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As much as I love meditating and spend time each day doing it I could never make it through an entire weekend of sitting were it not for a community of like minded Souls dedicated to the very same thing.

Although there was no “theme” for the weekend sesshin that just ended a clear message rang through. It feels worth sharing since this message seems to come through time and again from various, unrelated sources.

Although the retreat this weekend was silent words are spoken during teisho, teachings by the Roshi, and daisan, individual meetings with the teacher. Messages are also received as a felt sense or knowing that comes from the stillness of mind that settles through a group that sits together for an extended time.

From a story of building a zendo in Staten Island after 9/11 to the travels of dust from Africa to North America the theme that emerged through our time of retreat was interdependence. We may still hold fast to the stoic belief I can do it myself but the truth is we accomplish very little on our own. Each of is a unique indivdiual with an authentic expression of who we are and we are empowered in community.

Empty Zendo at Breakfast Time

Empty Zendo at Breakfast Time

During sesshin each individual sits on their own cushion doing their own work. Yet what each individual accomplishes in a sangha or community is far greater than what could be done on their own. It is very difficult, and as for myself impossible to sit for the duration of a weekend if I was attempting to do that on my own. This power of community that shows up in meditation influences all areas of life.

The time of the Lone Ranger is over. Any attachments we have to being an island unto ourself are done. What matters now in the evolution of consciousness is interdependence.

Nature has always known this. Roshi went to great lengths to illustrate this point of interdependence while talking about dust. Dust? Who talks about dust? For most dust is nothing but a nuisance or the catalyst for an allergic reaction. The Scientific Journal studied the significance of dust from a forsaken desert in Africa. When wind currents are just the right speed that dust travels to deposit minerals to fertilize farmland in North America. It is also responsible for the formation of clouds that bring rain. Dust in Africa feeds agriculture on another continent thousands of miles away. Nature knows this deep and intimate interdependence.

Now it is our turn. What we do matters. If we want to dream a different world into being we can not do it alone. I extend an invitation to the upcoming Full Moon Healing Ceremony to join a powerful community of Shamans, Reiki Masters, Medicine Women, Energy Healers, Priestesses, Sister Tribes and Prayer Warriors who will be collectively supporting and empowering your own healing through Ancient Shamanic Ceremony, Prayer Bundles and Distant Healing.

Stay tuned my friends as I share in my next blogpost how the power of community has impacted my dreams.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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