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I was wading through the waters along the rocky shores of Long Island with an intent of prayer and cleansing during our New Moon ceremony. A little boy of about four fearlessly ran barefoot over shells and rocks straight into the water. He was kicking and splashing and playing as if the water was another child he had just met on the playground.

The poetry of Kahlil Gibran came to mind…

“Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play with your hair.”

A few moments later adults descended. Get out of the water! You are getting your clothes all wet. Put your shoes back on. Your feet are going to get hurt. With grown ups towered over him the little boy stood defenseless while chastised for his behavior. Playtime came to an end.

What I have come to see as the root to most people’s pain and illness is a disconnection from the healing and life sustaining force lying right beneath our feet. For twenty five years I have seen people with pain in their bodies. And it doesn’t matter if the pain is in their feet or their neck. The problem is we are not connected to the Earth. Oh we walk along the ground to get where we need to go but in subtle and overt ways we learn that the Earth is not a safe place so best to retreat from her belly.

I was encouraging a client with chronic pain to walk barefoot on the Earth. She shared how she was beaten as a child for walking barefoot. She had stepped on a nail and the ensuing hardship of doctor care and expenses unleashed the wrath of her mother’s own fears upon her. Not only did my client suffer the pain of a nail in her foot but the trauma was compounded by a lesson literally beaten into her. The Earth is not safe for danger lurks right below our feet.

We have all received this message in one way or another. This disconnection appears as a violation of trust. If we cannot trust that the Earth is safe, that we will be provided for and that our needs will be met, how do we expect to cultivate this feeling within ourself? Our own body becomes fraught with fear. If we cannot live outside on the Earth or inside of our bodies, where do we go?

The strategies we use to avoid both the body of the Earth and the body in which we dwell creates much of the pain and suffering. Muscles have to literally shape themselves into twisted knots in order to withdraw from the ground beneath us.

For to trust in the Earth is to relax in our own body. To trust in the Earth is to believe that we are provided for fully and completely. To trust in the Earth is to delight in her elements.

I could not do much for the little boy that day but I said a prayer of thanks for his Spirit message. A prayer to each child. A prayer for every heart. To remember to delight with bare feet on her belly. To remember how much Pachamama longs to have us play on her Earth.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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