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It seems Walter Mitty and Bees are not the only ones with secret lives; the kind where we step out of consenual reality into a dimension woven from idealistic visions and waking dreams.

As we crossed the threshold to a new year, a brief and magical glimpse from the moutaintop parted the veils between what has come before and what is to be.

It started with a computer glitch.

I was looking to book a flight from LGA to SAV on New Year’s Eve. I stared at my computer screen in stark disbelief.


Did I get that right?

Apparently a computer malfunction created crazy airline deals. I inadvertently stumbled into the window of opportunity.

As much as the deal saved me good money I was hauling some pretty heavy baggage so I knew I would make up the difference in pretty heavy fees.

I arrived curbside to check my luggage as the veils started to thin.

“Are you a gold, platinum or silver member?”

“None of the above”, I confirmed.

“Well you have a first class ticket here. No luggage fees.”

I have been flying a long, long time but never, did I ever fly first class. I was stunned, in a giddy, Walter Mitty sort of way.

“What an incredible gift to start the new year with! I’m not even sure where it came from?”

“Oh you know who to thank” the luggage attendant warned as he looked upward.

A moment of gratitude for this auspicious blessing was shared between me, Creator and the luggage clerk.

This is an airport mind you.

Next stop.


I show my boarding pass and am directed to the TSA free line. The one with no passengers.

The line between reality and beyond belief is disappearing rapidly.

IMG_1882“Don’t take your shoes off or take out your laptop”, I am told.

After my carry ons are scanned a security guard humbly asks to search my bag.

My pendulum appears ominous when X-rayed.

Once the culprit was nabbed a little show and tell on how to use a pendulum to guide one’s life direction left the guard thoroughly fascinated. She couldn’t wait to start using one herself. A mutual exchange of appreciation, along with a promise to google pendulums, left both of our hearts open.

Should I remind you again I am in an airport?

As I step into Terminal D, divine intervention truly seemed to meet the third dimension as thousands of ipads stand as harbingers of hope beaming words that uplift over every countertop.


Use our ipads for FREE.
Good things happen in an instant.
Make travel plans with your TV shows. (I am not sure what that even means but it sounds enchanted.)


Snacks everywhere are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and full of chia seeds.

I buy gum and discover I have just fed a family of seven.


Hope for humanity swells from every inspiratoinal ipad as if our luminous fields are being rewired to goodness.

The world feels wholesome as I eat a gluten free sunflower cup knowing a family in America has been fed.

Hearts of strangers meet in oneness as the illusion that we are separate perishes.

The world we have been waiting for is here.

It is now.

I have been to the mountaintop.

I have seen the promised land.

And the world is good my friends.

It is




(Here’s another secret. Go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.)

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It began with a journey.

Swimming away from the shore. From all that I know. Finding respite. A small island of sand to sit and rest. Swimming around me a circle of dolphins. Held in unwavering joy.

A spirit journey manifested in form. Beyond the realms of what I could have imagined for myself.

A ceremony arose. Ascension to JOY.

I left New York, my home since birth, swimming away from the shore and all that I know. I met Carla Goddard for the first time in Florida. The place I landed, a respite of sand. A sacred lodge of women arose in the ethers. What existed online has began to take form.

From our first meeting over lunch a ceremony was born. She carrying a prayer stick to the Pacific. I carrying a finger sponge to Bimini.

We were on opposite coasts at the same time. Monday afternoon we would join in ceremony. She at the Pacific. I at the Atlantic.

On Monday I headed out to the deep waters of the Atlantic with my two sisters, our six kids (ranging in age from 5 to 20), Joe Noonan the dolphin whisperer, his son Mark and our captain Kevin and first mate and wife Candy. Our intent was to find dolphins.

Four hours later still no sign on one of the calmest days ever on the ocean. We had all let go of the expectation of finding dolphins that day. We headed back in. I had a despacho to create to join with Carla in ceremony on the Pacific.

And then we heard the word.


A few hundred feet out a fin above the water. Now?

In moments, the energy that had waned as our boat trip seemed to near its end surged.

We were surrounded by dolphins. Held in unwavering joy.

This was the ceremony.

We were blessed that day to swim with two pods of dolphins, often swimming with as many as 15 to 20 at a time. They stayed with us for an hour. Time eternal in underwater bliss.

We were graced to enter this world for a moment in time. It is difficult to capture in words the power, the beauty and the awe of this experience. I offer this video so you may share in the divine grace for these magnificent beings joined us at this time of ceremony. To ascend in JOY. We could hear their sounds, their echolocations. Downloading frequencies of mystery.

Thank you to the hundreds of souls who joined us in ceremony this past week. Your prayers were heard.

This is your ceremony too.

I invite you to view on full screen by clicking the icon in the lower right hand corner of the video.

AHO my friends! AHO!

To find out more about wild dolphin retreats visit Joe Noonan.

And a final note…more to come on despacho so stay tuned!

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