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A despacho is a ceremonial prayer bundle from the Shamans of the Andes used for visioning, healing, dreaming and prayer. I was first introduced to the ceremony by Marcela Lobos and Alberto Villoldo years ago and have been in love ever since. Although I have created despachos for years, the ceremony was personal, done privately for family, friends or clients.

With a new book out, I set an intention last year to bring my work more deeply to the world. It was time to come out of the spiritual closet I was safely practicing in. With a nudge from Spirit I started to go public with ceremony offering the despacho to local groups and workshops.

A few short months ago I extended an invitation to ceremony online. I started with skepticism. The work of ceremony is at the energetic, beyond time, space and form. We do not need to sit side by side to meet in ceremony. Our collective intent is our meeting ground but was bringing this sacred ceremony to social media venturing into forbidden territory?

Some intentions brought to that first online ceremony were to reach a wider audience with my fan page, step more fully into my power and move from needing to be physically present with the work I do. Having spent over 25 years with my hands on people for healing the last one is a big shift.

Three New Moons have passed. My online page has grown from near 100 fans to over 500. I am teaching “The Art of Self Care” in a virtual classroom for the very first time. And what has truly astounded me is the powerful community of medicine women, shamans and priestesses that have magically found their way to connect through this online matrix. I cannot connect the dots that brought us together from different walks of life to create a Sacred Lodge of Sisters, yet this support has been essential in growing my reach. Truly an answer from Spirit to a call from the despacho.

If we want to make a difference, if we want to be uplifted, we cannot do this alone. It takes a community. Through these virtual realms I have received support, love, guidance and wisdom. This Sacred Lodge is a divine intervention, one I never could have imagined on my own. This my friends is the work of Spirit.

And I am excited to be able to share this community with you. For when we gather under the dark of the Moon, to offer our dreams to the despacho, my Sacred Lodge Sisters are gathering too. Gathering around fires, in sweat lodges, in prayer and meditation. We are not alone. We were never meant to do it alone. There is power in community. And I am so grateful to have you here, as a part of this ever growing, uplifting and inspiring virtual community.

AHO my friends! AHO!

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