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Al·che·my [al-kuh-mee] 

  1. any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value. 

With my heart feeling much like the ash left after burning our Cuti Despahco, I journey for guidance. “Shamanic journeying is a tool that accesses information at the level of the energetic and puts you in communication with Spirit. Processing and accessing information from this higher perspective re-informs your life in an efficient manner. Shamans work to create healing and transformation at the material level by creating change at the level of the energetic.” (excerpt from A Structure for Spirit)

My heart has been laden with loss since the breakup with my boyfriend. It took a long time to even call him that. I was divorced about 4 years when we met. I was not attracted at first. Our relationship grew slowly. Our time together was a magical mix of deep friendship, erotic lovemaking, poetry, ceremony and heartache. With him I learned to drop the control of manipulation that had previously steered my relationships and surrender to the unfolding of magic. He has been my most dear and divine lover. Now it is over, my heart burnt to ash. Times like these call for a shamanic journey.

A shamanic journey expands our ability to see our life from a perspective both higher and wider than ordinary realms of consciousness. We travel to the extraordinary realms of Spirit consciousness. When we are lost in the day to day survival of living or are trying to heal a broken heart, we are blinded by our fear and our pain. Our vision is limited. The shamanic journey expands our way of seeing. This information, like a blessing, showers down on our life.

A shamanic journey is like following a trail, driven by your intent. You may find yourself walking along the roots of a tree which take you to a river where you are met by a guide who takes you to Eagle where you fly to mountaintops. On this particular journey, my intent was to find what my heart needed for healing. And so it went. I follow the tracks. Eventually I am led to a clearing. My head is shaved, my body scrubbed and covered in mud. I am laid on the Earth. Hands begin chipping away at the black, dead wood sitting at the base of my heart. It cracks open. A smooth, golden liquid is poured in. It fills my entire body. This golden liquid transmutes into a precious metal. I have found, through this journey, what I am looking for. In my heart sits pure gold.

Alchemy. A magical process of transmuting something of little value into a substance of great value. This journey has taken me through an alchemy of heart. The burnt wood and ash at the center of my heart are of little value. Their purpose already served in fire. Through this journey I receive pure gold, a precious metal. Yet it is the broken heart that holds the magical power. Our pain is there to crack us open. For therein lies the gateway to gold.

My heart is not yet empty of grief but its load is lighter.

I am re-informed by a new mantra.

I have a heart of pure gold!

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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What might your life look like,

If you were to discover,

At your very core,

A Heart

Made of pure GOLD?

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit 

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I am inspired by the many souls that gathered through the synchronicity of heart to meet for our most recent New Moon Despacho. Profound shifts in awareness and healing were shared in these virtual realms of ceremony. Creation is evolving more rapidly than ever. The Despacho accelerates our intentions even more. Shifts from ceremony can be quick and severe in order for us to awaken in our own consciousness. Allow everything to happen and trust in Divine Order. To be reborn, we must also die.

Meditation is essential in these times of great change.

As we step from the fire of ceremony, with the moon waxing into fullness, we walk straight to our heart. As I sat with our Despachos through the dark of three nights, messages came through to show us the way. Restoring the right relationship of our heart, or what shamans call ayni, is what is being asked now. Purification, nourishment, gratitude and stillness will shape our practices until the next New Moon.

  • How can we ground gratitude in our bodies so it does not exist simply as a concept?
  • How can the embodiment of gratitude guide our walk so we may be of service in the world?
  • What do we need to align with stillness to receive what we need?
  • How do we stretch our hearts wider to find the softness of our vulnerability?
  • How do we manifest our heart in the world?

These questions spoke through our despachos. The divination of ash concurred as well. On the fourth night, our Despachos were offered to the fire. Here, in the ashes, Spirit showed us the way. At the level of the heart chakra, a black hole sits. To the right, where we manifest, lies a long dark log. The reading of the ashes reveal this relationship between what sits in our heart and what we create in our life. What fills this black hole, this black hole in our heart? Here we are still clearing.

Ashes after Fire Ceremony

These questions will guide us as we prepare for our next New Moon Despacho. Our practices will emphasize the feeding of our hearts. Reflect on what nourishes you, mind, body, soul.

Pay attention to the foods you eat, the thoughts you tell yourself. Where are you in alignment with your heart? Where are you not? Look to what you are creating in your life to show you the way. Honor what is dying in order to be reborn. Let us come into deeper conversation with our most tender and vulnerable heart so we may fill the black hole with the blessings of gratitude.

Continue clearing all attachments to the victim. Clear from your system anything that gets in the way of being in right relationship with your own heart. Here is a simple purification ritual to make part of your daily practice:

“Using sea salt during your shower is a powerful purification and energy cleansing practice. Start by stepping under the shower to wet your body. As you step out from under the water, scrub your entire body with fine sea salt with the strong intention of clearing anything from your system that no longer serves you. Scrub vigorously while you hold the intention of clearing the energetic patterns that have created the old stories, belief systems and ways of being that you want to release. You can work with a specific and personal intention such as clearing anger or resentment towards someone. Spend a few minutes with this process so that every part of your body feels clear. Follow your sea salt scrub by standing under the shower as you feel the water wash these patterns from your very essence. Thank the waters for their cleansing and purification with your prayers.” (excerpt from “A Structure for Spirit”)

This time of ceremony was powerful for me. In my next post I will share my own experiences of death and rebirth. Stay tuned for practices to nourish the right relationship of heart so we may embody gratitude to guide our path of service in the world.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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