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~Welcome to the New Moon Despacho Ceremony for March~

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you,
Great Spirit.
We bow humbly before you
as your sons and daughters
to plant the seeds of abundance
under the dark of Mama Killa,
Grandmother Moon.
Thank you for holding our fears Pachamama.
We surrender the wounds of lack and scarcity to your belly.
We thank you for composting this dense heavy energy
so that we may be reborn,
under the light of Inti Ti Ti, Father Sun.
May we reclaim our birthright
and align with abundance and prosperity
so our hearts may overflow in love,
compassion, generosity and sharing.
May we be vessels of Light.
We thank you for hearing our prayers
and answering our call. 


Before watching this video for prayer and ceremony you may want to light a candle to transition from your day to sacred space. You may use sea salt, floral waters, incense or smudging to create a purification ritual if you desire. Set aside 20 minutes where you will not be interrupted to set your intentions to shed the wounds of lack and scarcity and align with prosperity and abundance. Include family, friends and loved ones if you wish. Blessings my friends on this most auspicious day of prayer!


(Click on Image to Enlarge)

You may wish to create a ceremony for yourself
by offering your intentions into seeds or qintus

~Blow Personal Intentions of Abundance
and Healing into Your Own Qintus~

~Burn, Bury or Offer Your Qintus to a Natural Body of Water or
Create a Despacho of Your Own to Hold Qintus~ 

It is a wonderful time to literally plant your seeds of intention in the Earth

~Blow Personal Intentions of Abundance and Healing into Seeds~ 

~Plant Seeds of Intention in Garden or Potted Soil~

Listen to the Guided Meditation below
once you have offered your intentions

~Inner Garden~

~Close Ceremony with a Prayer of Thanks~


Elements of Despacho: A golden chalice was the inspiration for this despacho. The starfish that sits at the center holds our intention to heal the wounds of lack and scarcity and align with abundance. It symbolizes above, the stars in heaven where our intentions are set, and below, so they may manifest in form on Earth. Lots of gold sparkles were sprinkled throughout to align with abundance. The chalice symbolizes our abundance as an empty vessel. By being empty we are able to receive. What gets in the way of receiving are the dense, heavy energies, or hucha, of lack, limitation and scarcity. Shedding these wounds clears our golden chalice and allows us to be a container of Light and Love rather than lack and limitation.

The stem of the chalis is rooted in Earth and sits on a bed of money representing manifesting abundance in material form. Placed along the dollars are small magnets to attract what we need into our lives as vessels of receptivity rather than struggling to try and make things happen. At the very base of the stem sits a clay statue of Lakshmi. In the Hindu tradition she is the Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth in all dimensions, spiritual to material. We draw inspiration from all traditions.

White flowers are placed on top of white feathers that sit like a halo holding our chalice and informing it with light. May we hold an empty golden chalice in our heart so we may be receptors for Light. It is the abundance of this Light that will manifest abundance in form on our Earth plane.

Offerings and qintus will be placed in the despacho during the time it is open. Ceremony will close Friday morning, March 23rd EST at 7:30 am when our despacho, full of prayers and offerings, will be folded and tied like a gift. A forgotten prayer holder will be tied to the outside. Our ceremonial gift will then be burned in a fire. More will be posted after ceremony.

I offer deep appreciation and gratitude for bringing your prayers to this ceremony, for your prayers empower the prayers of us all.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Daughter of Pachamama
Sister of the Sacred Lodge of We the Women
Sunflower of Bouquet of Light Ayllu 

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