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There was a time in our history when we, as humans, lived in harmony with the rhythm of Nature. We tracked the heavens and followed the guidance of stars. From ancient Wisdomkeepers systems of healing and enlightenment have been mapped for us to follow.

Although we may have lost touch with lunar cycles and bemoan the force of Nature when it interferes with our own, we are still intimately woven into the mystical matrix of Heaven and Earth. As our individual consciousness is entwined within infinite consciousness we have the ability to source and create from this ancient portal of wisdom. One such tool to open that portal is the shaman’s mesa.

A shaman’s mesa is used for healing, divination, prayer and ceremony. A mesa deepens the awareness of non-ordinary states of reality. It is a spiritual anchor that keeps us grounded. Building a personal mesa is a journey of transformation that will deepen your connection to Mother Earth and heighten awareness to the rhythms and cycles of your own true Nature.

I am honored and humbled to share this first ever Mesa Building Journey with you as called by the Santa Tierras, the ancient feminine Spirits of the land. Each journey will take place over 40 days throughout each of Nature’s seasons. You are welcome to participate in one or all four seasons as you are called.

Our first journey will begin in Winter on January 10, 2015 and run until February 20th.

During this 40 day cycle you will receive all of the teachings, practices and information listed below by weekly emails. The group will close with ceremony on February 20th however you are free to continue with the process taking as much time as needed allowing you to work at a pace that suits your schedule and lifestyle.

Some of the practices are sequential in nature, meaning you will need to complete one before moving on to the next, but that will be included when you receive your emails each week.

We begin building our mesa by discovering a stone or kuya. These will be found in Nature or you may already have a stone or crystal you want to work with. Through a heart centered meditation we will set a personal intention to be held in our kuyas to guide us through this 40 day cycle.

I will open our journey with a despacho or prayer offering to align our intentions with the wisdom of Winter and call on the guidance of Pachamama and Spirit.

Each week instruction and practices on working with your kuyas will be sent via email in video, audio or written format depending on the information. This allows you to participate on your own time and schedule.

 Our Teachings for the Winter Season will include: 

  • Setting a Personal Intention to Guide Your Journey
  • Opening Sacred Space
  • Creating an Altar
  • Shamanic Journey to meet a Spirit Ally
  • Clearing and Purification Practices
  • Using Your Kuya for Prayer, Healing and Divination
  • How to Use Your Kuya in Day to Day Life
  • Caring for Your Kuya
  • Kundalini Meditation/Daily Practice
  • Journaling Assignments
  • Personal and Collective Despacho Ceremony

Establishing a daily practice during this time with your kuya and a Kundalini meditation is highly recommended and instruction will be provided. The specific meditation we will use will help release old patterns and habits thereby opening pathways for allowing what we need into our lives.

Space for questions and sharing will be provided through a closed Facebook group and via email. Although we will be working individually, our journey is amplified by the collective like-minded intention of a group, uplifting each other and exponentially increasing the power of our individual process.

If you are in Northern New Mexico, we will open our journey by gathering on Saturday, January 10, 2015 to meet our kuyas in an arroyo in Abiquiu where few travel. This journey began through the stones gifted to me in this very same place.

Registration for the 40 day online course in the Winter season is $40.00 through paypal. Your registration insures you receive the weekly curriculum via email. Click here to register. 


To participate in the Arroyo Gathering in Abiquiu on January 10th, a $25.00 donation is suggested through paypal. Click here to join. Further information, including directions, will be provided once your donation is received. 


I am deeply grateful to share this unique, first time ever process with you to deepen our connection to the unconditional love of our Earth Mother for individual and collective healing and transformation.

Thank you for sharing!

May all love surround you.

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As I opened my mesa before practice this morning an intuitive arrangement of kuyas (stones) aligned in response to my question. What do I need to see about intention? What message did my mesa hold on intention?

Our intentions anchor our energy in a specific alignment. What are our intentions anchored in? Where do our intentions arise from? It is important to create an alignment of our heart when we create an intention.

Intentions that arise from the heart align with beauty within us and bring a sharing of beauty from our heart out into the world. We can ask ourselves do our intentions bring more beauty to the world to know whether they are in right relationship with our heart.

Are our intentions clear? Clarity is needed to create alignment of our intentions with the Divine.

Intentions that arise from the heart with clarity and beauty align us with the Divine, connect to a lineage, to Spirit, to ancestors, to time and space that is beyond this moment. A link from what starts in our heart and creates beauty, visions that hold clarity, connect us to the intelligent matrix, the oneness of existence.

Clear intentions born from our heart bring a sense of balance to our energy. A balance of feminine and masculine, yin and yang, being and doing, giving and receiving, dark and light. All aspects of duality come into balance through intentions of the heart. This is another way intention anchors our energy.

This is what the kuya speaks.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure of Spirit

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A mesa is a medicine bundle often referred to as a shaman’s altar used for healing, ceremony, prayer and divination. Sacred objects are wrapped within the mestana, a woven cloth, the most powerful of which are kuyas. Kuyas are stones received through rites, initiations and passages of healing. I first began building my mesa with Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body School. Since traveling to Peru my mesa has transformed and currently holds kuyas gifted through the karpays and initiations from shamans of the high Andes as well as Pachamama herself.

My heart is moving through many shifts as it heals and integrates through this compelling time of life transition. I turn to my mesa to speak to the wholeness of the heart. The kuya that came forward was received on my last journey to Peru gifted by Don Andreas from the holy mountain Ausangate.

I read the stone by blowing in with my breath the intention of the reading. Holding the stone I begin to notice marks, shapes, images, textures. These impressions from the literal level of perception lead to a mythic understanding and awareness. What I notice in one reading is completely different than what I may notice in another reading with the very same stone.

This particular kuya is four sided. At the top of each side of the stone is a white peak resembling a mountaintop. Below the white mountaintop on one side of the stone is a gray and mottled pattern of dark spots in all different shapes and sizes letting us know the wholeness of our heart is held in all our experiences including the darkness. The journey to the mountain top is not straight and narrow as noted by the mottled pattern. Everything that happens to us as we journey toward the peaks of consciousness is necessary for our awakening. Once we respect and honor the journey as integral to our awakening we begin to drop the destination and recognize it is all part of our own evolution.

Another side of the kuya reveals many, many faces woven together below the white mountain peak. The faces of our ancestors. We do not stand alone as our ancestors are intimately woven into our journey. They are longing for our connection. Part of our journey includes making peace with our ancestors as they long to make peace with us as well. Anger or sorrows that bind us to our past hampers our own evolution. It is difficult to move forward carrying the weight of what has come before us.

The ascension to the mountaintop of consciousness is part of the whole. The whole is not the ascension. It is easy to place all of our desires on the mountaintop and lose sight of the journey but the mountaintop is just a part of the whole. It is not the whole.

All journeys have rough spots and edges. Let us remember to be tender. No one is given a smooth path to travel. The more we can bring a tenderness to our own journey the more we can respect with tenderness the journey of every other soul.

This is what the kuya speaks.

AHO my friends!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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