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There is a gathering that happens with ceremony. For me this begins quietly at first with the passing of the Full Moon. Momentum builds as the New Moon draws near. A gathering of intent, a gathering of elements. There is a gathering of information. And this I find fascinating as I now weave ceremony with the oneness of technology.

Traditionally Spirit messages would come through dreams and journeys, signs and symbols of Nature, animal messengers, through the silence of our own heart. And of course these are still very much relevant and profound ways to receive messages from Spirit. As our web of communication expands in an ever unfolding and extremely rapid rate I do not discount messages that source through the oneness of technology. It is another medium for Spirit to reach us.

And so it is with this month’s despacho.

In Nature I pray in the waters nearly every day with gratitude. I gather shells and flowers to create our despacho not knowing fully how they will be used. And inspiration also comes from receiving transmissions from like minded souls in a synchronistic intersection of crossing paths.

The intention of offering the knots of our heart in ceremony draws us into the work of our shadow, the heavier energies or hucha that weighs us down and binds us up. This is the work of the underworld. As I draw a medicine card for an ally in ceremony it is no surprise Jaguar appears. Jaguar loves to track in the shadowy underworld ravenously devouring hucha. After posting this on my page I learn that Lodge sister Cuauhtli Cihuatl is also working with the medicine of Jaguar in her weekend of teachings and ceremony in New Mexico. Divine synchronicity. Telepathic connections.

As the heart unravels, aided by the Spirit work of Jaguar, our emotions are held by Mama Cocha whose waters I have been praying in all week. The gathering of her shells holds our work in our despacho. They have found their place in ceremony.

On the morning that ceremony opens, Iva Peele shares the medicine of hummingbird in our Sacred Lodge. Oh yes the sweetness of hummingbird sings to my soul. Our ceremonial work of clearing our hucha and cleansing our hearts creates space for us to meet hummingbird. The medicine of hummingbird uplifts our heart in joy and aligns us with our true heart, our destiny. Our ceremonial work weaves together from many dimensions.

An ornamental hummingbird has been perched in front of my kitchen window for years. Hummingbird now sits at the center of our despacho to align our hearts with unconditional love pointing the way to our destiny.

These are the blessings during this ceremonial time. Messages received from many dimensions. Aligning our hearts in their rightful place of love.

As I run through the woods on the day of the New Moon a branch lies draped ahead. I have passed this by many times before but this day I pass through. In this space of ceremony I step through a threshold of time. With intent I leave behind  the darkness of the shadow. The grieving and loos of all that has come before. The breakdown of operating systems that no longer serve. I cross this threshold to the lightness of hummingbird. Aligning with joy. Aligning with destiny. Drinking in the sweet nectar of life that nourishes our soul.

Each ceremony is a doorway. A point of entry into what is unknown. We bow to the mystery that lays before us. Shed the ties to what has come before. We give thanks to the divine alignments, the synchronistic pathways, the interweaving of heart and soul that gathers in every ceremony.

From all dimensions.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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