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photo 1As a group of women gathered under the light of the full moon in New York, a man in New Mexico quietly prepared the way for ceremony. Most of our evolutionary conversation speaks to the awakening of the feminine yet the cosmos aligned under a super full moon to tend to the wounds of the masculine.

As the moon waxed towards fullness I wanted my kuyas, the medicine stones of my mesa, to sit on Pachamama to guide our full moon fire ceremony. I was in New York. My mesa was in New Mexico.

The mandala of kuyas was laid on the earth just as I had asked. My visioning stone was placed on top of a selenite wand facing the Dark Mountain in a call to the Apus. Beneath the wand lay a heart-shaped kuya from the holy mountain Ausangate holding the spirit of a warrior. Offering support at the bottom were three kuyas with turquoise stones placed on top aligning Earth and Sky.

I envisioned this mandala as a source of guidance for our ceremony but never expected it to look the way it did as it lay on the Earth. A lingam was created or more loosely translated, a penis. I was hesitant to share the mandala of my mesa as embarrassment shrouded my vision from public view.

A ceremony begins long before a gathering takes place. As this powerful phallic symbol sat on the Earth I began to feel its strength. During my morning practice my body had become the mandala. Sitting strong in lotus I felt a deep connection to the Earth. My arms reached to sky with fingers pointed as my visioning stone. My spine felt clear as the selenite wand. I embodied the energetic vibration as the pure essence of direction and the steadfastness of one pointed focus.

I embodied the power of the masculine.

As this sense of pure direction landed in my body, the awareness of how I was directing my own masculine energy became apparent. Like a sword I had turned its direction against myself to control my own feelings and shape my feminine to hide her power.

As our sisterhood gathered that night for ceremony an altar was built with flowers gathered from gardens tended with love.


Building Altar


Altar of Flowers, Feathers, Crystals and Stones In Front of Fire Pit


Flower Offerings Held Prayers of Gratitude

We prayed for our Earth Mother and birth Mother. We prayed for our sisters and daughters. We prayed for our grandmothers. We prayed to empty our hearts of the wounds held in our relationships with all women.

We prayed to the Father, the power of the Sun as sustainer of all life, to the Father that created us. To our husbands and lovers. We prayed to our brothers and grandfathers. We prayed to empty our hearts of the wounds held in our relationships with all men.

We prayed to build a bridge in our own heart between masculine and feminine. We prayed to heal our own wounds so that we may be the peacekeepers, the healers, the lovers, the visionaries that build bridges between all hearts.

We prayed with the fire in New York as my mesa was lovingly tended by a man in New Mexico building bridges between Earth and Sky under the Light of the Full Moon.


Rose Petals for Blessing after Fire Clearing

Creating Sacred Space with Song of Gratitude
words and music by Kailey Wildflowers, my niece, (a very proud Aunt!)

Mesa Mandala on Earth in New Mexico facing Dark Mountain
Footnote to Howl by Allen Ginsberg

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In the midst of intense ceremonial space, I am fortunate to walk along the majestic Atlantic today. Here in New York the beach season has come to a close. It is my favorite time to visit; long stretches of empty sand sprinkled with nothing but feathers, clam shells, seagulls and sandpipers. I run with smooth sand under bare feet. I am grateful for this time to be so alone and so at one. One of the very first things I see as I head towards the shore is a horseshoe crab. Immediately I smile. Spirit is with us my friends! Spirit is with us! (Not sure why a horseshoe crab would make me smile? See previous blog post Open for Ceremony)

Horseshoe crabs are littered everywhere along the shoreline. In my next few steps a strong and beautiful feather lies waiting. I know this will hold our forgotten prayers for our Cuti Despacho. We are gifted with not one, but dozens of feathers along the beach. I collect them all. Pure white ones to include in our Ayni Despacho. Some for a later time. For me, feathers are always a gift from Spirit. Spirit is with us my friends!

Chanting a ceremonial song I am cleansed by winds offshore. Sun peaks through clouds reminding me of my own light, always there, even when hidden behind clouds of darkness. We bring these dark clouds to our Cuti Despacho. Our dark clouds of not enough and poor me that get in the way of our own light. Our power is our light. Just as dark clouds of sky do not annihilate the sun, our own dark clouds are simply masks that obstruct the knowing of our own light. Recovery of our light is often a path through darkness.

Ceremony is a way through that darkness. Through ceremony we enter a portal. Through this portal we step into a space of timelessness and synchronisity. The veils that separate our Self from Spirit become thinner. It is easier for us to see with our Soul rather than our mind. This is why a horseshoe crab can bring a smile to my face. My Soul knows the presence of Spirit by the synchronistic appearance of a horseshoe crab on the beach as a horseshoe crab sits in our despacho.

As I ready to leave the beach a seagull flies overhead. This winged one is joined by another and another. As I look around, the sky is full of flocks of seagulls. At first they seem to fly alone but somehow they join together through an intuitive knowing of where to go. In a lifetime of coming to the beach I have never seen the sky full of so many birds. Hundreds of them fearlessly flying south west. My heart cracks open in AWE . This is exactly how I envisioned the Virtual Visionaries when we first me at the start of this journey. I had no idea if this thought of meeting at each New Moon had any merit or validity. Could ancient ceremony possibly happen through modern day modes of communicating?

The answer to me is a resounding YES! Each of us does fly alone. We each have our own path to discover, our own journeys to make. Yet we are woven together through an intuitive knowing of the call of our Soul. Through this call we somehow know where to go. It is the journey to our light we travel.

Spirit is with us my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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