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A Despacho To Open Our Mesa Building Journey

We prepare our hearts and call to the Grace of Spirit,
The wisdom of Pachamama and
The power of the Apus,
To guide us through the darkness of winter
As we build our mesa
To weave our hearts to the love and beauty
Of our Earth Mother, Pachamama.


May the white petals of the rose hold our prayers in purity.


We call to the Four Directions
So we may be in balance with all your elements,
So we may live in harmony
With the rhythms and cycles of Nature
Around us and within us.


We feed our prayers and intentions to you
With offerings to bring color and sweetness
To our hopes and dreams
As we walk this path of transformation.


We wrap our prayers as a gift to you Pachamama
With a forgotten prayer holder of the white rose
To hold our intentions through time and space
Until they manifest in this Earth dimension, the Kaypacha,
For the highest good of all.

We wrap our despacho in the sacred cloth
Informed by the blessing of a new snow
On the first morning of a new year.

We thank you, thank you, thank you
For receiving the prayers of our most tender and humble heart.
We bow in gratitude for the blessings you bestow upon us
And for clearing the path ahead so we may walk
In the beauty and the abundance that you so
Lovingly provide to us all.



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During an intense few weeks this October, my life changed dramatically through circumstances and events that broke down the life I was living and opened the doorway to a new reality orchestrated by the Divine hand of Spirit.

During this time the land in New Mexico spoke to me through stones found during an early morning hike in an arroyo in Abiquiu. These stones held information on teaching people how to build a personal mesa.

A mesa is a shaman’s altar or medicine bundle used for healing, ceremony, prayer and divination. It is a portal to Spirit and deepens our awareness to non-ordinary states of reality.


I have carried a mesa for the past 10 years, starting with the Four Winds Light Body School and the teachings of Alberto Villoldo. Since that time I have had the great privilege to deepen my practices with medicine men and women in the high Andes through the Bouquet of Light Women’s Journey to Peru to awaken the Divine Feminine.

My mesa has changed in so many ways over the years as kuyas or healing stones have been added and released. This journey now creates a whole new mesa for me.

For some, a mesa looks like a bag of stones or arrangement of rocks and on a literal level this is true. But at the mythic level a mesa deepens your connection to Spirit and anchors you to Mother Earth. A mesa teaches us to listen to the voice of Spirit as it moves through us. The only reason I have any sense of what the stones in the arroyo were speaking of was because of the connection to my own mesa.

Each stone, or kuya as they are called in one’s mesa, represents a particular location in Northern New Mexico to gather for ceremony. Each ceremony will be an opportunity to receive a kuya and begin to build a personal mesa. Although these kuyas represent locations in Northern New Mexico, you can participate from wherever you are and build a mesa with stones from your own native land.


Each kuya is received during one of the four seasons. The cycle of seasons become the reference point for building our mesa helping to deepen the connection to our own inner rhythms and cycles as each season becomes a mirror for our own reflection.

During each season we will hold an intention for our personal evolution and transformation as we learn to work with our kuyas or healing stones. Each season will also include information and teachings on:

  • Opening Sacred Space
  • Creating an Altar
  • Shamanic Journey to meet a Spirit Ally
  • Clearing and Purification Practices
  • Kundalini Kriyas and/or Meditation
  • Guided Breathwork Session
  • Journaling Assignments
  • Personal and Collective Despacho Ceremony

The Mesa Building Journey will be offered on land as well as online allowing you to participate from wherever you are at a pace that suits your lifestyle although establishing certain practices each day will be highly advisable. A forum for communication and group sharing will be created through a closed Facebook group.

I never had any thought about teaching others to build a mesa but it is clearly Divine intent. Although this journey is still shaping itself into being I am inspired to start sharing and spreading the news of this unique opportunity for spiritual transformation that is being guided and informed by the Santa Tierras, the ancient wisdom of the feminine land spirits.

Registration for this first time ever experience will begin in the season of Winter after the start of the New Year so stay tuned for more information.

I thank you for spreading the news!





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The Full Moon in Capricorn is this Saturday, July 12th, bringing certain relationship dynamics to a head. Wherever communication has been lacking and emotions have been held in and back, prepare for whatever is pressing to come out on the table. Fortunately, Mars will also be trining loving Venus, which means if you are pure in your intentions to find a meeting ground and to resolve to evolve, your spirited talks will show the way.  Kristin Fontana, Evolutionary Astrologer


I recently returned to New York for the summer, grateful for the time and space to attempt to bring my book from chaos to order. Practices, rituals and ceremonies are woven throughout. As I was preparing for this upcoming full moon I thought to share an excerpt so you may use this time as an opportunity to transform your fears. For any ritual or ceremony, create a sacred space in whatever way feels natural to you. This can be as simple as lighting a candle or saying a prayer to align your intentions with the helping hand of Spirit.

Bring to mind a fear you would like to work with. Really give it full reign in your mind’s eye. Imagine the worst or recall memories or circumstances that validate your fear and offer proof that it is real. This allows you to feel it in your body. This fear can be energetically transferred through your breath to an element of nature. Use a stone and on your exhale empty all the energetic impressions that have laid a foundation of fear in your body into the stone.

Keep blowing into the stone until you have a sense of completion. Your stone is now holding this pattern. This fear code will be offered to the earth. Bury it if you like for the element of earth will compost the energetic vibrations. You may throw your stone in a moving body of water to cleanse and purify the energetic code of fear. This is a process that does not involve analysis of your fear the way therapy would but works beyond the mind at the level of vibration and frequency.

This clearing practice creates a vacuum in our luminous field as we begin to empty these energetic patterns of fear. In the presence of a void our energy field is going to look to fill that that space up. Our attachment to these patterns are often so strong and the roots go very deep that our field reshapes itself to the previous pattern. Once we release something we need to replace that with a new pattern. In this way we are rewiring our luminous field that in turn is informing and shaping our physical body.

How do we reinform our luminous field after a clearing? What is a simple and effective way to repattern the field after release? Notice what you would like to create or call into your life.

Abundance. Joy. A sense of purpose. Vitality or health. Balance. Prosperity.  

There is an endless source of qualities to be informed by other than fear. You can begin to reshape yourself with a new vibration with a very simple practice.

Our most primal sense is our sense of smell. We have lost touch with its significance but watch any animal and you will see the power of this sense at work.

Find an oil that uplifts you. Try clary sage, bergamot, lavender, sandalwood or myrrh. Apply under your nostrils. Mentally vibrate your intention as you breathe in deeply. Use a mantra or create an affirmation in the present tense. Your primal sense of smell bypasses all that is logical and of the mind and associates this scent with a new vibration.

An excerpt from forthcoming book, working title The Feminine Path to Enlightenment


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A foretelling vision from a late afternoon practice:

As I lay with my stones on belly, heart and forehead, I set the intention to jump into the waters of my life. Immediately I am swept away in a fierce current, a power over which I have no control. The fury of this current clears everything in its path. I travel with rocks and boulders, tree limbs and boughs through these raging waters. A branch overhead is my savior. I grab hold and pull myself out. “Whoa, what was that?” Stillness beckons. Time to sit along the banks of these waters.

View of my car from the seat of the tow truck

In preparation for our New Moon Despacho Ceremony, I have been sitting with the intention of releasing the victim. The weekend before ceremony coincided with Family and Friends weekend at my daughter’s college. I began the 6 hour drive north. The trip came to a grinding halt 4 hours in when my car broke down on I-81. In the middle of very unfamiliar turf, I call AAA and am towed to the nearest mechanic. This was not my intent. With a one night hotel reservation I was expecting to be home the next day. I finish the drive with a rental car and my overnight stay stretches to three, adding expenses that now include a rental car, 3 more hotel rooms plus the bill from the mechanic.

The next morning, another breakdown is in the making. My boyfriend of five years says a final goodbye over the phone as he is in New Mexico and I am in New York. This long distance relationship is new for us and the plan was for me to relocate some time next year. Not only was my heart broken, but dreams and visions for my future were broken too.

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”
~Kahil Gibran~

When I finally hear back from the mechanic days later, the news is crushing. My car needs a new engine. Enough depressing calamities had mounted to make me feel more than a little sorry for myself. I was walking a tightrope, precariously close to falling over the edge. Below me lay a familiar abyss of poor me. Alone in a hotel room, I longed to be wrapped in a well worn cloak of misery. The  cries of the victim were desperately near. Do I fall prey?

“Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight.” ~Rumi~

The sun rises on day three of my extended visit. I am surrounded by butterflies. Through the fury of this current, my heart transmutes with such soft vulnerability I can only hold it with the most tender loving kindness. I enter a void, no sense of ground beneath my feet. I return home from the weekend without my car, without my boyfriend, dreams for my future burned to ash. Yet in the midst of these raging waters, all I can come up with is a grateful heart. A weekend guised as a family visit becomes an initiation of empowerment. Not falling prey to the powerless victim, my heart stretches wider with the grace of gratitude.

I am filled with gratitude for guardian angels who guided me safely off the highway when my car lost all power. I am grateful for my godmother who each and every year sends a AAA membership in my name. I am grateful for the delight of my dear and divine lover, for the magic and poetry that our souls have shared. I am grateful to say goodbye with a heart whole in love. I am grateful for mystical poets whose verse sing to my sentient soul.

Stillness beckons. Time to sit along the banks of these waters. Faith and patience are my beacons to restoration. My heart is ready to rest in this void, washed clean in emptiness. A newness emerges, fresh as a butterfly breaking free of its cocoon. This tender heart longs to be fed with stillness and gratitude, nourished and sustained with the nectar of loving kindness. Soul metamorphosis, the medicine of butterflies.

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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