with life tools to engage and empower our hearts through meditation, theory, practice and interactive exercises. Yoga followed by a facilitated breathwork session will take place in the late afternoon. And beyond that there is…space. Our hurried lifestyles and heavy responsibilities often leave no time to give space to our heart. To wander aimlessly, to rest if needed, to be in communion with Nature, to be alone or with others as our heart feels called. Slowing down is essential to listen to the needs of our heart. And that is what this retreat offers. This is what sings to my Soul.

We are at a unique place in our human history—a time when, in the midst of dramatic global upheaval and change, many are being compelled from within and urged by the “news on the street” to define what they hold true, standing without retreat. These times require nothing less than a spiritual revolution: a shift in relationship to power and an unwavering commitment to maintaining an open heart regardless of the  circumstances.  Now, more than ever, we need to acquire the skill to look within and listen attentively for guidance, fortifying ourselves to face the challenges we presently face within our own lives, society and world.  (Feathered Pipe Foundation)

When Spirit aligns with our intentions a path opens. Connections are made that feel right. Something lands in our body that says YES. We start the conversation, bring love to what we do and leave the rest to Spirit. This is how intention works in real life.

AHO my friends! AHO!
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Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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