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I have never considered myself a “writer”. I have no formal training, no diploma that anoints me to this sanctioned post.

As I prepare for my first ever writing retreat I discover to my surprise I am a writer. Writing has been a longtime companion often under lock and key in a private world of diaries and journals.

Writing is an expression of my soul. What certificate is needed for our soul to speak?

One writing assignment to prepare for my“write a bestseller in a weekend” workshop (it usually takes a weekend to write a blog!) asks us to begin writing on…

What I am meant to do with my writing.

These are some of the words that come through.

Monk by Alexiuss

Monk by Alexiuss

Does your voice really matter? Does it really count? Do you have the strength and confidence to make a difference in the world?

You identify with doubt but it is simply something you cling to in order to keep from experiencing the majesty of your truth. It is a security blanket, warm and comfortable. But doubt is not the truth of who you are.

Doubt hides your truth, even from you. For there is fear in being seen.

Every time you allowed your truth to shine you were hurt. Your light had to dampen. It was not safe to shine.

Doubt is the dimming.

Doubt began as a warm, grey coat you put on for protection. But it wove itself into the fabric of your being, undermining your instincts, clouding your perceptions.

If the light of your truth was too bright for others, the natural response was to go dim to survive.

Doubt was a way to handle your light. That is all it is. A way to cope. A brilliant strategy but not your truth.

It is time to remove the cloak of doubt.

Is that even possible? Where would it go? How will I feel safe?

To be safe is a fundamental need. We continually look for security outside of ourself. We look in our bank accounts, we look to our partners.

We do not want our beliefs threatened for they are the bedrock of our safety net. Like with doubt. It limits you but the thought of living without it is unsettling.

Where will you hide? How will you live if you are exposed, naked and seen? That can feel more frightening than doubt.

Yet true safety, true security, will not be found until we are stripped naked of hiding places.

It is the paradox of spiritual law. To be safe we must leave what we have relied on for security for it has held captive our soul.

Our minds have dominated our consciousness for centuries. Laws have risen rooted in science and reason. Prove it says the mind. Show me and it succumbs.

The paradox of spiritual law makes no sense to the logic of mind for Spirit is not of the mind. It cannot be governed by its laws.

As our spiritual consciousness evolves our laws and beliefs must shift.

The laws that govern our soul need to be understood to offer guidance and direction.

It is time to take off the cloak.

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My Dear Friends…

Do you hear the deep yearning of your Soul, the whispers of your heart to live and express truth? There is a truth birthing within each one of us. What our heart yearns for is the space to listen. Modern lifestyles do not always afford us the space to hear and empower our heart. Intention alone is not enough. The heart calls us to take action. And the most profound action we can take on behalf of our heart is retreat. To take time and give space to the calling of our heart. I know the fierce dedication it takes to listen to our heart and remain open no matter what.
Feathered Pipe

Feathered Pipe

When I was graciously invited by my dear friend and Soul Sister Melissa McNair, co-Executive of the Feathered Pipe Foundation, to co-facilitate the Empowerment Camp at the Feathered Pipe Ranch I was ecstatic. Intentionally carving out time from our lives to cultivate and strengthen the open heart is an extraordinary opportunity. We often find our world does not support and actually inhibits this way of life. We miss the context, understanding and skills to maintain such a radical commitment.

The retreat at Feathered Pipe offers these skills and more. The Empowerment Camp is facilitated by Christian de la Huerta whose profound knowledge of Spirit and the transformational power of breath and meditation will enable you to view and experience your life, being, and relation to other in undistorted and empowered form. Along with friend and colleague, Joe Weston, author of “Mastering Respectful Confrontations”, we learn to help build the capacity to be in the midst of confrontation and hold our own in a heartfelt way. With multiple breathwork sessions, embodiment practices, powerful teachings, rich conversations and rituals, this retreat is a life-changing, empowering and freeing experience.

I am honored to offer my medicine gifts to remind us of our relationship with the Earth and our obligation to honor its gifts through various rituals and Earth based medicine practices. I will be offering healing sessions weaving bodywork and prayer. Timed to coincide with the new moon and the Summer Solstice, ceremony and ritual will be woven in to mark your passage and full embodiment, including a journey to the shaman’s cave in the oldest once-inhabited cave system in North America.

We will be weaving our work together, coming from our respective vantage points, all with the shared intent to create the optimal environment for your Empowerment Camp experience.

The setting is exquisite and the timing is perfect. The Ranch is located in a gorgeous and secluded mountain retreat setting outside Helena, MT. The Summer Solstice is upon us that week. The days are long and the sun sets around 9:30 pm. We plan to make the most of tapping into the power of this auspicious time.

I am looking forward to this with all my heart and know it will be a profoundly transformational – and fun – experience in an amazing setting.

I would love to have you join us.

Please feel free to call me at (516) 286-0125 to explore this further. Melissa is also available to help you with your questions and can be reached at (406) 442-8196.

Take a moment to discover the richness of a retreat at Feathered Pipe in the magic of this poetic article by one who makes an annual pilgrimage there.

With love and munay…

The Magic of Montana...Home to Feathered Pipe

The Magic of Montana...Home to Feathered Pipe

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