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My re-entry since returning from Peru has been slow. Slow on technology. Rusty with writing. So I will start with a prayer. A prayer shared by Apu Huascaran for the world.

One of the many privileges of the women’s journey to Peru over the past four years is the dialogue with the Apus. With the altomesayoks (Andean shamans who summon the Spirits of the Mountains) we step through the veils of this world. In a darkened room, void of all light, we pray. The strong flapping sound of wings announces the arrival of the Apus. The thuds beneath our feet are the entrance of the Santa Tierras, the ancient feminine land Spirits.

The spirits of the mountains and Earth in voice. They speak to us only in the dark. Arriving from dimensions unable to sustain physical form in the density of our planet’s light.

We were given a prayer to share with the world by Apu Huascaran in one of our last Apu sessions in Peru this May.


Sitting in an upright posture, feet flat on the floor, hands on your thighs or at your sides.

Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. In and out, slowly breathing in and out.

Feel your physical body relaxed.

Feel your energetic body calm, at ease, tranquil.

Feel your emotional body in a balanced state, centered, clear, and neutral.

Feel your mind at ease, there is nothing that you need or want in this moment.

Become aware of your pure mind, that which you feed with the work of prayer. The feeling of joy and happiness is present.

Your body that contains intuition is open.

Your body is one, and the golden light of will power flows over you and surrounds you.

You are united with your seven bodies.

Your body is in peace with the earth.

The fluids of your body flow with the water of the earth.

The fire of the earth is in your hearts.

The air of the universe flows in through your nose, and flows out of your body through your mouth.

I am how the Creator made me, and this is the moment to say…

Thank you Creator, thank you for my life.

Creator, thank you for my will.

Thank you for all of the organs in my body.

Thank you for the perfection of the footprints I leave
on my sacred path to help others find their way.

Thank you for my arms and my hands
made in your image enabling me to do your work Creator.

Thank you Mother Earth, my mother.

Thank you mother for giving me water so I do not die of thirst.

Thank you mother for giving me food so I do not die of hunger.

Thank you mother for the fire in my heart so I may love deeper.

Thank you mother for giving me your energy so I do not fall from tiredness.

Thank you for the air as cosmic food that gives me life.

Thank you mother for the heat of life that gives us light.

Help me Creator to understand your laws and to respect them.

Help me Creator to respect all these elements of life you have created;
the earth, the waters, the air, and the light,
and all things that live in the universe.

I pray for myself and everyone in the world.


Place your right hand on your heart.
Feel your heart beating.
Feel your hand being lifted by the energy of Creation.

Dona Berna praying at Umantay, holy mountain in the Andes

Dona Berna praying at Umantay, holy mountain in the Andes

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