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The Full Moon in Capricorn is this Saturday, July 12th, bringing certain relationship dynamics to a head. Wherever communication has been lacking and emotions have been held in and back, prepare for whatever is pressing to come out on the table. Fortunately, Mars will also be trining loving Venus, which means if you are pure in your intentions to find a meeting ground and to resolve to evolve, your spirited talks will show the way.  Kristin Fontana, Evolutionary Astrologer


I recently returned to New York for the summer, grateful for the time and space to attempt to bring my book from chaos to order. Practices, rituals and ceremonies are woven throughout. As I was preparing for this upcoming full moon I thought to share an excerpt so you may use this time as an opportunity to transform your fears. For any ritual or ceremony, create a sacred space in whatever way feels natural to you. This can be as simple as lighting a candle or saying a prayer to align your intentions with the helping hand of Spirit.

Bring to mind a fear you would like to work with. Really give it full reign in your mind’s eye. Imagine the worst or recall memories or circumstances that validate your fear and offer proof that it is real. This allows you to feel it in your body. This fear can be energetically transferred through your breath to an element of nature. Use a stone and on your exhale empty all the energetic impressions that have laid a foundation of fear in your body into the stone.

Keep blowing into the stone until you have a sense of completion. Your stone is now holding this pattern. This fear code will be offered to the earth. Bury it if you like for the element of earth will compost the energetic vibrations. You may throw your stone in a moving body of water to cleanse and purify the energetic code of fear. This is a process that does not involve analysis of your fear the way therapy would but works beyond the mind at the level of vibration and frequency.

This clearing practice creates a vacuum in our luminous field as we begin to empty these energetic patterns of fear. In the presence of a void our energy field is going to look to fill that that space up. Our attachment to these patterns are often so strong and the roots go very deep that our field reshapes itself to the previous pattern. Once we release something we need to replace that with a new pattern. In this way we are rewiring our luminous field that in turn is informing and shaping our physical body.

How do we reinform our luminous field after a clearing? What is a simple and effective way to repattern the field after release? Notice what you would like to create or call into your life.

Abundance. Joy. A sense of purpose. Vitality or health. Balance. Prosperity.  

There is an endless source of qualities to be informed by other than fear. You can begin to reshape yourself with a new vibration with a very simple practice.

Our most primal sense is our sense of smell. We have lost touch with its significance but watch any animal and you will see the power of this sense at work.

Find an oil that uplifts you. Try clary sage, bergamot, lavender, sandalwood or myrrh. Apply under your nostrils. Mentally vibrate your intention as you breathe in deeply. Use a mantra or create an affirmation in the present tense. Your primal sense of smell bypasses all that is logical and of the mind and associates this scent with a new vibration.

An excerpt from forthcoming book, working title The Feminine Path to Enlightenment


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It is such an honor to offer this reading at the request of my dear lodge sister Carla Goddard, Shaman Medicine Woman, for her virtual Full Moon Healing Ceremony on Wednesday, November 28th.

I held a fire on Friday night, the 23rd, as I opened my mesa with the intention of asking what do those who are called to this fire need to see? My mesa lay open on Pachamama, under the night sky, one that brought rain and fierce winds by morning. All elements were present and accounted for!

There is a beauty and a mystery that burns within every soul that calls us to this fire. One that cannot be known through intellect. A calling that spans through time and space, through any perceived borders or boundaries. A call from all directions on our globe. There is no differentiation of race, creed or belief that determines the arrival of each soul to this sacred destination.

We have come for we are doing the work of the collective. Burning ancient roots embedded in both our personal and collective psyches. Burning mistaken identities of who we are. Burning ideas and beliefs of what does it mean to be spiritual. Burning masks of what we think our spiritual personas are supposed to be.

False and mistaken identities we have come to believe as truth. The limited versions of ourself. The overly nice parts of who we are. We have come to burn the shadows of our soul. Our demons are a part of our humanity that cannot be ignored, suppressed or denied for it is the demons of our darkness that are clamoring to the light. Hidden in fear for centuries, through eons of time.

This is what is deconstructing. This is what is called to the fire now. The longing of the lies to die. Our souls can no longer tolerate the lies we have told ourself, the lies imprinted upon us. We have lived with these lies for so long we are uncertain of who we are. Without these false cloaks of spiritual identity there is chaos. A deconstruction of what we think we know. And this is part of what calls us to this sacred flame.

Yet the fire also feeds our luminous body. It feeds our passions. It fuels the spiritual seeds of awakening just as water nourishes seeds planted in the belly of the Earth. Our spiritual seeds are awakened by fire. We are called to deconstruct. And we are called to rebirth. To become more intimate with the sacred fire that burns within each one of us. To learn the ways of tending our own sacred fire so our fires are not raging out of control. So we have enough resources to sustain and feed our fires. So we keep the eternal flame of our sacred fires burning in our hearts and bellies to feed our sacred purpose and our walk in the world. To feed and tend our relationships both with ourself and with those we are most intimate with. So that the fires within us do not consume the fires of another but rather feed and sustain the fires within every soul.

The shell at the bottom is off my mestana (textile). It speaks to the depths that are necessary. The depths of listening, the depths of vulnerability that we are being asked to surrender to in order to source from the deepest waters of mystery. The strategies we have used to control and manipulate the outcome are no longer sustainable to navigate the course of our life. We may believe we have given up all control. We are being asked to go deeper than ever before. Deeper into the unknown. We must be surprised, allow something new to arise and awaken from our depths or we are holding on to the safety of certainty.

Our vulnerability is the source of our truest power. Any place not in alignment will not be sustainable. This may appear as a crisis and create fear around a loss of control. But the crisis is an agitation of a state of being whose energetic vibration can no longer be sustained.

Our roots have anchored us to our past. Our roots have hidden in shadows. We may be blind to how our demons are informing our actions. We cannot change what has come before but if our roots are tangled in resentment, bitterness or anger we need to clear these channels so our roots are anchored in our power to create. Our channels to source are clear. We consolidate our creative power and channel that life force energy so we may align with our sacred purpose. We cultivate a sacred expression of our life in action.

Our source arises in stillness. Our inner authority is our guide. The direction we travel is one of depth. The depths we reach in silence and stillness are the depths to which we ride the rivers of our destiny.

This is what the kuyas speak.

Karen Chrappa

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Shamanic journeying accesses other levels of consciousness and puts you in communication with Spirit. Receiving information from these realms offers a higher and wider perspective from which to see your life journey.

The easiest way to enter these other dimensions is through the breath. And the most rapid dimension altering breath I have found is a circular one. Mouth open. Jaw soft. A continuous loop of breath in and out of the mouth until the veils between the worlds become thin.

Lay on the belly of Mother Earth. Send her your sorrows, your heartaches, your falsehoods and beliefs. Surrender them from your heart. Surrender them from your belly. Let her take the weight of these from you and offer them to her graces. Return to our Mother for healing all that no longer serves you.

With a sincere heart ask for a gift for your healing. Begin with your breath. Breathe in the love of our Mother. Breathe out and empty. As you enter the portal to Spirit notice images, sensations, feelings. Ride the breath on the wings of Spirit until you are met with surprise.

Under the Full Moon of Aries I lay belly to belly on the Earth with a call from my heart to find its way.

A circular breath in and out of my mouth. The life force of Pachamama draws in with each inhale. Every exhale I empty into her belly.

I ride the breath to a Spirit journey. Skipping over stones down, down, down a spiral path. I reach a stream and begin to float in its current. I am taken to a waterfall under which I sit. Washed clean and purified.

I travel through woods until I come across a corpse. It is me lying dead in the woods. My neck torn open in a gaping hole. Vultures meticulously eat away at my exposed flesh.

It is dark. I am running. Running as a wolf through woods I do not know. Confused and lost.

The pain of being lost, not knowing where I am going brings me to tears. Painful to be so alone, on my own, lost in the woods. An ancient cry of a lone wolf.

Exhaustion keeps me from running any further. I begin to drink from a nearby stream my exhaustion soothed by its waters. A reflection of my wolf face appears in the water. I lap this up. A love of self feeds me as I drink in this reflection. An act of tenderness full of self nurturing.

The weight of an ancient wound is heavy on my back. Doing everything on my own, always on my own. An isolating pain of this lone wolf met with more tears. Dropping like rain to the sands of Pachamama.

Wolves begin to appear around me. One at my side devoutly begins to lick my body. Again I cry. Tears of gratitude wash through me as I receive this blessing. Tasting love as never before. Every wound in my heart stroked clean with love.

Through tears of  gratitude for this unforeseen devotion I return these caresses sweeping my tongue over this beloved wolf until our necks intertwine. Our throats meet in a posture of deep vulnerability, exposed and open full in an ecstatic union of trust. I abandon to a depth of feeling never before known.

Ancient wounds of pain and isolation, devoid of self-worth are met with a deep vulnerability and uncharted trust.

My eyes open. Before me lies a small seed cracked open in the shape of a heart. I blow my prayers of gratitude for this journey, gratitude for Pachamama, gratitude for the tender love and healing of the Spirit wolves into this seed, this cracked open heart. I set them free to the flow of the tides.

I return to the beach that evening with my drum.

Under the full moon I call to Great Spirit.

I call to the belly of our Mother.

I call to the sacred and holy breath.

I call to the stillness of the waters.

I call to the Lightening flashing in the night sky.

I call to the Song of the Wolf beating in my heart.

I call to Ancient ones sparkling as Stars overhead.

I call beyond time.

A call beyond space.

I call from my heart.

A heart held in grace.

Be humble for you are made of Earth.
Be noble for you are made of Stars.
Serbian Proverb

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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