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A mesa is a medicine bundle often referred to as a shaman’s altar used for healing, ceremony, prayer and divination. Sacred objects are wrapped within the mestana, a woven cloth, the most powerful of which are kuyas. Kuyas are stones received through rites, initiations and passages of healing. I first began building my mesa with Alberto Villoldo’s Healing the Light Body School. Since traveling to Peru my mesa has transformed and currently holds kuyas gifted through the karpays and initiations from shamans of the high Andes as well as Pachamama herself.

My heart is moving through many shifts as it heals and integrates through this compelling time of life transition. I turn to my mesa to speak to the wholeness of the heart. The kuya that came forward was received on my last journey to Peru gifted by Don Andreas from the holy mountain Ausangate.

I read the stone by blowing in with my breath the intention of the reading. Holding the stone I begin to notice marks, shapes, images, textures. These impressions from the literal level of perception lead to a mythic understanding and awareness. What I notice in one reading is completely different than what I may notice in another reading with the very same stone.

This particular kuya is four sided. At the top of each side of the stone is a white peak resembling a mountaintop. Below the white mountaintop on one side of the stone is a gray and mottled pattern of dark spots in all different shapes and sizes letting us know the wholeness of our heart is held in all our experiences including the darkness. The journey to the mountain top is not straight and narrow as noted by the mottled pattern. Everything that happens to us as we journey toward the peaks of consciousness is necessary for our awakening. Once we respect and honor the journey as integral to our awakening we begin to drop the destination and recognize it is all part of our own evolution.

Another side of the kuya reveals many, many faces woven together below the white mountain peak. The faces of our ancestors. We do not stand alone as our ancestors are intimately woven into our journey. They are longing for our connection. Part of our journey includes making peace with our ancestors as they long to make peace with us as well. Anger or sorrows that bind us to our past hampers our own evolution. It is difficult to move forward carrying the weight of what has come before us.

The ascension to the mountaintop of consciousness is part of the whole. The whole is not the ascension. It is easy to place all of our desires on the mountaintop and lose sight of the journey but the mountaintop is just a part of the whole. It is not the whole.

All journeys have rough spots and edges. Let us remember to be tender. No one is given a smooth path to travel. The more we can bring a tenderness to our own journey the more we can respect with tenderness the journey of every other soul.

This is what the kuya speaks.

AHO my friends!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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