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This image may be used as a tool for meditation to energetically encode
the vibration of gratitude within your luminous body.

Gaze with soft eyes and a relaxed breath for 5 minutes.

Cultivating a heart of gratitude breeds humility. Gratitude begins to dismantle the internal fight and conflict we wage against life so we are no longer in battle against what is.

Our heart stretches wider in appreciation for both the darkness and the light. This naturally creates a softening of our posture, a softening of our mind, a softening of the way we walk through the world, a softening of how we relate to others. Our hearts begin to rise in a song that celebrates our existence just as the bird sings to greet the morning.

Gratitude literally changes the way our cells vibrate thereby changing the way they interact with each other. Our physical body restructures. Gratitude strengthens our immune system. Gratitude influences the chemical solution in which our brains bathe altering moods and mindsets while adjusting the frequencies it transmits enhancing our ability to create and manifest.

The hearts of our modern-day world are not accustomed to this vibration. Our apologies and smiles are often devoid of feeling, forced and conditional. The false pretenses of thank you clang together in a hollow heart.

There is an attention and training required to cultivate the vibration of gratitude through a moment by moment practice. When we notice denser vibrations of resentment, anger, bitterness consuming our heart we give pause. We find one thing, one small thing in any given moment that we are grateful for, even if it is for the feeling we are experiencing in that moment. No matter how small, we begin to plant seeds of gratitude within our heart. On a frequent and daily basis these seeds begin to take root in order for our heart to rewire in the vibration of gratitude. It is this vibration that not only entrains the heart but influences our entire body down to the cellular and chemical make up of who we are.

Gratitude connects us to Pachamama, our Mother Earth and begins to feed and cultivate our relationship with her. We are collectively disconnected in our consciousness to the planet we live on. Gratitude begins to weave our luminous bodies more deeply to Mother Earth which in turn feeds our gratitude from the unconditional love from Pachamama. It is a source of sustaining our vibratory levels of gratitude through a reciprocal exchange with our own Earth Mother.

Gratitude makes us more receptive to information from both below us and above us. Gratitude grounds us more deeply to the Earth as well as opens channels to a higher source of wisdom above.

Gratitude consolidates other vibrations within it. Dense or heavy vibrations held within the vibration of gratitude become transformed altering the way we are seeing, perceiving and being in reality.

Masks and hidden agendas fall away no longer held in place by the vibration of gratitude. Gratitude creates simple and direct ways of relating from our heart to the world around us. Gratitude bypasses other methods of communication. Two people may not speak the same verbal language but if those hearts are meeting in gratitude there is an understanding and language of the heart that happens simply through the vibration of gratitude.

Gratitude brings beauty and sacredness to the world. Gratitude does not operate from a place of looking to get anything. A heart in gratitude offers unconditionally without discrimination or condition.

This is what the kuyas speak.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Artist Alice Popkorn

Artist Alice Popkorn

The human heart holds the wisdom of the ages. There is no affliction, no suffering, no ailment that the heart does not already know. Our wounded heart believes it must hide in darkness. We fear further rejection, a pain our heart fears it could not bear.

Yet we are also a divine heart, possessed with a wisdom that has already seen and already knows that which is hiding. The divine wisdom of the heart has the capacity to hold everything.

To integrate our personal heart with that of the collective asks us to embrace everything our heart is holding on to. Our task is to generate the capacity for our heart to hold it all.

So even when our heart meets a disappointment we say yes. When our heart meets a betrayal we say yes. When hope is lost and we are blinded by tears our heart resounds in yes.

It is this yes to our personal heart that opens it and stretches it beyond our wounds. We expand in order to merge with the divine heart. The heart of unconditional love.

The heart of unity.

The generous heart.

The compassionate heart.

These qualities land first in our own heart as a pathway beyond the illusion that we are separate.

Separate from our heart.

Separate from our soul.

Separate from the world in which we live.

To suppress or oppose the pain of our heart only serves to intensify what we are feeling. To deny that which is a part of us creates an internal conflict and perpetuates the pain of separation.

Yes nurtures the seeds of our divine heart.

Yes offers a way through.

The work of our heart requires courage. It asks us to take a leap of faith. We must trust in order to stretch our heart open even wider.

Let our hearts open wide to meet the collective call of the Divine. Let our hearts rise into all that is. All that we are.

Hear the yes in your heart.

The time is now.

To say yes.


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Remember the delight in finding dandelions as a child? What did you do when you found one? You blew the wild imagination of your heart into its seeds.

And then what happened?

Off they went, set free in the wind, scattered to unknown places over the Earth.

There was never any worry about when your dreams would happen. There was never any fear about not having enough resources to make your dreams a reality. You made a wish from the innocence of your heart.

This is how the Shaman prays. The intent is offered to the elements of nature riding on your breath to Spirit. In the tradition of the Q’eros, the Shamans of the Andes, prayers are blown into cocoa leaves, then burned in a fire, buried in the Earth or offered to the wind or waters.

We have forgotten this way of praying, this way of the Shaman. In your heart you know this way. We are all at our very heart a Shaman, one who is connected to Earth and Spirit.

IMG_3543.JPGSo go ahead.

Make a wish.

Do you think because you are all grown up this way of praying does not work anymore? Have you tossed it aside because you feel it is useless?

What has been cast aside is your heart. What has been cast aside is your joy. What has been cast aside is your wild imagination.

What has become of your dreams?

So go ahead.

Make a wish.

With all your heart. It is that simple.

Let your dreams take flight on the joy of your breath. Let them ride on the winds of trust. Set them free on the heart of faith.

Go ahead.

Make a wish.

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Our hearts natural resting place is one of unconditional love or what shamans call Munay. When we are in conflict with someone or create a position against someone a knot is created in our own heart. This knot energetically pinches the flow of love through our heart. Knots of anger, hatred, bitterness, pride, envy, superiority, arrogance, contempt, judgment or whatever is knotting up our heart is what ripples into the world. We become the perpetrators of what we are fighting against meeting anger with anger or hate with hate. The external conflict that we believe to be the fault of someone else is living somewhere within our own heart.

I discovered one such knot. Tightly woven against my mother.

As I journey into the waters of my life I am swimming in a vast open sea, moving further and further away from the shore in a series of steady, deliberate strokes. An island of sand with a single palm tree appears ahead. It offers respite. A place to pause. As I sit, dolphins appear swimming in playful circles around this small island.

This journey is a reflection of my life as I am moving further into the unknown. One such reflection of this journey is a literal move. From New York to Florida. Further and further away from the shore. I was born in New York City. I have never lived more than 50 miles from its hub. Over the past few months I have been traveling south, exploring new landscapes along the Gulf Coast. Slow and deliberate strokes.

On my last visit my mother invited me to stay with her until I find a place of my own. She extends her hand. A small island offering respite.

It has been many decades since I have lived with my mother. And I do not remember setting an intention to live with her again. Although the years have brought much healing and reconciliation to the relationship with my mother, a part of my heart has kept its distance. Holding a posture of I do not need you. My heart locked in pride and arrogance.

But now a hand is reaching out to me. And I humbly meet it with a hand of my own. As my knot unravels I see the harm my knot has perpetuated. The pain of separation this throne of arrogance has wreaked. My only action is to bow in humility for keeping my mother at a distance. For in rejecting the heart of my mother, I reject a part of every woman I know. The hearts of my sisters, my daughters and even my own.

As my heart unlocks a channel opens. A flow of love and light is felt. My heart rests in its natural state of Munay, unconditional love. Our relationship has drifted into unknown waters. How this may shape itself I do not know.

In the uncertainty of my life as I know it I am surrounded by dolphins. They are my lifeline, holding me in an unwavering circle of joy. My heart is uplifted in a desire for playfulness.

I am swimming in unknown waters. Moving further and further away from the shore.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Artist Alice Popkorn

Artist Alice Popkorn

When the needs of the heart go unmet, the pain can be excruciating. In order to cope with feelings that overwhelm or threaten survival, elaborate strategies are constructed to compensate. A common tactic to insure survival is to abandon our own heart in an illusionary attempt to avoid the pain we feel. Maybe if I pretend I have no heart it won’t hurt so much. We lose a part of our vital life force energy. A loss of our Soul occurs.

If we fear that what we need we will not receive, our efforts are used to keep the feelings of our heart under control. We learn to manipulate the emotions of others in order to get what we want, inflict guilt or shame to coerce another to get the love and attention we seek. We learn to smile without any feeling for a false sense of approval. This begins an interplay of how our masculine energy of action and will meets our feminine energy of emotion and feeling.

This coping strategy is similar to a software program in that it downloads information into the hard drive of the physical body. In response to the vibrations of the program, the body will shape itself in a certain way. Anger, bitterness, despair, despondency vibrate at much lower frequencies and create a density in the body as compared to the higher vibrations of love, gratitude and compassion. If we are attempting to control our rage or sorrow, enormous tensions are required in muscles and tissues to restrain these energies and keep them from flowing. Constrictions may be noted in and around the heart, chest and jaw. Our movements may be become stiff or painful. The energy demands required to keep ineffective coping strategies running are tremendous and place excessive strain on our organs. All systems in our body are affected; digestion, respiratory, immune, musculoskeletal. These tensions and knots that initially serve to suppress pain in our body and numb what we are feeling ultmately become perpetrators to the pain they are looking to avoid.

We are often blind to the awareness that these programs are even running.

Artist Kevron

Artist Kevron

When we step into ceremony we are essentially updating our software progams. We are setting in motion, through our intention and work with the divine intelligence of Spirit, different programs that are ultimately downloaded into our physical body. Our body begins to restructure itself to organize around this new information. This is not always comfortable. We are birthing into the unknown. And like any birth it can come with pain. You may notice aches, pains or stiffness that arise out of nowhere, and just as randomly disappear. Disturbances of sleep and digestion can be common. Having a physical practice is so supportive, especially during this time of rebalancing. Any practice that uses intentional movement or integrates energy with movement of the physical body, such as yoga, tai chi, dance, martial arts, is so important with ceremony work because we are ultimately affecting changes in the physical body.

The healing tonic of a walk in Nature cannot be underestimated.

Emotional and mental agitations may increase as energy moves and shifts. Meditation is essential to help bring stillness to these waters. It allows us to ride these waves of turbulence as a witness rather than being swallowed whole and consumed by them. Diva Carla, Sacred Lodge Sister of We the Women, is generously sharing two healing meditations for women and men taking part in the New Moon Sacred Union Despacho. These rituals support your process of integration and are resources for sexual empowerment. For women she offers the recording of a Women’s Self-Love Ritual connecting a woman to her Sacred Feminine Power Source at the center of the Wheel of Life. For Men she offers the gift of the King’s Self-Love meditation, which connects a man to his inner masculine fire, the archetypes of Mars and Jupiter and the relationship to the Sacred Feminine. There is medicine for women to hear the men’s meditation and for men to also hear the women’s meditation. Give yourself the gift of these meditations as you integrate the powerful work of this ceremony.

Let us recognize not only the sacredness of ceremonial work but the divine interconnection this creates with all of our being, especially the divine temple in which we reside.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Seeing life as black or white lets us know something is certain,
drawing a hard line in our heart.
To drop this position we are left with with not knowing.

It is here,
in this uncertainty,
our most tender heart lies.

May the hard lines we draw between others,
between countries,
between races and creeds,
dissolve in the tenderness of an uncertain heart.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Fresh Air
Morning Practice
Restorative Yoga
Bare Feet on Sand
Soul Community

A simple list.

I intend for this list to grow. Add something new everyday if I can.
I invite you to do the same. Start noticing, each and every day, what nourishes you.

What puts a smile in your heart?
What gets your juices flowing?
What brings you to center?
What stills your mind?
What calms your heart?
What connects you more deeply to your body?
What connects you more deeply to Spirit?
What brings your life a sense of purpose and meaning?

We will bring this list to our next New Moon Despacho.
We will feed, in ceremony, what nourishes us.
Let Spirit guide us to shape a life
that nourishes each and every one of us,
each and every day.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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