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Remember the delight in finding dandelions as a child? What did you do when you found one? You blew the wild imagination of your heart into its seeds.

And then what happened?

Off they went, set free in the wind, scattered to unknown places over the Earth.

There was never any worry about when your dreams would happen. There was never any fear about not having enough resources to make your dreams a reality. You made a wish from the innocence of your heart.

This is how the Shaman prays. The intent is offered to the elements of nature riding on your breath to Spirit. In the tradition of the Q’eros, the Shamans of the Andes, prayers are blown into cocoa leaves, then burned in a fire, buried in the Earth or offered to the wind or waters.

We have forgotten this way of praying, this way of the Shaman. In your heart you know this way. We are all at our very heart a Shaman, one who is connected to Earth and Spirit.

IMG_3543.JPGSo go ahead.

Make a wish.

Do you think because you are all grown up this way of praying does not work anymore? Have you tossed it aside because you feel it is useless?

What has been cast aside is your heart. What has been cast aside is your joy. What has been cast aside is your wild imagination.

What has become of your dreams?

So go ahead.

Make a wish.

With all your heart. It is that simple.

Let your dreams take flight on the joy of your breath. Let them ride on the winds of trust. Set them free on the heart of faith.

Go ahead.

Make a wish.

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