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One of the most profound questions asked of me, a question that changed the direction of my life was posed by a mentor a little over a year ago. She asked…

“How do you intend to bring your wisdom into the world?”

Wisdom? What on Earth was I supposed to be sharing with the world? She seemed serious so I figured I better come up with an answer.

Well I do have this book I wrote years ago. A Success Journal: Daily Practices to Manifest Your Intentions had been collecting dust on a shelf for years. Could that be it? I wasn’t sure. The next day a client I had worked with for over a year asked if I had recorded any of my work. Well I do have this CD of guided meditations that went along with this book I wrote. Hmmmmm. Within the week Abhita Austin, my sound engineer called out of the blue to say hello. I had not spoke to her since we recorded the CD years earlier.

Three conversations in this short span of time about a book I had not spoke about for five years convinced me. It was time to bring the book, and myself, out of the closet and into the world. As I revisited my original Success Journal the book shapeshifted and A Structure for Spirit emerged.

I never spent much time on a computer and resisted facebook for years. I had no idea how people could have “authentic” relationships on a computer. But if I was going to bring my work to the world I figured I better join the rest of the world who all seemed to be on social media. I started with a skeptical heart and shortly thereafter discovered people from dusty corners of my life that had long been buried in the gray matter of memory.

It was fascinating how the timelines of my life began to blur. I was in conversation with people I had not been in contact with for thirty years. This merging of my past to present time seemed miraculous. And the circles grew wider. Pure heart connections arose as people I had never met and had no shared history with became “friends”. I was happy to share in births, celebrations and prayers.

And it got me writing more. Lots more. Sharing articles on online publications. Propelling myself into the world.

I started a page for my book. And then I extended an invitation for ceremony. A spiritual experimental of sorts. Was I crossing some spiritual code of ethic?  Yet something bigger than my doubts urged me forward. The first formal invitation to join in a despacho ceremony went out in October on The Shaman’s Well. Part of my personal intention in this first ceremony was to bring my work into the world more deeply. Little did I know there were others intending the very same thing.

Carla Goddard had a vision, or as she calls it a “picture” of Energy Healers, Shamans, Priestesses and Medicine Women gathering together to form a sacred circle to build bridges between traditions in order to have a collective energy. It was truly divine intervention that connected the dots through the magical matrix of technology and brought together 21 women from different traditions and walks of life. We could not have created this if we tried. And no one can figure out how it happened. And so it was. The Sacred Lodge of We The Women was born.

Through this divine orchestration of Spirit we uplift and carry each other’s messages and medicines. This has clearly shown each of us it is a time of interdependence. If I am looking to bring my work into the world this is not something I can do on my own. It is a time of coming together as individuals to work together for the collective. For this is where the power is. The power is in community.

And it is this power of community that extends our reach in the world. In just a few short months a blog is up and running, projects are birthing, ceremonies are drawing hundreds of people from around the world. This is the power of community. The power of dreams and visions birthing in the world.

So I ask you, how do you intend to bring your wisdom to the world?

AHO my friends! AHO!

Karen Chrappa
Author of A Structure for Spirit

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