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You may add a prayer at any time to the despacho
by holding it silently, speaking it out loud or writing or posting here.

We bow before you, Pachamama,
with open and humble hearts.

We bow to the Apus, to Spirit, to Creator
to offer our gratitude. 

To thank you for your unconditional and unwavering presence
when we are unable to see. 

To thank you for holding us when we are lost. 
Help us to align with your divine guidance
so we may step once again into our wholeness. 

May we drink from the source of your nectar
so our hearts are fed in joy.

May we remember that we are children of this Universe.
May we awaken our innocence, our delight,
our wonder in this world in which we live.

We thank you for hearing our prayers,
for the blessings you bestow. 

We thank you for your healing graces that wash us clean.
May we learn to trust in the mystery of your divine order.
We surrender our sorrows, our heartaches, our worries and fears.
We thank you for transforming these seeds of doubt
so they may lay the fertile ground on which we walk
illuminating the pathway for us to follow. 

We thank you, thank you, thank you with all our hearts. 


AHO ~  Namaste ~  Blessings ~  Amen ~ OM

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~Welcome to the New Moon Despacho Ceremony for January~

We call on Great Spirit
to hold the seeds of our dreams and visions
as we offer them to the Mystery of Creation.
We plant these seeds in darkness
and ask that they be guided by Light
to blossom into the highest manifest vision for all.



(Click on Image to Enlarge)

~Create Sacred  Space~

~Perform Purification Ritual~

~Blow Intent of Dreams and Visions into Image of Despacho~

(Once you offer your intentions into the image of the despacho
you can create a ceremony for yourself
by offering your intentions into seeds or qintus, see below)

~Blow Intent of Dreams and Visions into 12 Qintus~

~Blow Intent of Dreams and Visions into Seeds~ 

~Plant Seeds of Intention in Garden or Potted Soil~

Listen to the Guided Meditation below once you have offered your intentions

~Letting Go of Expectations Meditation~

~Close Ceremony with a Prayer of Thanks~


Elements of Despacho: The despacho was inspired by the shapeshifting form of the kaleidoscope that holds infinite possibilities for beauty. And so it is with our intentions as they begin as formless intent and manifest in form as a collective beauty. The starfish in the center holds the intention that what we set forth to Great Spirit above may manifest in this Earth plane below, the star existing both above and below. This starfish sits on a bed of tobacco symbolizing the dark of the New Moon and the dark womb of creation where all seeds begin their journey. Rice surrounds the darkness to offer Light and fertility. Licorice pieces point in eight different directions representing both the cardinal (North, South, East, West) and non-cardinal (SW, NW, NE, SE) directions of the medicine wheel holding our intentions in balance. Nuts, grains and seeds create the pattern for our despacho so our intentions are supported on a bed of sustenance and nourishment. The different colors of beans and grains hold the many colors of traditions we come from, the many colors of humanity, for how we weave together our differences creates the beauty.

Once all intentions have been placed in the despacho they will be fed with a variety of offerings before being folded up and tied like a gift. Our ceremonial gift will then be burned in a fire. More will be posted after ceremony.

I offer deep appreciation and gratitude for bringing your prayers to this ceremony, for your prayers empower the prayers of us all.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Daughter of Pachamama
Sister of the Sacred Lodge of We the Women
Sunflower of Bouquet of Light Ayllu 

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~Welcome to the New Moon Despacho Ceremony for December~

“We call upon the Flames of the Eternal Fire
to melt the chains that bind us.
Heal the the cracks that surround us.
Transform that energy into a golden light
that will join our heartbeats in harmony and love;
purifying the imprints left by cords removed.
Great Spirit breathe new life into our being
as we enter this New Year.”
Shaman Medicine Woman Carla Goddard

(Click on Image Below to Enlarge)

~Create Sacred  Space~

~Perform Purification Ritual~

~Blow Intent of Cord Cutting into Image of Despacho~

~Blow Intent of Cord Cutting into 12 Qintus~

~Fire Ritual~

~Heart of Peace Meditation~

~Close Ceremony with a Prayer of Thanks~


Clouds Mark An X

Elements of Despacho: At the heart of our despacho sits a bed of tobacco surrounded by black beans representing the darkness we enter in the New Moon, the root that we look to reach as we cut the toxic cords that bind us. Through placing the black beans, may we rely on the sustenance of our Earth Mother through this ceremony to clear these imprints through to our physical body as we release them to her belly. An image of 2 arrows crossing each other sits atop the tobacco inspired by clouds foretelling this despacho. This obliterates and is our intention in cutting our cords. On top of the crossed arrows is a black scallop shell that holds our intention to cut and release the toxic cords and attachments that diminish our Light and distort our Truth. Inside the shell sits black sugar as an offering for a swift and gentle release. A himalayan salt crystal was placed to absorb toxicity from the dense and heavy energy of these cords. A small bronze statue of Ganesh, an elephant headed Hindu deity called on to remove obstacles, was placed in the shell to clear the path. Two small male/female figures were placed alongside Ganesh to symbolize a balancing of feminine/masculine and polarity of energies.

Red peppers surround the center to break up the heavy energy and show up again in the outer layer of our despacho. This pattern of concentric circles of black beans and red peppers repeats itself representing the ripple effect of these cords through our life as well as the energetic shape they assume. The outer ring was intentionally left open to release these energies rather than contain them. The circle that sits between the 2 layers of beans and peppers is red pepper flakes and sea salt, again to absorb and break down energies.


Two cards were pulled once the form of the despacho was complete: Jaguar from the Medicine Card deck and


Grail from the Goddesses of the New Light offering points of reflection. Jaguar is a powerful Spirit Ally in the Q’ero Shamanic tradition from where this ceremony originates. Jaguar sits in the West, the direction of transformation, helping us to move beyond our fear, see through darkness. Jaguar teaches us the ways of integrity and impeccability. A very auspicious ally for transforming and transmuting the dense and heavy energies of the lower vibrations of our toxic cords.

The Grail is a Vessel of Spirit. As we empty ourselves of outdated and limited beliefs, toxic emotional patterns, belief systems that no longer serve us and relationships that deplete us, we empty our divine temple so as to fill it with what nourishes and sustains us. It is the emptiness of the vessel that makes it of use.

As we step into ceremony
we thank Jaguar for helping us to see through the darkness.
Teaching us to walk a path of integrity.
We call on our Earth Mother,
to hold us in her wisdom and benevolence
as we empty our Divine Vessels
of all that is toxic
to ourselves
and others.
We call on Spirit
to illuminate our way
as we replenish our holy grail
with the light and love of our Truth.
Thank you for the gathering
of these Souls Great Spirit,
for your divine orchestration.
We come to you with good intention.
We come to you with a humble heart.
May we empty ourselves before you
so our Light may radiate
on a path of service to this World. 

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa

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~Welcome to the New Moon Despacho Ceremony November 24 to 26~

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

~Create Sacred  Space~

~Perform Purification Ritual~

~Offer Prayers of Gratitude Into 4 Qintus~

~Blow Intent of Qintus into Image of Despacho~


(Refer to previous blog post PREPARATION FOR CEREMONY
for further instruction if needed)


~Qintus may be placed in COPY OF DESPACHO,
folded into a square and tied up like a gift~

~Qintus may be placed in a LIST OF GRATITUDE,
folded into a square and tied up like a gift~

~Bury or Burn All Qintus~

~Close Ceremony with a Prayer of Thanks~

(Despachos held and anchored with the kuyas of my mesa)


Elements of Despacho: A heart of gold surrounds our prayer bed symbolizing a heart solid in integrity. A heart of gold is steeped in compassion and loving kindness. A heart of gold radiates joy. A heart of gold shines with abundance and prosperity consciousness. At the center sits a circle of cotton representing the soft tender heart  within. It is the softness of our heart that holds our most authentic self. It is here we find the power of our vulnerability. A starfish sits atop representing the star essence of our heart. The light of our heart connects us to Infinity. It is the light of our heart that connects us to each other. As this light is represented by the stars in the heavens, this light is manifested on Earth in the starfish. As above, so below. A figure of a man and woman sit in the center to feed our connections and relationships with others and connect more deeply from our hearts. Four white baby tulips reach out from this center in four directions. They represent purity and innocence as we extend our heart out into the world. An image of Christ surrounded in a halo holds the seed of Christ consciousness within each of us and sits above the heart. May we tap into our own capacity for unconditional love and walk without bearing harm in this world. The round gold halo symbolically reflects the heart of gold holding our despacho. Four angel cards sit in this despacho. STRENGTH. AIR. FORGIVENESS. NOW. May we receive the blessings of these words. The string represents the non linear direction of our heart. May we learn to trust the path of our heart, however winding or nonsensical it may feel. Honeycomb found on a visit to Lake Ontario is offered for sweetness and a remembering of our interdependence on all other things. At the bottom of the heart sits a bed of red rose petals representing the marrow of our Mother Earth. Rising up from this and around the heart are sweets so our hearts may be fed by true sweetness, the sweetness of divine nectar. Along each side of the heart are white feathers, placed as wings, so our hearts and prayers take flight. Space was intentionally left to give our hearts the space needed to hear the true calling of our heart. And a reminder that LOVE is SPACE.

May our hearts be fed with prayers of gratitude so Spirit may help us shape a life that nourishes us. 

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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~Welcome to the New Moon Despacho Ceremony for October 26th~

(Click on Image for More Detail)

~Create Sacred  Space~

~Perform Purification Ritual~

~Offer One Qintu (prayer holder) for Mother Earth with Prayers of Thanks~

~Offer Seven Qintus into which Prayers of Intent to Release the Victim, Powerlessness, Limited Belief are blown in~

~Blow Intent of Qintus into Image of Cuti Despacho~

~Prepare for Ayni Despacho Below~


(Refer to previous blog post GET READY FOR CEREMONY for further instruction if needed)


(Click on Image for More Detail) 

~Offer One Qintu (prayer holder) for Ayni Despacho with Prayers of Gratitude blown in~

~Blow Prayers of Gratitude into Image of Ayni Despacho~


~Bury or Burn All Qintus from CUTI DESPACHO and AYNI DESPACHO~
(Please note: Make sure to burn qintus from Cuti Despacho outside of your home, not in indoor fireplace) 

~Close Ceremony with a Prayer of Thanks~

(Both Despachos are held and anchored with the kuyas of my mesa)


Elements of Cuti (Kooti) Despacho: Our prayers are laying in a bed of salt and hot peppers to combust the heavy energy that gives shape and form to the victim, to places of powerlessness and limited belief. The intent of our despacho is held in the horseshoe crabs who to me represent the ancient roots of these paradigms in our systems. Black feathers take our prayers into the darkness of the unseen to transform. The gift of the snakeskin holds all within, offering the medicine of shedding that which no longer serves us.

Elements of Ayni Despacho: A winged maiden holding a cornucopia of Mother Earth’s bounty sits at the center of our Ayni Despacho. She is surrounded by a corn husk frame representing the lineage of this tradition. An abundance of flowers overflow representing beauty. Our intent of gratitude is held in a small heart stone in the center so our hearts may open to receive the blessings of gratitude. The base of our despacho is held in red rose petals to honor Mother Earth, or Pachamama, and also contains seeds for the blossoming of our prayers. Sugar and corn were laid around the center to feed our intentions with fruitful sweetness.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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