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Plaza Blance, Abiquiu where the Dark Mountains meet the White and Water flows from Source In A Womb of Creation

Your spiritual Nature is the highest dimension of who you are. Once you devote time to the tending of your soul you begin to align with your divinity. This impacts all aspects of who you are, including your body. Diet and lifestyle choices begin to reflect an elevated awareness of who you are.

When a shaman looks to effect change they work at the source of where creation begins. Imagine a river flowing down a mountain. If one is looking to change the course of that river one does not start where the river ends. Imagine the labor needed to dig trenches, build dams and work your way upstream to alter the river’s flow.

The shaman starts at the source. The slightest change at the source of the river, ever so slight from where it starts completely changes the entire course of that river as it flows down the mountain. Very little effort is needed at all.

Your spiritual practice is the tending to that source; the source of your own river, the source of your own soul, the highest source of your divine potential to alter the course of where your river of life flows.

excerpt from the forthcoming The Feminine Path to Enlightenment






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Why are we here? That is the question for each one of us.

Is it to live a life unfulfilled? Without meaning?

To live a life devoid of passion is painful. Your unresolved pain contributes to the pain of our planet. Your unresolved pain becomes your legacy, what you pass on to others and what you leave behind.

Is this what you want to leave behind? Is your unresolved pain what you want to be remembered for? Is your unresolved pain the imprint you want to leave on the Earth?

You have inherited this pain from others but it is not yours. You have been asked to carry it because others could not. You have carried a lot of pain because you were able to and be grateful you have the strength. But you do not have to sacrifice your soul in the name of someone else’s pain. This is to be a martyr. A martyr in our culture has been elevated to a high status, as if being a martyr is a role or a destiny we should aspire to.

But a martyr is simply the weight of your unresolved pain that you carry. A weight that bears heavy on your soul and does not allow you to live in the fullness of who you are meant to be. Your unresolved pain keeps you struggling and suffering. You think you must, like it is your cross to bear, your station in life but where did this idea come from? Where did any idea about who you are come from? Who gave you these ideas? You did not come into the world with the aspiration to be a martyr. Or the idea you were worthless. Or the belief that life is a struggle. You may have learned these very early on but you did not come into the world this way.

Every idea that you have about yourself must be looked at and dissolved to reach the truth of who you are rather than subscribing to the outdated notions and ideas that have taken siege of your soul because someone else’s pain was too great to carry so it was passed on to you.

And why you? Why are you carrying this pain? Out of nobility? Out of some idea that you must? And who told you this? What authority are you listening to? What authority are you pledging your allegiance to?

There is an inner authority. A true authority. An authority of your soul. Yes there is authority and we must discover that inner authority to guide our soul. It is not the voice of your mother. It is not the voice of your father. It is not the voice of your teacher or anyone you believed at one time in your life held more power than you.

These authority figures have been given power over our soul. They have dominated the truth of who we are until we are unable to see. We have been made deaf, dumb and blind by the authorities in our families, our cultures, our churches, our governments for it keeps us from finding an inner authority. There is fear that if each individual listened to the voice of their inner authority there would be chaos. A loss of control.

It is this fear that has kept us dominated, suppressed by authority voices that at one time may have been outside of us but now live right within our own mind, directing, suppressing and controlling our own heart and soul.

We do not need an outer authority to maintain control over our soul for we are doing that ourselves by adopting these voices as our own. No longer do they live outside but have taken residence within.

Yet our soul longs to be free from domination. It is how our soul is meant to live.

In freedom.

excerpt from forthcoming book, very raw, title unknown, a work in sheer process

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Offering ceremony through the internet transcends previous boundaries, forms and ways of participating. We have an opportunity to connect from all over the world. It is a reflection of the magical and mysterious matrix of which we are all part. I honor and give thanks to each Soul that is called to offer prayers and intentions here to uplift the whole.

As we gather under the darkness of Mama Killa, Grandmother Moon, we open our hearts to give thanks for the bounty of Pachamama and receive the gifts of vision.

This month’s intention for our New Moon Despacho is inspired by the Pachamama Days of Peru. The shamans of the high Andes dedicate the month of August to honoring Pachamama and dreaming the world into being for the year ahead through the despacho ceremony. This ceremony weaves us to powerful visionaries and links our prayers to the collective intent of the paqos, the shaman priests.

When we strip our hearts naked and taste its longing we discover our personal prayers are a call to humanity, a prayer of the collective. The essence of every heart longs to be in union with Spirit, to know the song of its Soul and express that for the good of all while we are here, in this kaypacha, the Earth plane. Our individual prayers become prayers for the collective. My prayers empower your prayers. We uplift each other. This is the meeting ground of ceremony.

We offer our collective hearts to Spirit.
We let go of the attachment of how our visions and dreams
will manifest in the kaypacha.
We cultivate trust in the divine order.
We surrender to the great mystery
so we are no longer guided by the voices of fear,
the limiting belief systems
and old paradigms that have laid false imprints in our minds.
We deepen our connection to Nature
and open the channels to Spirit
as we fearlessly step into the guidance
that is so willingly offered to us.


If you would like to add your prayers and intentions to this New Moon Visioning Despacho create a time and space that feels sacred for you. You will need about 20 minutes to follow this ceremonial video. We start with a short purification ritual followed by a journey of your heart to the year ahead. You are then guided on how to offer your prayers and intent to the qintu (a prayer holder that is placed in the despacho). I suggest viewing on full screen by clicking arrows at bottom right corner of video.

The following suggestions are offered after ceremony to integrate this experience more deeply into your being (these are on the video as well):

  • Create a Sand/Earth painting – gather natural elements such as sticks, stones, flowers. Let these reflect different aspects of your vision. Create a border for your mandala on the Earth and arrange these elements in a meaningful pattern for you. This would be beautiful to anchor in your garden if you have one.
  • Create an Altar for your Visions – dedicate a space with a small cloth or textile and place any objects that symbolize your vision. Feed your altar by lighting a candle, leaving offerings or spending some time in meditation there. An altar will help hold and carry your visions to the year ahead.
  • Express your Creativity – journal about what you feel in your heart or your dreams. Paint, draw or create a collage or vision board of your experience. The artistic expression integrates the experience more deeply into your Soul.

From the bottom of my heart
I bow in gratitude
to the beauty
of each and every heart.
Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you.

~ Namaste ~

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I was not planning on a ceremony when I entered the woods today but that is what happened. My heart has been heavy with grief over the past few months as many things have been swept clean from my life. Lately it felt like I was coming to the other side but this morning there it was again. My heart heavy with sorrow and tears.

A walk in a nearby woods is a daily tonic. Shortly after entering this sweet nature preserve near my home (I live in the suburbs of NYC where nature is carefully doled out in parcels) a small stone seemed to light up in front of me. I picked it up and began praying. This way of praying by blowing my breath into a stone is not the way I grew up praying but one I have learned from the Shamans of Peru. This way of praying has changed my life and shaped my Soul.

I hold the stone with an endearing gratitude for taking this heavy, dense energy, or hucha from me. I spend the next half hour or so walking through the woods, blowing my breath, and my prayers into the stone, emptying the hucha of my heart. Prayers are sent by exhaling into the stone with intention. I ask the stone to hold the energetic impressions that inform my body with this grief, the patterns that have been laid down in my DNA, my cellular essence. As I keep blowing and holding an intention of clearing, tears come and tears go. Other sensations arise. Another awareness of what needs to be emptied comes through. Everything is offered to the stone. Everything is a prayer. And everything is held in gratitude. 

A man made jetty stretches into the water. For all the years I have walked here I have never ventured out. Today I do. To release the stone as deeply to the water as I can, to be cleansed and purified. It is a bit cold and a bit windy this February afternoon but the sun is shining. There is some trepidation climbing over the rocks but this effort is part of the offering, part of the exchange with Spirit.

At the jetty’s end the rock is thrown into the water with such love for the cleansing the waters offer. Thank you Mama Cocha for washing clean my sorrows. Thank you to the waters for washing me clean.

I lower myself to sit in the rocks, face turned to the Sun. Thank you to our nearest Star for informing my luminous body, informing my cellular body, informing my DNA with your light. Thank you for penetrating the darkness so my heart and mind may awaken.

Immersed in the elements I come into balance. Earth. Water. Fire. Air. I have been hollowed out a bit more deeply.

I share this not so much as a recipe for ceremony but rather as an invitation to trust the conversations with Spirit, the guidance from Nature.

For these gestures are the conversation.

These actions deepen our trust.

I did not plan a ceremony today. I have never done a ceremony exactly this way before. And this ceremony will not repeat itself in just this way again.

Is there a ceremony in your heart today?

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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Each name is blown into a qintu, a prayer holder of three bay leaves, offered to the despacho with intention and prayer. During this time, a prayer song arises through the collective voices of each Soul called to ceremony. Here is the prayer from the offerings of our Sacred Union Despacho…

We come with good heart, with good intention,

For healing the energies of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

May they be brought to right relationship

So harmony, beauty and balance reign supreme.

May the seeds of self love awaken heart,

Awaken mind,

So we may elevate to the highest frequencies of Love

As we walk fearlessly

to the call of our Divine purpose,

Anchored and grounded deeply in your belly Pachamama

Through a strong and tender heart. 


Sacred Union Despacho full of Prayers and Offerings

Sacred Union Despacho full of Prayers and Offerings

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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A dear friend held an art reception recently called “Love Letters” showing local artist’s interpretations on the theme of love and honoring the days when the hand-penned letter was a form for expressing love. I have been on a personal quest of the very same theme while I sit with the intention of integrating the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine within. These aspects meet in the heart and ultimately merge on the waves of love. Pieces of this discovery were expressed in my blog post “Love Ramblings”.

Collage of Love Ramblings

Collage of Love Ramblings

The day before the exhibit, while walking in the woods, the idea came to submit something to the show. Funny since I am not an artist. So for that reason I decided to take action. It was an edge, a limited way of thinking about myself. From the ramblings of my blog post I created a collage on a piece of cardstock, one side blank, the other covered in white glitter. Art can show us something in a new way and when the art is something we create ourself, the vision can be profound. What I got to see were two very different expressions of love. One, a Soul tortured in love, words serving as a bandaid to make sense of confusion. The other, a luminescent shimmer, transparent and clear.

As art reflects life, I see my attachments to both dimensions in love yet the truth resides in neither. So I offer this art to ceremony. To transcend my attachment to the tortured soul and my clinging to the luminous.

Collage in Ceremonial Despacho

Collage in Ceremonial Despacho

AHO my friends! AHO!

PS…Next New Moon Despacho opens February 20th. Stay tuned!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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After a beautiful and inspiring ceremonial space during our New Moon Despacho, I took a Shamanic Journey to ask for any messages from Spirit on our Awakening and Soul Evolution now. This is that conversation…

Appreciate Nature. Really take in the beauty and wonder of the Natural world. Don’t just look at a sunset and think “Oh look at the colors. They are so beautiful!”. Be in silence and drink this in to your Soul. Feel the beauty of this sunset in you. Become aware of the beauty of all forms in Nature, not as an intellectual pursuit but as a deep sense of appreciation that lands in the core of your Being.

Spend more time with trees, yes trees. Perhaps there is a tree on your property or a tree near where you live. Maybe you pass a certain tree every day. Begin to develop a relationship with this tree. How would you do that? Become a friend  to this tree.

Stop rushing to Enlightenment. There is nothing out there to rush to. Drop the striving, the clinging to some kind of truth just beyond the horizon. That is not where it is.

It is very simple.

In the majesty of a Tree. Really being with a tree. It is that simple.

That can’t possibly be it. Just being with a tree? Just looking at a tree? There has to be more!

But then we miss it. With all the clamoring of wanting more. We miss the experience of what is around us all the time, at every moment. We miss the majesty of the tree. We miss the beauty of the form. We miss the heart of another. We can’t possibly believe this is it. That it is here.

So we keep on missing.


Meditation will elevate Mind.

Meditation will elevate Consciousness.

Meditation will transcend into the Lightness of our Being.

The Light Being that we are.

I am meditating on the side of a mountain, siting on rock, sitting on stone. In another moment I am suspended in midair in the midst of these mountaintops. I can sit in this air because all I am is Light. This Light at the center of my being. This Light that is so light it does not need stone to sit on. This Light that I am needs no ground underneath.

This is what meditation can do for us. Transcend us to the Lightness of our Being.

We must know this Lightness of our Being.

We must know who we are as Spiritual Beings.

We must know the Divinity of our Soul.

This is what Spirit tells us.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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