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One of the most auspicious gurus to cross the threshold to a new year with is a Spirit ally.

A Spirit ally reinforms our walk on Earth by guiding us from dimensions that are higher, wider and deeper than the limited lens that often informs our world view.

image[7]On a recent journey I met a white tiger, one whose wisdom I have been calling on ever since.

There is no special invocation needed to call forth a Spirit guide. They are always with us. Calling to them is more to orient us to their presence.

Information from a Spirit ally can come through in images, as words or as a felt sense or knowing in the body.

I often call upon the wisdom of a Spirit ally during my yoga practice as I meet a block or tension in my body, however any moment is perfect.


This morning as I practice I become witness to a self-created inner drama.

I am alone in the home of my former husband where I am visiting with my daughters. My sister-in-law returns after a morning errand. In my solitary practice I am now aware of the presence of another. I begin to question whether I should invite her to join me.

An inner conflict arises as to whether or not I am being selfish, anti-social, anti-yogic for wanting to be immersed in the nourishment of my practice without tending to the needs of another. Suddenly I am loathing myself for being so self-absorbed.

Early in life I learned that a want, need or desire was self-centered. That correlated to bad; something I did not want to be. Needs were viewed through a narcissistic window where I began to see myself as a selfish little girl I did not want to be.

Seeds of judgment laid deep roots. My desire to be solitary in practice this morning triggered the self-absorbed narcissist I loathe.

I call on White Tiger.

immediately my breath is fuller as if creating more space for what is present. I feel more deeply in my body. Judgment is the mother’s milk that keeps the mean and selfish one running on a perpetual loop of self loathing.

In the presence of White Tiger my internal judgment softens paving the way for compassion.

Each one of us has had to develop conditioned responses that are less than noble to ensure the love and attention we so desperately need to survive. We have all had the perception of our true nature perverted by erroneous beliefs imposed upon us. By their very nature these responses are habitual and unconscious keeping us blind to our own ignorance.

What is there to judge in this way of being human?

Judgment shuts the door on any possibility of change.

White Tiger shows me to let go through this felt sense in my body. Not only of the judgment I hold against the selfish one in me, but to let go of judgment for all beings who have suffered simply for being human.

Wisdom of White Tiger


Guidance from a Spirit ally may also appear as messages that can become powerful personal mantras.


These are just a few ways a Spirit ally can work on our behalf to empower and awaken us to the truth of our own nature.

The Shamanic Journey from A Structure for Spirit is now available on soundcloud.com so you may meet your own auspicous guru to guide your way in the year ahead.

What you will need:

  • 30 minutes of time and space free from distraction.
  • Pillows and blanket as needed for comfort.
  • Bandana or blindfold if you like to deepen your sense of darkness.
  • Journal to record your journey.
  • A palm sized stone. (In the book I suggest using a stone to anchor in the energy and honor your Spirit ally on an altar)

Click on the following link to begin your journey:

May all love surround you my friends.

And a happy and auspicious New Year!

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Shamanic journeying accesses other levels of consciousness and puts you in communication with Spirit. Receiving information from these realms offers a higher and wider perspective from which to see your life journey.

The easiest way to enter these other dimensions is through the breath. And the most rapid dimension altering breath I have found is a circular one. Mouth open. Jaw soft. A continuous loop of breath in and out of the mouth until the veils between the worlds become thin.

Lay on the belly of Mother Earth. Send her your sorrows, your heartaches, your falsehoods and beliefs. Surrender them from your heart. Surrender them from your belly. Let her take the weight of these from you and offer them to her graces. Return to our Mother for healing all that no longer serves you.

With a sincere heart ask for a gift for your healing. Begin with your breath. Breathe in the love of our Mother. Breathe out and empty. As you enter the portal to Spirit notice images, sensations, feelings. Ride the breath on the wings of Spirit until you are met with surprise.

Under the Full Moon of Aries I lay belly to belly on the Earth with a call from my heart to find its way.

A circular breath in and out of my mouth. The life force of Pachamama draws in with each inhale. Every exhale I empty into her belly.

I ride the breath to a Spirit journey. Skipping over stones down, down, down a spiral path. I reach a stream and begin to float in its current. I am taken to a waterfall under which I sit. Washed clean and purified.

I travel through woods until I come across a corpse. It is me lying dead in the woods. My neck torn open in a gaping hole. Vultures meticulously eat away at my exposed flesh.

It is dark. I am running. Running as a wolf through woods I do not know. Confused and lost.

The pain of being lost, not knowing where I am going brings me to tears. Painful to be so alone, on my own, lost in the woods. An ancient cry of a lone wolf.

Exhaustion keeps me from running any further. I begin to drink from a nearby stream my exhaustion soothed by its waters. A reflection of my wolf face appears in the water. I lap this up. A love of self feeds me as I drink in this reflection. An act of tenderness full of self nurturing.

The weight of an ancient wound is heavy on my back. Doing everything on my own, always on my own. An isolating pain of this lone wolf met with more tears. Dropping like rain to the sands of Pachamama.

Wolves begin to appear around me. One at my side devoutly begins to lick my body. Again I cry. Tears of gratitude wash through me as I receive this blessing. Tasting love as never before. Every wound in my heart stroked clean with love.

Through tears of  gratitude for this unforeseen devotion I return these caresses sweeping my tongue over this beloved wolf until our necks intertwine. Our throats meet in a posture of deep vulnerability, exposed and open full in an ecstatic union of trust. I abandon to a depth of feeling never before known.

Ancient wounds of pain and isolation, devoid of self-worth are met with a deep vulnerability and uncharted trust.

My eyes open. Before me lies a small seed cracked open in the shape of a heart. I blow my prayers of gratitude for this journey, gratitude for Pachamama, gratitude for the tender love and healing of the Spirit wolves into this seed, this cracked open heart. I set them free to the flow of the tides.

I return to the beach that evening with my drum.

Under the full moon I call to Great Spirit.

I call to the belly of our Mother.

I call to the sacred and holy breath.

I call to the stillness of the waters.

I call to the Lightening flashing in the night sky.

I call to the Song of the Wolf beating in my heart.

I call to Ancient ones sparkling as Stars overhead.

I call beyond time.

A call beyond space.

I call from my heart.

A heart held in grace.

Be humble for you are made of Earth.
Be noble for you are made of Stars.
Serbian Proverb

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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photo by Bill Brouard

photo by Bill Brouard

Within each Soul lies a seed that holds the potential for its becoming. Just as the acorn holds within all it needs to grow into the mighty oak we too are born with everything we need to awaken fully into our potential.

Having cut the lower vibrational cords that no longer serve us in our last ceremony, we journey to retrieve the seed of our Soul to plant them in our next New Moon Despacho.

This is a journey to the womb of Mother Earth where the seed of all life springs forth. The journey of every seed is an instinctual call to Light that emerges from darkness.

For this journey you will need:

  • 20 – 30 minutes of uninterrupted time
  • Dark or dimly lit space to lie on your back as close to the Earth as you can
  • Pillows if needed  for under your head or beneath your knees for support
  • A blindfold or bandana to cover your eyes to take your journey deeper into darkness (optional)
  • A blanket to keep warm (optional)
  • Object from Nature to hold the essence of your journey

Once you retrieve this seed from the womb of Mother Earth you will be guided on your journey to plant this in the darkness of your belly. This seed will begin to inform you, awakening the call of your Soul. Dreamtime is a potent portal for Soul wisdom to come through. You may want a journal to record what comes to you in your dreams.

Once your journey is complete you will transfer the essence of what you receive to an object in Nature such as a flower, leaf, petal, twig or stone. Notice what images, thoughts, felt senses, knowings, colors or impressions have come through this journey. With your intention, and your exhale, you energetically transfer this information from your journey to an object in Nature by blowing this in with your breath. You then return this to the elements by burning in a fire, burying in the Earth or offering to a natural body of water. This aligns the calling of your Soul with the Universe and feeds your conversation with Spirit.

I offer this journey so the seeds of your Soul may be brought to our New Moon Despacho on January 23rd (more will be posted closer to ceremony). This ceremonial planting will birth the awakening of our Soul supported by the collective intent of all who share this journey.

Your Seed of the Soul Journey starts here. 

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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A place of uncertainty in my heart steers my shamanic journey this morning as I ask for what I need to see in this space of letting go.

Bats swoop over and around me. I am met by the steadfast stare of owl. I follow soft moss under my feet. It carries me over a log. I can go no further as the large upended roots of a tree stand before me. The log begins spinning. No longer can I keep my balance. I slip and free fall into a vast body of water. Most of this journey remains here, at the ocean floor following trails of clam shells and sea creatures. Everything flows and sways. Ahead I see a castle. As I come closer I see it is made of starfish. Orange and colorful. They seem to wave. I am met by a God of the Waters, King Neptune. He tells me to see. I am trying very hard to get a vision. I cannot see anything. He tells me I am looking in the wrong place. In the distance I see mountains, far away, very dark. I begin to spin. All I can see are these dark shadows of mountains in the distance. I spin faster until my form begins to dissolve. I ascend, traveling upwards, until I reach the heavens. It is here I receive this message:

You are a STAR.
It is time to occupy
Your rightful place among the heavens. 

All I can feel is the light of this star. I am the light of this star sitting in the infinite black sky. I am surrounded by other stars. Each of us occupying our unique and rightful place. Each of us illuminating this vast and infinite darkness.

This is a time of initiation.

We are rebirthing.

Remember my friends…


AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

(Shamanic journey available on iTunes)

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Al·che·my [al-kuh-mee] 

  1. any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value. 

With my heart feeling much like the ash left after burning our Cuti Despahco, I journey for guidance. “Shamanic journeying is a tool that accesses information at the level of the energetic and puts you in communication with Spirit. Processing and accessing information from this higher perspective re-informs your life in an efficient manner. Shamans work to create healing and transformation at the material level by creating change at the level of the energetic.” (excerpt from A Structure for Spirit)

My heart has been laden with loss since the breakup with my boyfriend. It took a long time to even call him that. I was divorced about 4 years when we met. I was not attracted at first. Our relationship grew slowly. Our time together was a magical mix of deep friendship, erotic lovemaking, poetry, ceremony and heartache. With him I learned to drop the control of manipulation that had previously steered my relationships and surrender to the unfolding of magic. He has been my most dear and divine lover. Now it is over, my heart burnt to ash. Times like these call for a shamanic journey.

A shamanic journey expands our ability to see our life from a perspective both higher and wider than ordinary realms of consciousness. We travel to the extraordinary realms of Spirit consciousness. When we are lost in the day to day survival of living or are trying to heal a broken heart, we are blinded by our fear and our pain. Our vision is limited. The shamanic journey expands our way of seeing. This information, like a blessing, showers down on our life.

A shamanic journey is like following a trail, driven by your intent. You may find yourself walking along the roots of a tree which take you to a river where you are met by a guide who takes you to Eagle where you fly to mountaintops. On this particular journey, my intent was to find what my heart needed for healing. And so it went. I follow the tracks. Eventually I am led to a clearing. My head is shaved, my body scrubbed and covered in mud. I am laid on the Earth. Hands begin chipping away at the black, dead wood sitting at the base of my heart. It cracks open. A smooth, golden liquid is poured in. It fills my entire body. This golden liquid transmutes into a precious metal. I have found, through this journey, what I am looking for. In my heart sits pure gold.

Alchemy. A magical process of transmuting something of little value into a substance of great value. This journey has taken me through an alchemy of heart. The burnt wood and ash at the center of my heart are of little value. Their purpose already served in fire. Through this journey I receive pure gold, a precious metal. Yet it is the broken heart that holds the magical power. Our pain is there to crack us open. For therein lies the gateway to gold.

My heart is not yet empty of grief but its load is lighter.

I am re-informed by a new mantra.

I have a heart of pure gold!

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Shamanic journeying is a tool, used for thousands of years, to communicate with Spirit and access information from non-ordinary states of reality. The shamanic journey is one of the first practices in A Structure for Spirit used to meet a Spirit Ally to serve as a spiritual guide. I will journey for myself, or others, when I am looking for clarity or guidance on a question, challenge or conflict. The intent of a journey is the energy that drives it. I was called to journey to ask what we, as a collective of visionaries, needed to see in preparation for October’s New Moon Despacho Ceremony, to step fully into our power and release the powerlessness of the victim.

Most of the journey was in darkness, and it was messages about darkness that came through. At first there was fear in this darkness. I was told to recognize darkness as an essential passageway or portal through which we must pass to emerge to lightness, awareness or understanding. Darkness allows us to fortify other dimensions of our seeing since we do not have our eyes to rely on. We must use touch, smell, kinesthetic awareness (a body intellegence that lets us know where our body is in space) and sensation to get our bearings. What would guide you through a tunnel without light? Darkness strengthens these other dimensions of our abitlty to feel, sense and know.

Darkness also cultivates stillness. Darkness does not allow us to rush. Sitting still in the darkness of this journey, a crystal of light emerges from the Earth. We do not need to run around out there to find what we need. What we need will come to us in the still of darkness. The Stone People are offering their medicine to us now. We were given the following practice to sustain us at this time:

Find three stones. Cleanse them in a sea salt bath overnight. Once the stones are clear they will be used to nourish and sustain our bodies on all levels. For the practice, lie on your back. Place one stone on your belly. Place one stone over your heart (the center of your chest) and one stone on your third eye, the center of your forehead. Let your breath start to deepen and slow down. Feel your body resting more deeply on the Earth. Let your self be still to receive the steadfast stillness of the stones. Let this absorb into your body as you lie quietly. This medicine is recevied in stillness. Stay quiet until you feel a sense of stillness in your body. This will deepen with practice. 

Thank you Spirit for the information you have shared with us to help guide and comfort us on this journey, to deepen our awareness and understanding of darkness. Thank you for the practice to reinform us at this time and cultivate the steadfast stillness necessary to travel in darkness. Tnank you to the generosity of the Stone People who so freely share their medicine with us. Thank you to the willingness and courage of the virtual visionaries to walk together through this tunnel of darkness.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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