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I was not planning on a ceremony when I entered the woods today but that is what happened. My heart has been heavy with grief over the past few months as many things have been swept clean from my life. Lately it felt like I was coming to the other side but this morning there it was again. My heart heavy with sorrow and tears.

A walk in a nearby woods is a daily tonic. Shortly after entering this sweet nature preserve near my home (I live in the suburbs of NYC where nature is carefully doled out in parcels) a small stone seemed to light up in front of me. I picked it up and began praying. This way of praying by blowing my breath into a stone is not the way I grew up praying but one I have learned from the Shamans of Peru. This way of praying has changed my life and shaped my Soul.

I hold the stone with an endearing gratitude for taking this heavy, dense energy, or hucha from me. I spend the next half hour or so walking through the woods, blowing my breath, and my prayers into the stone, emptying the hucha of my heart. Prayers are sent by exhaling into the stone with intention. I ask the stone to hold the energetic impressions that inform my body with this grief, the patterns that have been laid down in my DNA, my cellular essence. As I keep blowing and holding an intention of clearing, tears come and tears go. Other sensations arise. Another awareness of what needs to be emptied comes through. Everything is offered to the stone. Everything is a prayer. And everything is held in gratitude. 

A man made jetty stretches into the water. For all the years I have walked here I have never ventured out. Today I do. To release the stone as deeply to the water as I can, to be cleansed and purified. It is a bit cold and a bit windy this February afternoon but the sun is shining. There is some trepidation climbing over the rocks but this effort is part of the offering, part of the exchange with Spirit.

At the jetty’s end the rock is thrown into the water with such love for the cleansing the waters offer. Thank you Mama Cocha for washing clean my sorrows. Thank you to the waters for washing me clean.

I lower myself to sit in the rocks, face turned to the Sun. Thank you to our nearest Star for informing my luminous body, informing my cellular body, informing my DNA with your light. Thank you for penetrating the darkness so my heart and mind may awaken.

Immersed in the elements I come into balance. Earth. Water. Fire. Air. I have been hollowed out a bit more deeply.

I share this not so much as a recipe for ceremony but rather as an invitation to trust the conversations with Spirit, the guidance from Nature.

For these gestures are the conversation.

These actions deepen our trust.

I did not plan a ceremony today. I have never done a ceremony exactly this way before. And this ceremony will not repeat itself in just this way again.

Is there a ceremony in your heart today?

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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