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“Let yourself be silently drawn
by the stronger pull of what you really love.”

photo by Don Myer

photo by Don Myer

I like to set an intention at the start of a new year carving a unifying theme on which to tread. It becomes an umbrella that ends up informing all other intentions as they arise. It comes to light from reflecting on what to cultivate to blossom more fully into my truth. What calls to me now is the intention of ease. Discerning this comes from seeing where ease is not.

During a recent journey I was propelling upstream as a Goddess statue much like an underwater torpedo. Fighting the current is not the easiest way to navigate. I came to realize how much I have been “efforting”. Not to mention the complete antithesis to all that is feminine but that my friends will have to wait for another blog post!

My tendency can run more towards “doing” rather than “being” but this is the year the direction changes. Ease offers a sense of going with the flow rather than launching forcibly upstream. Ease opens to an unfolding, a fundamental trust that all is happening in accordance with a divine mystery. Ease circumvents struggle, excessive effort, striving. There is no sense of having to “make” something happen. Ease will be the path on which this year treads.

“What would you like to call into your life? What would you like to cultivate? What are you ready to step into? You may already know what that it is, but if not, you can look at your life and see what is not working as a way to know what would serve you.

There may be fear about money, resources or job issues, rooted in a sense of lack. Rather than set an intention about wanting a certain amount of money or getting a specific job, let your intention be one of abundance. Allow abundance to begin to inform your life.

The demands of your life may weigh heavily on your time and health, leaving you overwhelmed and stressed. An intention could be to simplify or cultivate balance. An intention of optimum health or vitality may serve you. What would it feel like to live from that place in your life?

Perhaps you are not sure what your intention is. Maybe you are full of confusion and doubt. Set an intention of calling forth clarity or clear vision. Are you able to stand up for yourself, say no and create boundaries? Call forth self nurturing, self care or self worth. Do you value yourself? Do you need to claim your right to be here? Set an intention of stepping into your power or beauty or hold the intention of I am. Do you procrastinate and put things off? Set an intention of fortitude.”
excerpt from A Structure for Spirit)

As you strip these places to their essence you discover the heart of your intention. Set this in a word or two. Let this be the step on which your new year begins. What follows is the first practice from A Structure for Spirit on setting an intention.


  • Today you will set an intention for what you would like to create in your life. You can ask what would you like to receive or call into your life? Where would you like to create change? Are there issues that are weighing heavily in your life that are causing distress? What would you like to step into?
  • Take a moment to reflect on what you feel is not working in your life. List all the things you are not happy with, areas where you feel stuck, places that feel they will never change. Reflect on all aspects of your life as you do this: relationships, family, work, health, money, life purpose. Write your list here.
  • From this list of what is not working, notice what is causing the most distress for you. Is it unhappiness or dissatisfaction with work or relationships? Is there a lack of purpose or meaning in your life? Are you living in fear of not having enough money or resources? Does your life feel overwhelming, out of balance or stuck? Are you facing a health crisis? Do you live with chronic pain? As you feel and sense this distress in your life, notice how that feels in your body. Close your eyes as you sense any areas that feel tight or clenched. Do you notice anxiety or uneasiness? Are there places within that feel as if they are holding on or gripping? What does your overall mental and emotional state feel like as you call to mind this distress? Write what you notice in your body here.
  • If you were living without this distress, what might your life feel like? Close your eyes and notice how this feels. Do you sense any subtle shifts or changes in how your body feels as you move from thinking about the distress to imagining your life without the distress? Write what you notice here.
  • As you reflect on your insights from above, what would you like to create? What would you like to receive? What would you like to call into your life? Who are you ready to step into? What parts of yourself are you ready to reclaim? How do you want to walk through your life? What is at the essence of what you are seeking? Write your reflections here.
  • As you reflect on the answers from the question above, begin to simplify. Distill their essence into one or two words to create your intention for your life at this moment. Write your intention here.
  • At some point today find a stone that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Hold your intention as a thought. Breathe deeply into what you are feeling, thinking and sensing in your body in response to your intention. With a strong exhalation, blow what you are feeling and sensing from your body into your stone. Your breath energetically transfers your intention to this element of nature. You will then return this stone to the elements. If you live near a natural body of water, you can release it there. You can bury it in the Earth. This is your first step in releasing your intention and your attachment to its outcome. It begins your conversation with Spirit, your step into the realm of mystery, beyond the dimensions of your rational mind.
    (excerpt from A Structure for Spirit)

Let me know the intention on which your year treads.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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